Former WWE And WCW Star Massive Weight Loss

Far too often, wrestlers we loved get caught in a cycle of partying and alcohol that takes its toll. But this star is trying to change that.

With their trademark mohawk-mullet combos, pudgy builds, and raucous personalities, The Nasty Boys were a staple of WWE and WCW’s tag team scene in the 1990s, but now one has revealed a massive change in look. Thanks to their real-life friend, Hulk Hogan, the Nasties even spent some time in TNA early this decade, despite the fact they were both in their late 40s at that time. And while the darker-haired half of that team, Jerry Sags, slowed down on the hard-living after the Nasties’ TNA release, it was apparently the opposite for the blonde-haired Brian Knobbs, who continued drinking and partying long after the tag team’s heyday. That seems to have changed as of late, according to WWE's original kayfabe vampire, Gangrel.

Appearing recently on The Hannibal TV, Gangrel was asked about Ric Flair’s hospitalization last month and his subsequent decision to quit drinking. That brought up the similar, yet lower-profile case of Brian Knobbs, whom Gangrel described as being overweight and in poor health in recent years. Wrestling News recalled that Knobbs was looking like a man who had let himself go as far back as 2010, during The Nasty Boys’ brief TNA run.


According to Gangrel, Knobbs has committed himself in recent months to staying off the booze, losing weight, and doing something about his health issues.

“I didn’t think Brian Knobbs could, but he did,” said Gangrel, as quoted by Wrestling News. "Have you seen Brian lately? He’s like super lean [and] he turned his life around because he was in really bad health too. He was real sick in and out of the hospital [and] he’s doing well. He looks good.”

Prior to Knobbs’ apparent trips back and forth to the hospital, the 53-year-old wrestler had a notable health scare more than a decade ago. In 2004, Knobbs collapsed at a Willie Nelson concert, which had him spending some time in the hospital. Still, that didn’t slow down the hard-partying Knobbs, and photos and videos of him from 2015 and 2016 still showed him packing well more than the 295 pounds he was listed at during his WWE and WCW years.


The above photo, which was taken at Dusty Rhodes' funeral in 2015, shows Brian Knobbs still carrying a lot of extra pounds, and looking much wider than he did back in the '90s. In contrast, look at the video below it, which was taken in June of 2017, as Knobbs appeared at a comic book convention and cut a quick promo. If we are to be honest, he does look a bit older than someone in his early 50s, but the good thing is that Gangrel is right – Knobbs looks a lot slimmer and healthier these days. Kudos to him for getting healthy, and to quote Gangrel one last time, "anyone can do anything after all those years."


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Former WWE And WCW Star Massive Weight Loss