Future Watch: Where Will These 15 Current WWE Stars Be?

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the future of a WWE Superstar.

With John Cena recently parting from the WWE for another entertainment project, we here on The Sporster began to speculate the future of the other stars on the current roster. Some, we believe will stay in the company and move up the ranks while others, won’t be so lucky. A variety of rumors are featured on this future watch with some Superstars ending up overseas in Japan, while others, might find greener pastures in the world of Hollywood. Heck, we even have a current title holder predicted to be a rapper in the future - yes, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the future of a WWE Superstar.

From Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect John Cena, to new talents like Aleister Black to even those on a downward spiral like Dolph Ziggler, all types of futures will be predicted and identified in this article. Again, this is only speculation, so take the gossip for what it's worth and that's just fun gossip.

Without further ado, here is a special insight on the future of these current WWE stars and where they will be. Enjoy folks!

15 Daniel Bryan – WWE Superstar


The rumor mill continues to swirl with speculation of Daniel Bryan eventually returning to the ring. Daniel has admitted that he’s now training in the squared circle, though it remains to be seen which ring that’ll be in.

The gossip wants us to believe Daniel is on his way out of the company, likely joining the indie scene and taking on the likes of Cody Rhodes in ROH. However, in truth, we fail to see a scenario that allows such a name like Daniel Bryan to leave freely. In terms of this future watch, we believe Bryan will pass a WWE physical due to the company not wanting to lose him as that can takeaway too much attention away from the product. We’ll see him back in the ring and that’ll likely still be with the WWE.

14 T.J. Perkins – Back To Indies


Making the statement that T.J.P would end up on the indies sooner rather than late seemed laughable just a year ago. Perkins was riding the highest of highs winning the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic Tournament. He was pushed like a big deal and many had hopes he’d became a household name in no time. Boy were we ever wrong.

In truth, the WWE can only blame themselves for this debacle as Perkins has the skills to thrive. However, the company inexplicably pushed the brand in form of entertainment, as opposed to what the purist fan wanted to see, wrestling matches. The division is now in absolute disarray and like Austin Aries, we expect various others to eventually bet on their talents and part ways with the company. Perkins seems like a logical possibility to follow this route unless something drastic takes shape.

13 Enzo Amore – Rapper


Speaking of the Cruiserweights, we now turn our attention to the new “King of the Cruiserweights”, Enzo Amore. Just imagine someone telling you Enzo would be the most significant title holder in the division, yes, this is the current reality of the Cruiserweights.

Enzo doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s building both in and out of the ring, along with his recent success of claiming the title, he also lives a prestigious life out of the ring hooking up with countless celebrities. Obviously, Enzo’s already setting up life after the ring and he’s already stated he’s interested in a rap career. Once his in-ring day’s sour (which is likely the near future), look for Enzo to take on a new project outside of the WWE in the world of entertainment.

12 Lana – Out Of The Wrestling Business


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the approach the WWE should have taken with Lana, instead, they were relentless with this notion of putting her in the ring. Given her work on the live event loop with NXT, the WWE should have cut the cord immediately but instead, they went on with the transition and its destroyed all of Lana’s luster. She’s back in a managerial role, but it appears as though the damage is already done with fans losing interest in her character.

Don’t feel too bad though, Lana has experience elsewhere in the entertainment world and many feel as though she’s using the WWE to add a little more depth and popularity to her resume. Without a doubt, she’ll be out of wrestling sooner rather than later with the influx of new female talent emerging.

11 Andrade Almas – Mid-Card WWE Champion


It seemed as though Almas was one of the rare NXT messes. He came from Mexico hotter than a firecracker but quickly lost momentum being booked as a mid-card enhancement talent. Then, someone finally woke up and Almas began to win since being slapped with a manager, the beautiful Zelina Vega. We expect the momentum to carry onto the main roster in the future. Why?

Well, for various reasons but most importantly the WWE is trying to expand globally and the Mexican market hasn’t really had a breakout star to worship since Rey Mysterio. Although he doesn’t dawn a mask any longer, Almas can make his country proud nonetheless. Winning a mid-card championship is something that’ll definitely help to add legitimacy, look for this to be a major possibility in the future.

10 Natalya – Retired


Recently winning the WWE Women`s Championship over on SmackDown Live, we can all say it was about damn time that Nattie was given the proper respect by the company. For whatever reason, the Harts haven’t been booked in the greatest of ways since Bret`s departure and the same can be said for Natalya who only won the title once before despite being head and shoulders above the rest of the talent in the ring.

Unfortunately for Nattie or fortunately, however you look at it, she might be even more valuable outside of the ring. She's helped countless Superstars on her off-time at the Performance Center and it was recently revealed that she even aided some of the UFC's Four Horsewomen. Proving such a pivotal role out of the ring, look for Nattie's transition to take place in the near future.

9 Tom Phillips – Lead WWE Commentator


He wasn’t the popular choice to be the next in line for such a position, however, give the guy some props. He's come a long way since making $50 bucks per college game back in the day. Yet to hit his 30s at the age of 28, Phillips is thriving in the WWE system slowly making his way up the ladder. He began as a commentator on WWE pre-shows and slowly but surely, landed on NXT. He's now over on SmackDown Live and the company is said to be very high on his verbal skills.

