15Want: Finn Balor

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The speculation on Finn Balor being called up from NXT to the main roster has been going on for about a year now. Balor evolved into the face of NXT and was needed to keep the momentum of the smaller brand growing. A brand split between Raw and

SmackDown provides the perfect time for him to make a move to the main roster. The call-up and impending drafting of Balor should work out best for his career.

Instead of getting lost in the shuffle or being stuck in the midcard, Balor will have less competition on whichever show he gets drafted on. The talented star has the “it factor” WWE desperately wants in their wrestlers and he has already shown the ability to sell merchandise in NXT. Balor has all of the tools and will already be loved when debuting on national television. WWE has to put the plan in place to elevate him as quickly as possible and Balor is definitely good enough to win a WWE Championship by next year.

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