Friends With Benefits: 15 Pictures Of Paige And Xavier Woods WWE Doesn't Want You To See

It has been a rough few months for former WWE Divas and NXT Women's Champion Paige. Not only has she been suspended from the company twice for failing their Wellness drug test, but this past weekend Paige's ICloud account was hacked and various personal pictures and videos of Paige were shared publicly on Social Media.

The videos also included her boyfriend at the time Brad Maddox and current WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. The videos are claimed to have been made between 2013 and 2014 since the NXT Women's Championship played a prominent role in many of the videos.

Xavier Woods married in October 2015 and Brad Maddox was fired from WWE in November 2015, which means that the videos must have been made before this time.

While WWE have stated that Paige and Xavier will not be punished for these leaks, and they shouldn't since they are the victims, it is thought that WWE will now want to keep the duo away from each other on WWE TV when Paige finally returns so that the entire thing can be forgotten about.

That being said, here are 15 photos that WWE will not want the WWE Universe to see after this past week's events.

15 Autograph Signing

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Xavier Woods and Paige spent a lot of time in NXT together when the brand was first finding its feet. Xavier was an up and coming wrestler while Paige was newly signed and was climbing her way up in the Women's Division.

This was around the same time that the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley were all coming through the ranks and Paige was the one that WWE decided to make the inaugural NXT Women's Champion. Because the duo was working together they in NXT, they would often be the ones chosen to do autograph signings at the same time, and this is how they ended up becoming such close friends. A friendship that would continue even after both stars were promoted to WWE's main roster.

14 WrestleMania Hype

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WrestleMania XXX was one of the biggest that WWE has presented from New Orleans and back in 2014 Paige and Xavier were still working together in NXT. This meant that they were both able to play a part in the WrestleMania Axxess show.

Both stars are happy to make fools of themselves in front of an audience because it's their job and because it was WrestleMania week, it meant that all of the WWE Superstars were in the mood to celebrate. Paige made her main roster debut the night after WrestleMania XXX when she defeated AJ to become Divas Champion. it is thought that the videos that were leaked were filmed around this time, given that The NXT Women's Championship was part of both the photos and videos.

13 Twerking

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Xavier Woods and Paige have always come across as close friends. In many videos, the pair don't mind looking foolish in front of each other and in front of the WWE Universe. Paige began doing autograph signings and appearances with The New Day when she was promoted to the main roster and was already close friends with Big E.

The above image shows just how casual Paige was around the three members of The New Day. She can be seen here twerking for the fans who are there to see her and The New Day and then Xavier ran over and picked Paige up as the pair continued to dance around foolishly. This shows just how close the pair were at this point, even though this is thought to have been after the videos were filmed.

12 UpUpDownDown

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Paige has appeared on UpUpDownDown many times. It was rumoured when Paige's personal videos were first leaked last Friday night that the one that includes Paige, Xavier, and Brad Maddox was actually filmed after they were part of an episode of UpUpDownDown.

Xavier has just hit one million subscribers on his YouTube Channel where he plays video games and is often joined by many members of the WWE locker room. As it turns out, one of these was Paige. In the above episode, Paige and Xavier were joined by the cast of Impractical Jokers, who would definitely be attempting to make light of the situation that both Paige and Xavier currently find themselves in. It is unknown if this was the first time Paige was on the show, but it definitely wasn't the last, as will be seen further down this list.

11 Total Divas

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Paige became a regular cast member on Total Divas back in 2015. This was a decision that many of the WWE Universe were unhappy with since Paige had always stated that she was an 'Anti-Diva.' So why would she take part in a show that was all about the 'Real Divas?'

In one of the first episodes that Paige was part of, she bumps into Xavier Woods backstage and it is shown just how close the duo are, just for the members of the WWE Universe who don't know that much about Paige's life outside a WWE ring. The segment between them ends with Paige leaping into Xavier Woods arms and the pair smiling. This was on the show back in 2014, and this wasn't the last time that Xavier appeared on the show alongside Paige.

10 Best Friends

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Paige is currently in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio and it's because of this that her Instagram is mostly filled with pictures of the couple's recent activities. Xavier Woods has been married since October 2015 and his wife is expecting their first child in the next month.

At the time when the videos were filmed, it is reported that Paige was in a relationship with former Raw General Manager and WWE Referee Brad Maddox. Meanwhile, it is unknown what kind of relationship Xavier was in. The timeline states that the video must have been filmed before November 2015 because that's when Brad was fired from WWE. But because of the fact that the NXT Women's Championship is also part of the videos and pictures, means that they were probably made much earlier than this.

9 Budding Friendship

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As already noted, back in 2014 Paige and Xavier were part of the WrestleMania Axxess shows and while they were able to wrestle as part of the show, they also did many public appearances together.

Paige and Xavier, as photoed above, spent much of the week leading up to WrestleMania XXX together both performing and hanging out as friends. It is unknown if Brad Maddox was with them at that time as well, but since Paige was NXT Women's Champion at the time, this could have been the actual time when may of the photos and videos were made. Since the duo have been friends for a long time, it is hard to actually pinpoint an actual time. And since it was a long time ago, it makes sense that WWE isn't punishing either star, since they are obviously the victims in this scenario.