With Michael Cole aging, it appears as though Phillips is the next in the line. He isn’t over the top like Jim Ross or Mauro Ranallo, but in truth, Vince has taken a liking to a more bland and dry commenting system which isn’t a knock on Phillips, more of a knock on Vince. Look for this change to take place in the near future.

8 Roderick Strong – Upper-Card WWE Talent


Age 34, Strong is an excellent veteran showcasing his talent down in NXT. His style in the ring is truly a treat to watch for the purist wrestling fan as he combines an old school move-set with a modern day twist to his arsenal. His persona is also a throwback playing the role of a loveable babyface that's by the book.

We expect Strong to have huge success on the main roster and likely, even more than his NXT career. It also helps that HBK Shawn Michaels has taken a liking for the wrestler, which should only help his stock that much more. It's very rare to see such a clean cut babyface like Strong get over nowadays, look for the WWE to take full advantage of that looking to the very near future.

7 Kari Sane – NXT Champion


Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer raved about Kairi Hojo and boy was he ever right. The North American fanbase got limited access to her matches but once she made her Mae Young Classic debut, we instantly knew she was going to be something special. She's got a spectacular array of top rope theatrics which is topped off by that devastating top rope elbow drop. More importantly, she can sell like a fantastic babyface, which is exactly what the WWE needs at the moment (due to Bayley tanking terribly).

Looking to near future, our rumored future watch predicts that not only will Kari win the NXT Championship, but like Asuka, she'll go undefeated for quite some time. With the WWE attempting to penetrate the market in Japan, such a marquee matchup between these two Japanese stars would certainly draw some eyeballs from overseas.

6 Dolph Ziggler – New Japan Pro Wrestling


It seems like we've been predicting Ziggler to be gone from the WWE for several years now. However, somehow, he's still on the roster providing the program with depth to get others over. With this horrible new gimmick of portraying wrestler entrances, the end looks near for Ziggler.

Given his age and the fact that he's still able to perform at a high standard, staying in the business would be best for Dolph, his career in comedy can wait a little longer due to his current ring shape (he'll never run out of jokes however). He admitted in a conversation with Nakamura that he'd like to head over to Japan, which doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. If Ziggler is still in company by 2019, we'll be very surprised.

5 Kevin Owens – Upper Card WWE Babyface


Drastic turns are very rare in the WWE nowadays, the WWE seems insanely complacent on keeping things the same. How Roman Reigns has remained babyface throughout all years is truly beyond us, but truth be told Vince has knack for keeping things a float. For that reason, many of us were shocked to finally see that change when Neville and Enzo pulled the classic double turn, something we haven’t seen in a long time.

Now we might not anticipate a similar double turn, but here on this future watch we are predicting that Kevin Owens will eventually turn into a fan favorite. Given his current story, it seems unlikely, however, we do foresee such a move as KO still has a lot to give and making this change can add years to his already established career.

4 Sami Zayn – WWE Champion


During his NXT stint, Sami Zayn was basically the Daniel Bryan of the brand. He was a loveable underdog adored by the fans. Who can forget that terrific NXT Championship victory, from that moment on, many predicted great things for the Montrealer.

Instead, the booking has absolutely destroyed him. With such an array of talent, many believe there must be a motive for this lackluster approach to his character. Like Bryan, many believe the WWE is building him up in order for the fans to rebel against his failed pushes. Whatever the reason might be, we here on the future watch believe and hope he'll eventually be crowned with the title, which will lead to one of the loudest pops of the modern day.

3 Finn Balor – Leader Of Next Big Stable


It isn’t too hard to see on weekly episodes of Raw, Finn Balor is an absolute star. From his in-ring ability to his look, Balor screams out what the current modern era is all about. He's currently laying low in a time wasting feud with Bray Wyatt, but expect that all to change in the future as Finn will once again rise to the top.

A rumored possibility that'll aid Balor immensely would be starting up a dominant faction. With Lesnar set to depart, Reigns needs credible opponents and why not take on Balor, alongside his club members. The program can turn into big time dollar signs, the question remains, who would you include in the Balor Club? How about the next guy on the list?

2 Aleister Black – WWE Champion


Black and Balor together in a certain faction would be way too over, so for that reason, it would only make sense that the WWE would not chose that route.... But, we do believe the company is smart enough to see the value in Black and that's been evidenced by his current NXT push as he's yet to lose a match.

The allure around this guy screams WWE Champion and the rumor mill agrees that Black is destined for a title reign at some point in the near future. We haven't seen a babyface quite like Aleister in some time, that should only help his pursuit to the championship once he makes the jump to the main roster. For now, he'll continue his success down in NXT till the time is right for a call up.

1 John Cena – Part-Time WWE Superstar 


"Hustle, loyalty and respect". That just isn’t a John Cena quote but pretty much the way he's handled himself with the company since way back in 2002. Now look Cena isn’t the greatest in terms of his athletic skill, but his "hustle" has ranked him as one of the hardest working stars in the ring. Heck, he called matches on the spot against A.J. Styles, not many can say the same. "Respect", well, looking at Cena's body of work, we can clearly see he's got lots of that whether it be in his PR work or with the fans.

And finally, the world "Loyalty", the sums up Mr. Cena's run with the WWE. We can expect that to continue into the future as Cena won't call it a career just yet, remaining a part-timer for years to come.

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Future Watch: Where Will These 15 Current WWE Stars Be?