15 Former WWE Women Without Makeup

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we have seen many women in the WWE come and go who take their looks to the top tier, being some of the most beautiful women in the world. When looking at women who spent a fair time in the WWE, I have made a list mixing women who, outside of the limelight and the HD cameras, look great without being dolled up with makeup and some who need to have makeup on to look close to who they once were.

With the change of LED and HD televisions, it is easier to see the flaws that makeup hides for the current women of the WWE. Some of the women on this list were from before that time, and some came after. Every woman on this list, however, is no longer working with the WWE on a contract basis, besides possibly Beth Phoenix, who is on commentary for the Mixed Match Challenge every Tuesday night.

For just over half of the women on this list, they have been able to still look somewhat fresh-faced when going out sans makeup, the remainder, should at least invest in concealer. Regardless of how long they have been away from the wrestling world, we still have an image in our heads of what they look like. Seeing them au natural is not typically how we remember them, but you'll see that while they all resemble the character they portrayed in the squared circle, some need to make a little bit more of an effort than others.

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15 Great Without Makeup: AJ Lee

Via fansshare.com

Known most for being the "crazy chick" of the women in the WWE, AJ always had makeup on, but never too much that it would drown her natural features. In fact, the picture used is a promo picture from her early years of her wrestling career. She had a more natural look, and was still able to show off her skills as a wrestler. Seeing this, it is fair to say that AJ looks great without makeup. Wearing minimal as it is, even to this day while supporting her New York Times Best-Seller "Crazy is my Superpower." Now, moving  on to work further on getting her book being made into a television show, with the support of her husband CM Punk, AJ continuous to look amazing in the photos she posts on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, sans makeup. What makes her rank on this list is the fact that even without makeup, we still know that AJ is AJ.

14 Needs Makeup: Sunny

via TMZ.com

We've seen the mug shots, and there have been a few. Sunny, better known as Tammy Sytch, definitely needs makeup. Her addictions and her age have weighed in on her looks in some of the worst ways. Once THE Diva of the WWE, Sunny always turned heads when she came to the ring when she was in the prime of her career. Since leaving the big names of the wrestling world in 2000, she makes appearances throughout the independent circuit and conventions, and was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. Lately, however, her name is more attached to her legal woes and her recent venture into adult entertainment. After being arrested five times in a four-week span in 2012, it was clear to see through the mug shots that without makeup on, Sunny is not the hottie she once was.

13 Great Without Makeup: Eve Torres

Via wrestlingforums.com

After being one of the most devoted Divas champions in history, Eve was definitely a woman no one wanted to mess with when she was at the top of her game. Married into the prolific Gracie family, Eve had her husband, then boyfriend, Renee, to encourage her to stay on top of her workouts and nutrition regime. Since her retirement from the ring, Torres serves as an ambassador for the WWE. Giving birth to her son, Raeven, in September 2015 didn't hold her back. She maintains her figure and still looks amazing, even without a face-full of makeup. We last saw her on episode of the WWE Network's Table for 3 this past June, looking like she hasn't missed a beat. Motherhood, nor her outside endeavors, including co-owning an event rental company with her sister-in-law, called inJOY the Party, can hold this purple-belt Jiu-Jitsu goddess down from looking and feeling her best.

12 Needs Makeup: Eva Marie

via pinterest.com

Miss "All Red Everything." However, now you can see her in a made-for-Netflix movie alongside Nicholas Cage donning her natural brown locks. Without makeup, not to mention the change of hair colour, Eva Marie surely looks like she's lacking sleep and is in desperate need of concealer. Released after creative tried many ways of making her the star they saw in her, only to be disappointed, Eva Marie has left the squared circle completely, trying to make it as an actress. The WWE may have helped pave the way for her to knock on doors and get further in a career in the entertainment business, but as a wrestler, she should hang up her red boots for good. If anyone sees her in public with no makeup on, they may think she's really tired, and may need to second guess who they are looking at.

