9 Former Women That Became Flirty Following Their WWE Release (And 7 That Kept It Classy)

For the most part, male talents to be released by the WWE keep the dream alive hitting the independent circuit. Some make it back while others continue to make a living in the business. When it comes to female wrestlers, however, things are much different. Before the Women’s Revolution took shape, the previous Divas to leave the WWE would depart from the business altogether. Some would opt to live a quiet life away from the public while others chose to spice things up, whether that be going into modelling or finding their name in controversy.

In this article, we look at both sides of the WWE Diva alums. We’ll feature those that kept it PG - for the most part, these women are retired and quietly enjoying the family life. However, we’ll also feature nine women that haven’t been PG, whether that has been through social media or other platforms.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are nine former women that became flirty following their WWE release and seven that kept it classy. We begin with an Instagram beauty that recently returned to the business with aspirations of making a WWE return.

16 Flirty – Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was a tame character during her WWE run and a fan favorite at that, winning the third season of NXT. She became a Divas Champion with much of her focus on thriving in the ring and not as a steamy symbol for the company. However, since her WWE departure, her life underwent a complete 180 and let’s just say things got a lot steamier real quick.

Opening up her clothing line alongside her ex-husband, Kaitlyn completely rebranded herself going by her real-name, Celeste Bonin. Her Instagram page has been loaded with flirty content, she even has a leaked private video. Just recently, the 31 year old decided to step back into the ring. Perhaps Vince might be interested down the line but she’ll have to switch her attire as it’s definitely not WWE friendly.

15 Flirty - Zahra Schreiber

Plot twist: I am the goth daddy @thesarayastore

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Zahra didn’t leave the WWE on the best of terms, as she is known as the woman that ended Seth Rollins’ relationship to his fiancée and later, was released by the company due to a past controversial post. Since her release, Zahra has kept active via social media and let’s just say her posts haven’t been of the PG nature. Just recently she posted a photo rocking a “the future is female” t-shirt, let’s just say the writing was empowering but the shirt itself was of the “Not So PG” nature. She also called herself the “Goth Daddy” in another steamy selfie shot, so yeah, she hasn’t been the PG that’s for darn sure.

She remains connected to the WWE due to her ongoing friendship with Paige. According to Paige, Zahra reached out to her during the leak controversy, something Zahra went through herself during the Rollins ordeal. The two have remained close ever since.

14 Classy – Eve Torres

Eve Torres was another underrated gem with the WWE during the 2000s. She became a three-time Divas Champion and a big time fan favorite. She never really left the company, according to WWE.com she’s still serving as an ambassador for the company and a lot of that has to do with her ongoing and close relationship to Stephanie McMahon.

Since leaving the ring, Eve has kept it extremely PG starting a family and raising awareness via her social media platform pertaining to women empowerment posts. She also spends lots of time teaching females self-defense techniques which in truth is quite admirable. The 33 year old is still looking beautiful as ever but don’t expect any “Not So PG” posts or stories pertaining to the beauty nowadays.

13 Flirty – Kelly Kelly

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Kelly took a similar path to Kaitlyn. She decided to retire from the ring at a young age partially due to various injuries along with the fact that she wanted to venture into a different field, modelling. Now again, similar to Kaitlyn, she would end up getting a divorce and get that itch to climb back into the ring. She was featured on the Raw 25 show along with the Royal Rumble, though she wasn’t signed to the WWE.

Since her departure, she’s relished the model life via social media posting photos you wouldn’t want your girlfriend or kids to see. She rebranded herself as Barbie Blank – with near one million followers, people aren’t following her page for the inspirational quotes...

12 Classy – AJ Lee

Losing AJ was a big time loss for the WWE, when you think of Women’s Revolution, AJ’s one of the names you instantly think of. Lee wanted to grow as a wrestler and not some steamy symbol. Who can forget that fool of John Laurinaitis telling AJ she wouldn’t make it in the business due to her looks.... oh Johnny, this coming from the same guy that got booed out of buildings on the regular during his territory days due to his awfulness in the ring.

Lee has kept things extremely PG since her WWE departure. She loves to post about her nerdy passions via social media whether its posing in a Harry Potter outfit or taking a picture next to a replica Batman. She’s as real as they come and heavily missed by the WWE Universe.

11 Flirty – Melina

We apologize to Melina for putting her on this end of the list as she expressed in various podcasts that she’s a PG type of gal, however, we have reason to think otherwise. For one, through no fault of her own, Melina saw some of her private photos get exposed to the world following her time away from the company, it definitely gave us a glimpse of her wild side.

Her Instagram account is rather tame compared to others, though she does have photos showing her physique, enough to make your eyes extremely red for staring so long. Like some of the others on the list, she’s still actively wrestling and regularly taking part in convention-type events. A return seems unlikely due to her damaged reputation behind the scenes as one of the more ego driven female talents.

10 Classy – Dawn Marie

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Back in the early 2000s, given her “Not So PG” work with the WWE, most of us likely felt that she would continue catering to the audience following her 30 seconds of fame with the company. However, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

She left in controversy as the WWE released her during a maternity leave. She sued the company and the WWE learned ever since, even now they have multiple stars still getting paid while pregnant, Maria Kanellis and Maryse are two examples. Dawn wasn’t so lucky but she completely changed her life for the better. She’s now a proud mother along with starting a new career as a nurse. You can give her follow via Twitter, she’s all about good vibes so if you’re looking for anything “Not So PG”, you’ll be very disappointed.

9 Flirty – Brandi Rhodes

Following the great Lilian Garcia’s departure, Brandi Rhodes was the next in line to take her place as the company’s ring announcer. One problem though, Brandi aspired to work in the ring and not holding a microphone. When Cody decided to part ways, Brandi was out the door with him requesting her release.

