10 Former WWE Women Who Are Cheating Father Time (And 10 Who Aren't)

Whether it be wrestling, acting or any other form of entertainment where women are thrust into the spotlight, Hollywood has always applied pressure on women to look appealing to the viewers. Even though WWE are putting focus on the quality of the matches the women put on these days, they have been guilty in the past of treating the women less like respected performers and more like objects. Fans eventually started to cry out for a revolution, and the women of WWE have stepped up big time. Where once they were an afterthought, they now are treated as real wrestlers ahead of models or eye candy.

That sadly wasn't the case for the previous groups of "divas". They were used by the company and sent on their merry way. Once the bright lights went away, there were few different paths a performer could head down. Some took the healthy approach and with a good diet and regular exercise looked great well into their later years. Others decided to let the natural effects of age take over as they began to grow older. However, one thing is for certain. Father time catches up with us all eventually. To some, he make take his time to catch up to. To others, it looks like he definitely catches up to them. With that in mind, here are some former women's wrestlers who still look fantastic for their age along with some others who's youth has finally started to fade.



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With a wrestling career that saw her in both WCW and WWE spanning a decade, Torrie has always been one of the hottest divas wherever she's been. From in ring performer to manager, the former fitness competitor from Boise, Idaho has done it all. She has a close friendship with Stacy Keibler stemming from them entering the wrestling business together and also having lived together in LA. Of all of the women to return to the 25th anniversary of Raw in January 2018, Torrie was the one we were most blown away by. She and Stacy must be sharing beauty secrets because the pair simply do not age. If anyone wishes to be like Torrie, she gives tips for living well on her Instagram page.


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As one of the biggest attractions in wrestling history, Sunny's career saw her prominently featured in WWE, WCW and ECW from the mid 90s to the early 2000s. She did a lot of her best work as a manager and presenter and in 1996 she won PWIs manager of the year. For her contributions she was inducted into the hall of fame in 2011. However, since then it's been downhill since then for the 44 year old, who is looking much older these days. After a series of arrests in 2012, a rehabilitation stint and a spell in locked in a cell, it's clear that Sunny is not looking after her body and has really let herself go. She has also made more and more questionable decisions on how to make money.



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When your stat line reads former PWI women's wrestler of the year, two time WWE women's champion and two time divas champion, it's fair to say that you've had a pretty impressive career. Those are the facts when talking about Michelle McCool's time in WWE. It's also worth noting that one of those reigns as divas champion was as the inaugural title holder. After marrying WWE legend the Undertaker in 2010, she retired in 2011. She was also a part of the Raw 25 year anniversary segment honouring the contribution of women in wrestling where she looked absolutely stunning. Despite nearing 40 this diva is showing no signs of aging, and father time has definitely forgot about her. Maybe not her husband though...


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After spending two years in WWE developmental at OWV, Jillian debuted on the main roster in 2005 and would remain there until 2010. She is a former divas champion having won the belt from Mickie James in 2009, although she only held the belt for two minute before losing to Melina, making it the shortest reign in the history of the belt. She is probably best known for her tone deaf singer gimmick and even recorded a Christmas album in 2007. Now 38, recent photos of Hall emerged and the 38 year old appears to have gained weight since her retirement from wrestling in 2014. She doesn't look bad by any means, but she is a far cry from the woman who was turning heads in WWE.



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Originally starting her wrestling career as one of the Nitro girls on WCW, the former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader was quickly moved to a more prominent role on the show. She became a manager, a role which she would continue upon making the jump to WWE when she managed the likes of the Dudley Boyz, Test and Scott Steiner and the Hurricane and Rosey. Wherever this goddess went, she was known for unusually long legs and was referred to as "the legs of WWE." Having left the wrestling business over 10 years ago, the now 38 year old mother of one looks at beautiful as the day she entered the business.