11 Great Without Makeup: Kaitlyn

Via pinterest.com

The winner of NXT's third season, back before it became it own brand and was a weekly episodic competition to make aspiring wrestling to move up to the main roster from the-then developmental camp at FCW. Kaitlyn was known as the hard-working "girl next door." With one reign as Divas Champion under her belt before leaving the company in 2014, she went on to launch a fitness clothing company. The company is named Celestial Bodiez, named after her real name, Celeste Bonin, and launched in June 2015. Posting many pictures of herself without makeup on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Bonin is still looking great. No need for product on her face, Bonin shows that she has taken great care of herself since leaving the WWE. After four years of being away from in-ring competition, Bonin made her return at Coastal Championship Wrestling's show Breaking Chains, on February 10, 2018, defeating Rachael Ellering in a single match. Being a spokesperson for nutrition and fitness, it looks like she hasn't missed a beat.

10 Needs Makeup: Madusa/Alundra Blayze

Via youtube.com

One of the oldest women on this list, known as Alundra Blayze in the WWE, Debrah Miceli is probably best known for the controversial stunt she performed when she debuted as Madusa in WCW, throwing the coveted WWE Women's Championship in a trash can. That stunt landed her in WWE's bad books for 20 years. The two parties came to a mutual agreement and Miceli was inducted in the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame class. Since leaving the wrestling world behind in 2001, she focused solely on her career as a monster truck driver. She made history in 2005, becoming the first woman to win the Monster Jam World Finals championship, and being the only female competitor in the Super Bowl of Motorsports. In January 2008, she became the Executive Vice President of the Major League of Monster Trucks. When she is seen in interviews post-races, her age shows clearly in her face. Without makeup, she looks like just an average aging woman, and is far away from her glory days as Madusa or Alundra Blayze.

9 Great Without Makeup: Trish Stratus

Via wrestlevalley.org

Probably the most decorated woman in WWE history, Trish Stratus is known across the globe for the legacy she left behind. Whenever it is announced that she is making an appearance in on WWE television, the audience is over the moon with excitement, even over a decade after her retirement. Since retiring for in-ring action in the WWE, Stratus got married to her high school sweetheart, Rob, and has given birth to two children. She has made many appearances since leaving, including her match at Wrestlemania 27, teaming with John Morrison and Snooki. She had a 10-episode series called Stratusphere, where she traveled around the world, enduring daring physical challenges. The name of the show was also used for Straus' yoga studio that she opened up in 2008 in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Stratus, being the youngest person inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, tied with Beth Phoenix at age 36, can still be recognized without makeup, looking amazing and fresh-faced. Stratusfaction achieved.

8 Needs Makeup: Victoria

Via girlswithmuscle.com

As it says in her last WWE theme song, she ain't a lady to mess with. Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria, or Tara in her TNA days, was a hell-raising scary woman that took down anyone in her path. She was involved in the first-ever female steel cage match in WWE with Lita. As Victoria, she is a 2-time WWE Women's Champion and as Tara, a 5-time TNA Knockouts Champion and won the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships once with Brooke Tessmacher. There are several pictures online of Varon without makeup and they are not very appealing. You can still see that it's her, but you can see that the effort needs to be made to have her look back in character.

7 Great Without Makeup: Torrie Wilson

Via pinterest.com

The first woman to pose for Playboy while still being employed by the WWE, Torrie Wilson's legacy in the wrestling world is surrounded mostly by how she sells her beauty. Whether it would have been in gimmick-type matches like Bra and Panties matches, her photo shoots, or covering various WWE magazines, Torrie was really never remembered for athletic prowess in the ring. Since leaving the wrestling world, we have seen her spotted with the likes of Alex Rodriguez, who she dated for quite some time. However, no matter if you believe she has had plastic surgery in recent years or not, her looks have not let her down. Wilson, last seen at the this year's Royal Rumble, participating in the first ever all-women Royal Rumble match, still looks as gorgeous as ever. She has posted many pictures on her Instagram account to further prove that the magic to her beauty is not in the makeup.

6 Needs Makeup: Melina

via pinterest.com

There is no short of controversial moments surrounding Melina during her time in the WWE. From her promiscuous encounter with Batista, to the jealousy over Trish Stratus for being put in the match at WrestleMania 27 with her then-boyfriend John Morrison, the backstage rumor mill never ceased with negative stories surrounding her. Though very athletic, catching the Women's championship three times and the Diva's championship twice, Melina always made sure all eyes were on her when she walked through the curtain and down the ramp, having arguably the most watched entrance of that time. Following her release from WWE in 2011, Melina continued to wrestle on the independent circuit for just over a year, before taking a leave from 2012 to 2015. Dubbed the "Queen of the Ring" in 2016, once dolled up in her gear and makeup, Melina still looks amazing. Take all of that away and she looks very tired and worn out, age not doing wonders to her looks.

