From Survivor Series 1990 To Roman Reigns: 15 Stories About The Undertaker's Time In WWE You Didn't Know

The Undertaker will go down in wrestling history as one of the most intriguing performers of all time. Everyone to witness his career would agree that he is clearly a legend and among the greatest stars WWE has ever pushed. Undertaker’s longevity as a top player in WWE is absolutely astonishing. The WrestleMania history of Undertaker speaks for itself with an undefeated streak lasting over two decades. However, the behind the scenes role of Undertaker is equally as fascinating to his legacy as his in-ring work. Undertaker always kept a private life and rarely allowed fans to get a true glimpse into his personal life.

Despite his desire to remain under the radar, Undertaker is revered for being a locker room leader and many stories have been shared about his actions backstage or in everyday life. Wrestlers share tales about Undertaker as if he is really a mythical figure rather than a man. We will take a look at some of the more interesting ones that WWE does not acknowledge or pass along in their productions discussing his career. If his career truly is over after over twenty-six years, he truly left a legacy full of iconic moments. The ones outside the ring will be examined here with fifteen fascinating stories about Undertaker you did not know about.

15 Made Chris Jericho Wrestle In Front Of A Hostile Crowd

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Chris Jericho shared a very interesting story about The Undertaker’s role as a locker room leader in regards to one specific night. Fans were out of control at this live event and batteries were actually thrown into the ring making contact with Jericho. The response of Jericho was to leave the ring and claim he would not perform on that night, pissed off about the antics of the crowd.

Jericho went backstage to find Undertaker waiting for him. Without actually threatening him, Undertaker asked Jericho if he was really refusing to perform in a manner that made him walk back to the ring for his match. Undertaker used his status as the respected locker room leader to ensure Jericho didn’t ditch a promoted appearance. The presence of Undertaker alone changed Jericho’s mind.

14 Protected Vince McMahon During Plane Match With Kurt Angle

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The Undertaker’s relationship with Vince McMahon has always been a very important part of his WWE history. McMahon appreciated the loyalty of Undertaker during a time when most of his stars would come in and out of the company. Undertaker and McMahon always looked out for each other, especially as the years went by.

One specific story that showed how much Undertaker cared for his boss came on a plane ride. McMahon loved roughhousing and often engaged in playful wrestling with Kurt Angle trying to win over the amateur wrestling icon. Undertaker spotted them when Angle was in control of the match and stepped in assuming it was a real fight. Angle was attacked by Undertaker as the legend instinctively wanted to protect McMahon before asking any questions.

13 Made Vince McMahon Address Bret Hart After Montreal Screwjob

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The Undertaker did protect Vince McMahon more times than he didn’t, but he would speak against his boss when he felt it was time. An infamous story featured the Montreal Screwjob aftermath. We all know that Bret Hart punched McMahon in the face following the events backstage. This all took place thanks to Undertaker stepping in and getting involved.

The mayhem backstage started when Undertaker told McMahon he had to face Hart man to man and explain why he “screwed” the former champion on his final night in the company. Undertaker was a close friend and confidant of Bret during that time frame. Hart got in his punch as revenge for McMahon humiliating him in front of his home crowd. Undertaker likely knew this would happen but felt Vince deserved it this time for his actions.

12 Personally Called And Asked Shane McMahon To Return To WWE

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A recent match between The Undertaker and Shane McMahon was one of the headlining matches at WrestleMania 32. It featured the shocking return of Shane after about seven years away from the promotion. Fans were stunned and ecstatic to see the McMahon return after stepping away from the spotlight.

This match took place because John Cena was not cleared in time for a rumored match against Undertaker. Shane made his return for the huge match on the biggest show of the year inside of Hell in a Cell. In a podcast interview with Mick Foley, Shane revealed that Undertaker personally called him and asked him to come back for the match in front of the biggest crowd in wrestling history. The respect between the two is what influenced Shane to return to WWE and he has yet to leave.

11 Freaked Out About Finding Cucumbers In His Bag

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An absolutely ridiculous yet true fact about The Undertaker is that he fears cucumbers. Undertaker apparently would freak out any time he was in the vicinity of the green vegetable. This was an urban legend for many years until Mark Henry, Kane and Big Show revealed it on an episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network.

Henry shared the story of Paul Bearer ribbing Undertaker by hiding cucumbers in his bag in the locker room. Undertaker would lose his mind in fear of the cucumbers and would be petrified. It is pretty humorous to realize that Undertaker struck fear into the locker room for decades but he was secretly terrified of a random vegetable. You can only imagine the visual of him flipping out after noticing a cucumber was touching his gear.

10 Shared Acid With Justin Credible On Plane

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The majority of wrestling stars in the 90s experimented with drugs of some sort. Justin Credible shared a story in one of his interviews regarding The Undertaker offering him acid for the first time in his life. Undertaker gave the acid to Credible on a flight to India for a tour. Credible stated it was a wild experience trying to process it.

At one point, Undertaker apparently turned around and hissed at him when he was getting out of line. Credible claimed the hissing like a cat from Undertaker was quite terrifying. Clearly, Undertaker isn’t the best person to try acid with for the first time. The hissing had to scare the life of Justin as he was on the very long flight. Undertaker not only policed the locker room but did it on the airplane as well.

9 Strip Club King

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The Undertaker became known for his love of strip clubs during the 90s. WWE actually enforced a rule at one point stopping wrestlers from visiting them to prevent Undertaker and Kevin Nash from it. Those two guys were the main visitors of the strip club scene and WWE felt it was important to step in. Nash shared a story about an interaction between the two after it.

