Former WWE Superstar Tells Off Vince McMahon

In case you missed it, on the closing moments of WWE Raw a few weeks ago, Titus O’Neil nonchalantly put his hands on Vince McMahon. This caused a huge uproar and resulted in a 60-day suspension from the company for Titus. One former WWE Superstar and current movie star had something to say about it, and it was quite vulgar. While at LAX Airport, Dave Bautista spoke with TMZ about the incident between Titus and Vince. “Vince ‘f**ked’ Titus O’Neil.” According to TMZ, Bautista is attempting to talk Titus into quitting for good. Dave was able to start doing movies and move on from WWE. He does not believe that Titus should have to stand for that abuse.

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Former WWE Superstar Tells Off Vince McMahon