8 Paige And Xavier

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Mason Ryan didn't spend a lot of time in NXT, but he was with the brand at the same time as Paige and Xavier and is pictured here as part of a meeting with the duo. The kind meeting that WWE could have decided to call for after the images were first leaked.

The fact that the videos were leaked was never a problem. The WWE Universe understand that Paige was a victim and these videos should never have been released. The problem here was the fact that the NXT Women's Championship was brought into some of the videos and not in a way that WWE would have liked. The company haven't commented on the use of the title in the videos, but it is definitely something that they will want to talk to Paige about in the future.

7 Travelling Together

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Wrestling can become a lonely job if you're unable to make friends with the people that you work with. Paige is a British star and the only female star to have been brought into WWE after competing on the British Independent Circuit. She stands out because of her accent and her dress sense, which could not have made it easy for her to make friends.

Even though Paige did make friends with many of the female wrestlers that she works with, she seems to have been closest to Big E and Xavier Woods. R-Truth also became a close friend of Paige and they used to travel a lot of the time. It made sense when Paige and Xavier were in NXT together because they were always heading to the same venue.

6 Fresh Faced Stars

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Young, fresh-faced Paige and Xavier Woods are pictured here together back in 2014 ahead of the WrestleMania XXX Axxess show. At the time Xavier was bouncing around the NXT and main rosters and Paige was the NXT Women's Champion.

It is thought that the duo hit it off when they first met because they have a very similar sense of humour. Xavier has been acting cool about the fact that the videos were leaked and even tweeted about how cold it was there at the time. Paige is currently on hiatus from WWE, but it is hoped that this latest scandal will not affect what is a three-year friendship. Of course, there will be a strained relationship between Paige and Xavier's wife, but that doesn't need to effect Paige and Xavier's work relationship.

5 The Mega Powers

It has already been noted that Paige and Xavier are close f friends and they didn't mind acting foolish together and making each other laugh. This video was filmed back in 2015 and shows the duo doing their take on The MegaPowers.

Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel brought The Mega Powers back to fame not long after this, but here Paige and Xavier decided to give their take on it instead. Paige is dressed as Hulk Hogan, something WWE wouldn't have been happy about a few months later, while Xavier put on the attire of Macho Man Randy Savage. The duo then showed off their new personas to the WWE Universe via a video that has been posted on Twitter and YouTube as it wasn't something that WWE themselves actually promoted.

4 Backstage

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Paige was promoted to the main roster the night after WrestleMania XX when she came out and interrupted AJ Lee. And after the longest reigning Divas Champion decided to make an impromptu Championship match, Paige walked out as both the Divas Champion and the NXT Women's Champion.

Paige has been wrestling since she was 13-years-old. WWE was her dream and finally, she achieved it. It comes as no surprise that the following week on Raw it was Xavier Woods who was spotted congratulating Paige on her victory. Paige's story to WWE is thought to be so good that the company are actually currently making a film about the former champion starring The Rock, something that has been called into question many times over the past week but it seems that the filming will continue.

3 Nightclub

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WWE Superstars travel around from arena to arena on a daily basis. They rarely have enough time to themselves when they are not wrestling, doing media appearances or even spending time at the gym. But it seems that Xavier and Paige managed to find time, along with JoJo to go out clubbing.

This is a fans picture and there are many more that show that the trio were out having fun together only a few months ago. Paige is wearing the same hat that she had on in the video fo UpUpDown Down where she joined Xavier Woods in early 2016 on the show. Which means it was probably taken around that time and shows that the pair have remained good friends despite their extra curricular activities, that the WWE Universe now know all about.

2 Playing Twister

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Paige and Xavier have appeared on family friendly videos together as well, and back in 2016, the pair were filmed playing Twister as part of WWE's Game Night on their Youtube Channel and website.

Big E, John Cone, Heath Slater and Jerry Lawler are all also part of the video, but the game eventually comes down to Xavier Woods and Paige and when Paige ends up in a position between Xavier's legs, he comments 'This is familiar' and the couple giggle. Paige is deemed the winner after Xavier is unable to put his right leg on blue and falls. This video has gained a lot of attention from the WWE Universe recently with them picking apart everything the couple say and do and relating it to the recently leaked videos.

1 Their Secret Handshake

Best handshake in the west. @xavierwoodsPHD

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Even though Paige and Xavier are said to be close friends, there are not any images of them together on Paige's Instagram. Of course, there aren't any of Paige and Brad Maddox either, since it was a relationship that the WWE Universe didn't actually know about.

The only thing on Paige's entire Instagram that contains Xavier Woods is this video of the couple from October 2014 that was used in Total Divas. It shows the pair showing off their secret handshake as Emma records the video. Secret handshakes are something children come up with to prove who their best friends are and it's cute that Paige and Xavier have their very own, as seen above. The duo both remain members of the Raw roster together, so hopefully, they will be reunited when Paige makes her WWE return.

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