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Despite a very short run in WWE in the late 80s, Missy Hyatt is best known for her work throughout the 90s in both WCW and ECW. Whether she was performing on commentary or acting as a manager, she proved to be a versatile asset to have wherever she went. She worked the independents for many years and in 2016 managed Lance storm in a losing effort to Matt Hardy in what was advertised as her last ever wrestling appearance. Now in her mid 50s and away from the spotlight, it appears that father time has finally caught up to Missy. While many might say it's unfair to use this photo, a quick search will show she often looks like this on a normal day.



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Under the ring name Lita, former WWE women's wrestler enjoyed a great in ring career with the company from 2000 to 2006. During her career, she racked up an impressive 4 reigns as women's champion and was rightfully inducted into the WWE hall of fame in 2014. Currently Lita has a part time role with the company where she makes occasional appearances on the WWE network and on Pay-Per-View kickoff panels. At 42 years old, the years have been kind to Lita as she looks absolutely fantastic. She recently made a one-off appearance at the Royal Rumble and has definitely still got it. The fans would love to see her still competing, and there is no question she could if she wanted to.


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Debra's career in wrestling saw her work for both WCW and WWE during the height of the attitude era. From 1995 to 1998 she performed as Queen Debra, acting at the valet to then husband Steve McMichael. In 1998 she made the jump to WWE where she appeared on-screen as the manager of a tag team consisting of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart until the latter passed away in May 1999. She did have singles success as she won the women's championship against Sable in an evening gown match. She left the company in 2002 and while it seemed as though Debra was going to stay young forever, it appears as though her age is finally catching up to 57 year old Alabama native.



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Under the monikers of Victoria in WWE and Tara in TNA, Lisa Marie Varon decided to become a wrestler in 2000 under the advisement of WWE legend Chyna. In hindsight, the former bodybuilder made the right choice as she claimed two WWE women's titles and five TNA knockouts titles during a stellar career. She was also named PWI women's wrestler of the year in 2004. It's not surprising that Lisa Marie still looks great at considering she has placed health and fitness as a priority her entire life. Even more impressively, she is still an active wrestler at 47 years of age. Father time is definitely still out there looking for her, but she evades him well.


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In terms of career longevity, there aren't too many women's wrestlers who can match Jacqueline's 25 year career spanning from 1988 to 2013. Her career has seen her perform in WCW and TNA, but it was her spell in WWE from 2000 to 2004 that she will be best remembered for. Not only did she become the first ever African American women's champion (a belt she held on two occasions) but she also became the only woman to hold the WWE incarnation of the cruiserweight title. In 2016 she was inducted into the WWE hall of fame by the Dudley Boyz. Most recently in January 2018 she made an appearance on the 25th anniversary of Raw and at 54 years of age it appears that her 25 years of in ring competition are finally taking their toll on her.



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This may come as a surprising entry to the list because not only did Rosa Mendes retire from wrestling in 2017, but also because she is actually 38 years old. The Canadian born model turned wrestler first came to prominence during the 2006 diva search, and went on to manage for former tag team champions Primo and Epico from 2011 to 2013. She never won a singles title on the main roster and while her in ring skills never seemed completely polished, she did manage to win developmental titles in both FCW and OVW. Even though 38 is still quite young, it's hard to believe she's even that old considering she looks as young today as she did when she debuted on the main roster in 2008.


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As a staple of womens wrestling, Wendi Richter became a two time WWE women's champion in the mid 80's. Interestingly enough, before the Montreal Screwjob ever happened, Richter left WWE under dubious circumstances in 1985 when she was cost the women's title a masked woman who turned out to be the Fabulous Moolah in the original screw-job. She retired from wrestling in 2005 and has since made peace with WWE having been inducted into the WWE hall of fame in 2010. Now in her 50s she's no longer physically in the great shape she once was, but then again after 26 years competing in the squared circle surely she can be forgiven for enjoying her retirement.



