Fox Upset With WWE Over Not Getting Certain Raw Superstar

The relationship between Fox and WWE continues to appear rocky as the newest development is that Fox is upset over not getting Bray Wyatt.

Currently one of the most popular Superstars in WWE, Bray Wyatt and his new character The Fiend, is a huge hit in WWE. So much so, as Fox and USA find out who is going to Raw and who is going to SmackDown with the change in networks, Fox reps aren't happy about learning they won't be getting Wyatt as part of the stable of talent for Friday nights.

Popular rumors social media reporters Wrestlevotes tweeted that they'd spoken directly to a Fox rep who said Fox made it known they wanted Wyatt on SmackDown, but WWE is keeping The Fiend on Raw. They wrote:

Something nobody can deny: a person who works for FOX has directly told me, face to face, they would like Bray Wyatt on SmackDown. However, it looks like he’s going to remain on RAW, with Paul Heyman being a gigantic fan of his. Not confirmed, but we’ll see.

It makes sense that Fox would want Wyatt as he's quickly drawing fans in with his Firefly Funhouse episodes and creepy demeanor on the shows. But, WWE has got a winner on Raw with The Fiend and there's really not a good reason to move him, especially if speculation is true that he could be the next Universal Title holder.

Fox and WWE Need to Get On The Same Page

To say the cross promotion between WWE and Fox has been rocky would be an understatement. Already, Fox has disrespected Rey Mysterio, Braun Strowman and their announcers and panelists for other Fox sports shows haven't been all that welcoming.

If Fox doesn't set these guys straight, or at least give them the proper tools to promote WWE, which will be moving to their network, why would WWE want to do Fox any favors by moving one of their most popular stars?

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