5 Great Without Makeup: Kelly Kelly

via pinterest.com

Joining the wrestling world at the young age of 19, Kelly Kelly, now better known for her real name Barbie Blank, was first introduced to fans as an exhibitionist, who would perform strip teases live on episodes of ECW, but not getting to finish due to being interrupted by her on-screen boyfriend Mike Knox. Kelly Kelly was known for her looks and risque dance moves, not having a career highlighted by her wrestling ability until she was drafted to the Raw brand in 2006. She went on to claim her first and only Divas Championship in 2011, reigning at the top of the division for 104 days. Following her release in 2012, she has still made an impact on the small screen, landing a main role on the E! Network show, WAGS, showcasing the lives and wives and girlfriends of sportsmen. She is seen without makeup on her social media accounts as well as on the show. Whatever her beauty routine is to keep her face looking amazing, it's working.

4 Needs Makeup: Candice Michelle

via twitter.com

Known outside of wrestling for her stint as a Hugh Hefner cover girl and being the face of GoDaddy.com, Candice Michelle was once held in high esteem by the male wrestling fans for her looks, being one of the biggest hotties in the WWE during her tenure with the company. She used that to her full advantage in her storylines. A former Women's Champion and being involved in many gimmick matches such as lingerie and the infamous "Wet and Wild" match with Torrie Wilson, Candice never ceased to amaze the audiences both in the crowd and watching via television or pay-per-view. Since her release from WWE in 2009, Candice gave birth to three daughters and officially retired from the ring in a match at an independent show against her former tag team partner and close friend, Lisa Marie Varon on December 2, 2017 at House of Hardcore 36.

3 Great Without Makeup: Lita

Via tumblr.com

One of the perks of still being attached to the WWE is that you still make the money to keep up with the healthy beauty routine and allow your skin to still look amazing regardless of your age. Lita has that perk. Though, she was recently released, she had the perk for many years following her leaving the company and after being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.  As a vegan and keeping a well-balanced fitness-filled lifestyle, as seen through her posts on Instagram, Lita, born Amy Dumas, is on top of making sure she is still a great role model for young girls. Being close with Trish Stratus, named godmother of Stratus' son, Lita and Trish probably share beauty tips with each other, both of them still looking at the top of their game. They both earned a huge pop from the crowd when they entered the first ever all-female Royal Rumble match. Without makeup, Lita still looks great and as long as she keeps her beauty routine up, will never seem to age.

2 Needs Makeup: Jazz

via wikimedia.org

This one really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. It's one thing to say someone needs makeup to look like the used to. Jazz, however, is on the other side of the coin. It didn't seem as though she ever more much makeup, but putting some on might help. An unstoppable force in her time in the WWE, Jazz walked through every competitor that came her way, having feuds with the likes of Trish Stratus and Victoria. She did make history, however. Jazz was the last woman to hold the Women's  Championship when the company was still named World Wrestling Federation, and the first one to hold it when the company was re-named World Wrestling Entertainment. Since leaving the WWE, Jazz and her husband, fellow wrestler Rodney Mack, have gone through the independent circuit. Mother of twins, Summer and Skye, born in November 2008, Jazz is the current NWA World Women's Champion.

1 Great Without Makeup: Beth Phoenix

Via twitter.com

Last on the list, most notably due to her current involvement with the WWE as commentator for the Mixed Match Challenge, is Beth Phoenix. The four-time Women's Champion and one-time Divas Champion, Phoenix has made more history with the WWE after retiring form in-ring competition in 2011 than she did during her tenure with the company. Along with her husband, Edge, she is one half of the only couple to each be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. Tied with Trish Stratus at 36 years of age, she is the youngest person to be inducted, and is also the quickest female to inducted following retirement. A mother of two, Lyric and Ruby, Phoenix has made mom life look easy with her beauty routine leaving her looking just as she did when she left the company, no makeup needed. Many photos on her social media accounts have shown that even without makeup, she is still the Glamazon.

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