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Hired by WWE after the 2004 diva search, Candice Michelle's WWE career lasted until 2009 although she recently defeated Victoria in her retirement match in 2017. Her tenure with the company reached its peak in 2007, when not only did Candice become the first ever diva search contestant to win a women's championship but she was also voted PWI woman of the year. In the past the now 39 year old became a symbol by posing for Heff and based on more recent TV appearances as the GoGaddy Girl there's no question that Candice has still got it. It's no wonder why Vince McMahon liked her so much, and he probably knew she would age gracefully.


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Whether she was wrestling in WCW as Medusa or in WWE as Alundra Blayze, Debrah Ann Miceli always made an impact. Before stepping foot in either company, she had already wrestled in AWA as part of DDP's Diamond Exchange and become the first ever female PWI rookie of the year. In WCW as she became one of only two women to hold the cruiserweight championship while in WWE she became a three time women's champion between 1993 and 1995, looking gorgeous in the process. After her 2015 induction into the hall of fame Miceli, now 54, has made recent appearances on the WWE network. While she still looks to be in great shape, her face is showing signs of aging.



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Regarded by many as one of the greatest female performers of all time, success followed Gail Kim wherever she went. Although only captured captured the WWE women's championship on one occasion, she is a former seven time TNA knockouts champion and in 2016 became the first ever woman to enter into the TNA hall of fame.Kim was also ranked No. 1 in the PWI top 50 female wrestlers in 2012. While many will argue that she deserved more success during her time in WWE, nobody will dispute that the former actress turned wrestler looks great for her age because she is still an absolute knockout at 41 years of age.


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Terri Runnels debuted in WWE in the mid 90's as a manager for her then husband Goldust. Throughout her career, the sultry southerner acted as manager to a variety of wrestlers including the Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian and Perry Saturn. She left the company in 2004 having held the Hardcore championship on one occasion. Runnels is yet another member of this list to have made a recent return to WWE television on the 25th anniversary of Raw. Now in her early 50s, it's fair to say that Terri is starting to look far more weathered now than she has in years gone by.



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Having already had a great deal of success in modelling and acting, Christy Hemme won the 2004 diva search and with it a $250,000 one year contract. While she wasn't in the business long enough to be a great performer, WWE showcased her physical appeal by putting her in bra and panties matches and lingerie pillow fights. She did challenge Trish Stratus to a title match at WrestleMania albeit in a losing effort. She had a ten year stint with TNA wrestling up until her departure in 2016, seven of which were as ring announcer and backstage interviewer. Recent photos show the 37 year old mother of five looking stunning, which is all the more impressive considering she just gave birth to quadruplets in January 2018.


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After a year in ECW, Jazz made the switch to WWE in 2001. There she became a rwo time women's champion before her departure from the company in 2004. She did make a brief return to WWE in mid 2006 but after a stint with very little air time where she mainly appeared at house shows she left the company for the second time in 2007. It's should be noted that the 44 year old mother of two is the current NWA women's champion, a title which she has held for almost a year and a half. However nowadays she is looking a lot more sluggish in the ring and a lot older too.



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One of the biggest names in the history of women's wrestling, Trish's list of accolades is almost too long to recite. The PWI woman of the decade (2000's) and 7 time women's champion was inducted the 2013 hall of fame where she belongs. Now running her own yoga studio, it's clear that Trish looks after her body. At 42 she turned back the clock by competing in the first ever women's Royal Rumble, racking up three eliminations and looking great in the process. I don't know how she does it, but Trish manages to look younger every time we see her. Maybe we should all go down to her gym for workouts, since there is clearly something in the water in Toronto that mimics the fountain of youth.


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Trained by the Fabulous Moolah in the late 70s, Kai would enter the WWE where she defeated Wendi Richter to win her first women's champions, a belt which she later dropped at the inaugural WrestleMania. She was also a two time WWE women's tag team champion and an NWA women's champion. While she never a stunner, she kept herself in decent shape while in the wrestling industry. However, with her wrestling career long behind her, recent photos of her show that she has really let herself go. It is always sad to see wrestlers leave the WWE and not be able to sustain their bodies or find work outside of wrestling indie promotions or fading away.


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