The 10 Most Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunctions In WWE History

It must be one of the biggest fears of any WWE superstar - to find themselves in the middle of the squared circle when the unthinkable happens. There you are, about to pull off your signature move or your finisher and all of a sudden your gear fails. As a pro-wrestler, it must be one of the worst experiences ever.

Not for us of course, we find it hysterical, and luckily with nearly everything being filmed these days, these moments are forever available for repeated viewing.  So let's take a look at the 10 Most Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunctions In WWE History.

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10 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie was a throwback to the dark days of John Laurinaitis and because of this, it didn't take long before she was drawing X-Pac levels of heat from around the world. But just when it seemed they had finally come up with a way to get her over, by having her avoid wrestling each week, they went and fired her.

Which was a shame as it had promise, the peak of which was this wardrobe malfunction against Becky Lynch on Smackdown. Just before the bell is rung, her top breaks, leaving an embarrassed Eva to run from the ring.

9 A. J. Styles

Photo: EWrestlingNews.com

The Feud between A.J Styles and Dean Ambrose had its good moments as well as its bad. It also had one of the funniest, which happened during the 2016 T.L.C show.

As Dean was in the process of setting up a ladder to drop an elbow on a prone AJ, laid out on the announce table, it suddenly became obvious to all that Styles was showing a bit more than he bargained for, due to his tights having a massive rip in the nether region.

Being the cheeky bloke he is, he has since seen the funny side.

8 Shawn Michaels

Even the greatest of all time can have one of those days at the office. During a 2005 episode of Raw, HBK was on his way to the ring to face Edge in the Gold Rush Tournament Semi-Finals, when during his usual entrance he knelt down and couldn't get back up.

The culprit was one of his tassels that had somehow gotten wedged into the entrance ramp, causing Michaels to fall flat on his back on the floor. It's a testament to Edge's professionalism that he managed to keep it together while all this was going on.

7 Batista

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Back in 2014, and before he became Bootista, big Dave was still riding a wave of fan love at his return and was about as face as you could get. This was no more apparent than on the episode of RAW where he had a confrontation with Stephanie McMahon. Angering the billion dollar princess, she slapped the taste out of his mouth before leaving the ring.

This would result in the Animal spearing a laughing Randy Orton nearly out of his boots and in doing so, ripping a massive hole in his skinny jeans for the whole world to see.

6 Sasha Banks

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It takes a lot for the WWE to stop any broadcast, after all, we all remember the Owen Hart situation, so it says something about the power of Sasha Banks behind that that's exactly what happened back in January of 2019.

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While tagging with Bailey against Natalya and Ronda Rousey, a segment with Miss Neidhart would see The Boss lose her trunks, forcing the quick thinking production team to black out the screen for a few seconds, allowing her a few precious seconds to reclaim her dignity.

5 Charlotte Flair

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During a 2017 episode of Smackdown, Charlotte Flair found herself in a match with Lana. What could usually be seen as the kiss of death for a segment (let's face it, Lana just isn't that good) suddenly found itself trending worldwide. After The Queen flipped The Ravishing Russian over her shoulder, Lana grabbed onto Charlotte's trunks just a little too hard, pulling them down.

Fortunately, as she was facing the hard cam, those at home didn't really get to see anything but when the live audience started to chant "Thank You Lana" you knew that they'd gotten an eye full.

4 The Miz

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When you're a near-twenty-year veteran in the business, you're going to have had a few moments you'd rather forget. Such as being made to change in venue toilets, thanks to JBL.

During the go home RAW before Great Balls Of Fire, The Miz would find himself in the ring with Heath Slater. When he went for a combination backbreaker into a neck-breaker, The A-Lister would break more Slater, he'd rip the seam of his pants.

Luckily for The Miz, he would be wearing shorts underneath, so he would be spared too much embarrassment but it's still pretty funny.

3 AJ Lee

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During a mixed tag match between AJ, Dolph Ziggler, Natalya, and The Great Khali on Smackdown, a top rope bulldog would see Lee pick up the win for her team. It would also see her top ride up, flashing her bra to all those watching.

The future Mrs. Punk dealt with the situation brilliantly, first by pretending to be a cat then later tweeting how people should tune into Smackdown that week to see said wardrobe malfunction, owning what most people would've seen as an embarrassing moment before it could get out of hand. Come back AJ, we miss you.

2 Stacy 'The Kat' Karter


Whatever possessed Jerry Lawler's other half to agree to whip her bra off on live TV is anyone's guess, but during 1999's Armageddon pay-per-view that's exactly what she did. The idea was that as part of a post-match celebration, The Kat would remove her top but Sgt Slaughter would run in with a towel, covering her before anyone got to see anything. Except the Sarge was about a second late.

With this being the height of the Attitude Era, theories have done the rounds that this was planned and, it wouldn't be that surprising.

1 Stephanie McMahon

via thesportster

During Payback in 2014, The Billion Dollar Princess had, what could conceivably be, the funniest and worst wardrobe malfunction in the history of everything, ever. After engaging in a war of words with Daniel Bryan she found herself on the receiving end of a pimp slap from Brie Bella that sent her scurrying from the ring.

But maybe it wasn't the slap that was responsible for her quick exit, for as she ran up the ramp towards the back, there was a very suspicious looking brown stain spreading across her dress. Could Steph have done the unthinkable in the ring?

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