She had no character with the WWE but that all changed following her release. Her Instagram page turned “Not So PG” in a hurry, posting anything from bikini pics to other steamy photos that would make Cody himself turn red. She also started her wrestling training - Brandi’s still extremely green given the examples of her recent work, though improvements come in time and we hope for the best pertaining to her in-ring future. For now, we won’t object to more steamy photos on the regular.

8 Classy – Stacy Keibler

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Aside from a brief Tough Enough cameo, we haven’t heard Stacy’s name in association to a WWE ring for more than a decade now which is pretty crazy to think about. A Dancing with the Stars gig completely changed her career path and before she knew it, Keibler was on the front page of headlines for dating George Clooney.

What happens next is truly shocking, Keibler and Clooney would breakup and Stacy would go completely MIA. Starting a family with her husband Jared Pobre, Keibler decided to walk away from stardom, even giving up on her newest website which remains inactive. Last we heard of Keibler, she was bashing NFL’s Cam Newton for his reckless behavior while renting out one of Pobre’s places.

7 Flirty – Eva Marie

Eva’s WWE journey finally came to an end in the summer of 2017. After she failed a Wellness Exam, it only seemed like a matter of time before the two sides would mutually agree to part ways. Eva started to get roles outside of the WWE while the company no longer required her services, it was certainly the best decision for both sides.

Since her WWE departure, Eva has upped her game via social media posting on the regular. Her pics have also changed since the release, taking more of a “Not So PG” route. From swimsuit photos to mesmerizing fitness attire, Eva has turned the heat meter up substantially since leaving the WWE Universe. She also has nearly four million followers on the platform and that isn’t too shocking when you scroll down her page.

6 Classy – Victoria

Not only was Victoria an underrated wrestler but she was also an underrated beauty during her run with the WWE. Her best role came as a lunatic heel, Victoria served as a brilliant adversary for the likes of Trish Stratus. Since her WWE release, Victoria has opted to stay in the business but don’t expect anything “Not So PG” related from the beauty.

Scrolling through her IG account, Victoria has various photos with younger fans, she’s certainly maintaining a clean image nowadays. Along with appearances at several wrestling conventions you can still find the beauty in the ring at indie events. It was a shame that she wasn’t acknowledged or featured during Raw 25 or the inaugural Rumble match. Given her look, she look as though she can still go in the ring.

5 Flirty – Cameron

Poor Cameron, if you have a heart you felt bad for her at least a little bit. She’s remembered for two things, one, pinning her opponent while they laid flat on their stomach and the other, referencing Melina versus Alicia Fox as her favorite match during Tough Enough. Making matters worse, Austin was the one that asked the question. Hey at least she got an interview on his podcast and got some redemption, changing her favorite match to a WrestleMania III bout featuring Macho Man and Ricky Steamboat, a wise decision we must say.

Following her release, similar to lots of others on this list, Cameron has upped her social media game with a slew of “Not So PG” photos. She hasn’t shied away from posting pics in revealing attire. She goes by the name of Ariane Andrew nowadays and we applaud her for leaving the wrestling days behind for good.

4 Classy – Michelle McCool

Success wasn’t always a guarantee for the lovely Michelle McCool, yes, her relationship with the Undertaker helped but she was slapped with some awful gimmicks early on. Who can forget her managerial role in the tag team known as the Teacher’s Pets. Seriously speaking, the name itself sounds like an awful Vince McMahon idea to come out of the Pre-Attitude Era. We can picture Shane Douglas, or should we say Dean Douglas joining such a group....

Nonetheless, she forged a brilliant career as a multiple time Divas Champion. Her departure came with the intent of settling down and starting a family with that ‘Taker dude. Michelle’s all about being a mother and posting fitness related content to her social media account. It was great seeing her back in the ring during the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble match.

3 Flirty – Summer Rae

Even during the later stages of her WWE run, it seemed as though her days were numbered looking at the types of posts she was putting out there. Summer seemed more and more like an Instagram model and less and less like a WWE Superstar. She was hardly utilized during her final days despite the fact that she could still play a decent role as a manager, given her decent microphone skills.

Since leaving the WWE, she’s going by her real-name Danielle Moinet. With near two million followers, Rae has developed quite the fan base due to her absolutely beauty. Maxim’s top 100 list seemed to agree as she landed a spot on the prestigious list. Let’s just say she didn’t get there because of her PG type photos.

2 Classy – Trish Stratus

The biggest Royal Rumble pops went out to a couple of veterans. For the males, it was Rey Mysterio but for the females, entrant number 30 received the biggest ovation in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble, of course, we’re talking about Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus. Not only did she enter the Rumble but clearly, she hadn’t missed a step, it wasn’t long before the “you still got it chants” ran rampant around the arena.

Since her retirement, Trish set out with the agenda to start a family. She has two kids nowadays, a boy and a girl. Her Instagram account is all about her family, along with posting photos alongside fans from various conventions. If you’re hoping to see old school wet t-shirt type Trish pics, you’ll be disappointed.

1 Flirty - Sunny

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The poster child for the “Not So PG” side of this article is hands down Sunny. Since leaving the WWE, she’s done it all in terms of “Not So PG” content whether it be performing in adult films or taking in private Skype sessions. She’s not Trish Stratus that’s for darn sure.

She’s still keeping it “Not So PG” nowadays with her shoot interviews. Sunny has remained relevant in wrestling circles due to her controversial statements made on such platforms. Most recently, she shared private stories related to her love life with lots of Superstars including Dolph Ziggler. Not only did she show evidence that she had saved on her phone but she even took things a step further going into full detail in describing the Show-Off's junk...

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