Nash broke the rule to visit a local establishment and felt he was in the clear when realizing none of the other wrestlers were there. That was until he ran into The Undertaker in the back with both men breaking the rule together. They had a fun interaction bonding together. Undertaker may have laid down the law to other wrestlers regarding certain rules, but he is not above breaking a rule.

8 Prevented A Gang From Beating Up Bruce Prichard

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Bruce Prichard shared a memorable story about The Undertaker’s toughness on his podcast. Both men were traveling together when Prichard still worked in WWE with him. They were asking for directions in a bad neighbourhood. The bad luck of the draw saw Prichard pick a gang to ask for help and was about to be on the negative side of a beat down.

According to Prichard, Undertaker stepped in and just made eye contact with some of the guys wanting to attack them. The gang no longer had the desire to step to them and instead went on their way. Not many men can avoid a group of tough guys, but Undertaker alone posed enough of a threat to scare them off. This is the one wrestler you want with you in a dark alley.

7 Collapsed Backstage Following The Streak Ending 

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The shocking moment of The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania ending is still a surreal moment. Brock Lesnar scoring the pin fall victory over Undertaker led to fans collectively gasping at WrestleMania XXX result. Fans expected the streak to last until he retired, but WWE decided to end it against Brock. We all remember the moment of it ending being heartbreaking.

A sadder moment took place backstage when Undertaker collapsed after coming through the curtain. Apparently, he got knocked out at some point during the match but toughened up to finish it. Undertaker was completely out of it backstage leading to him having to head to the hospital. Vince McMahon left before the main event of the biggest show of the year to go to the hospital with The Undertaker.

6 Wrestler's Court Judge

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The old backstage drama of Wrestler’s Court is now viewed through a controversial lens. Wrestlers to get heat with the locker room would be sentenced to an actual court system ran by the veterans in the locker room. It was meant to provide humor for the majority of wrestlers while the punished wrestler was humiliated.

The Undertaker was often the judge during his time in the company. For example, Edge and Christian were once accused of giving writer Brian Gerwitz gifts in exchange for a push when Bob Holly caught them gifting him a Flash action figure. They had to give Undertaker a bottle of Jack Daniels and stated their excuse in front of the other wrestlers. Many other stories like this took place with Undertaker dishing out the punishment typically leading to him getting free booze.

5 Wanted To Put Over Roman Reigns In Final Match

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Many diehard fans were livid at Roman Reigns retiring The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 by beating him cleanly in the main event. It was just the second loss for Undertaker at WrestleMania and appeared to be his final match. Undertaker left his gear in the ring before walking up the ramp for the final time. The WrestleMania 33 match was originally rumored to be against John Cena but changed a few months beforehand.

Reigns getting the win was meant to further pass the torch to him. Undertaker reportedly was the one that was adamant about losing his final match to help give something to his final opponent. Considering Cena is already past his peak, Vince McMahon likely made the call to have Reigns be the final rival for Undertaker. The old school mentality led to Undertaker making sure the young wrestler benefited from his retirement.

4 Created B.S.K. To Combat The Kliq

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The Kliq alienated the WWE locker room with their poor attitudes. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Sean Waltman, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall used politics and tried to control the company with their power. The Undertaker tried to contend the Kliq by starting his own backstage faction of friends. Yokozuna, Savio Vega, Papa Shango, The Godwinns and Rikishi joined Undertaker to form the Bone Street Krew.

All of the members got matching tattoos of the initials to celebrate their friendship. The B.S.K. did not have the legacy of the Kliq but it is a great story that showed how the WWE landscape was at the time. Funny enough, Undertaker’s friendships with members of the Kliq are remembered more fondly than the friends he made in the B.S.K. to combat the Kliq.

3 Demanded Shawn Michaels Drop The Title To Steve Austin

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Shawn Michaels was a huge jerk during his main event run in the 90s causing issues numerous times backstage. The memorable moment of him “losing his smile” and retiring took place because he did not want to lose the WWE Championship to Bret Hart as planned for WrestleMania 13. One year later, WWE almost found the same situation unfolding when Michaels was scheduled to defend the title against Steve Austin.

Michaels was rumored to have considered refusing to lose the title despite Austin becoming the biggest star in WWE. The Undertaker stepped in and unofficially threatened Michaels before the show. Michaels would have been in for a world of pain if he played politics on this night. Austin would win the title and lead WWE to its most successful time period in wrestling history.

2 Chewed Out CM Punk For Breaking Dress Code

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The Undertaker used his role as locker room leader in 2008 to try to tell CM Punk how to dress during his first reign as World Champion. This incident took place overseas when Undertaker told Punk he should dress more professional to represent the company. Punk replied by referencing how John Cena dressed in the role as face of the company. Undertaker reportedly told off Punk for making such a comment.

WWE coincidentally had Punk drop the title to Undertaker shortly after in a short match. Undertaker thinking a top star is being disrespectful definitely could hurt a career. Punk would be bounce back in the long run. However, the chewing out by Undertaker for refusing to listen to his advice could have been a career killer for any other wrestler with less talent.

1 Continued Entrance/Match After Being Burned By Pyro

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One terrifying moment at Elimination Chamber 2010 featured The Undertaker getting burned by the flames on the stage during his entrance. Undertaker visibly was shocked and had to get out of the way before a serious incident occurred. Most fans thought it was just a minor botch, but he actually got burned walking to the ring.

Chris Jericho revealed he could smell the burned skin on Undertaker during the Elimination Chamber match. Undertaker could have easily gone backstage and called it a night after having his skin set on fire during the entrance. Instead, he finished the match through the pain of a potentially horrifying situation. This is one of many stories that showcase just how tough Undertaker is and how much the business meant to him.

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