Future WWE Hall Of Famers: 8 Who Will Deserve It And 7 Who Won't

The WWE Hall of Fame is probably the pinnacle (and also the end) of a wrestler’s career. Reaching this milestone is the dream of any wrestler who steps foot in a wrestling ring. The WWE has shown great leniency over the years with their Hall of Fame selections, as they seem to use the induction ceremony as a way to bury the hatchet with former superstars who maybe didn't get their fair due in the company.

The WWE Hall of Fame comes with a prestige that only a select few should be allowed to attain, but the WWE has over the years seemingly spoiled the aura of the honor by inducting unnecessary people who didn’t have much of an impact during their wrestling days. There have been a lot of Hall of Famers who many thought were undeserving of their spot, and with the ceremony becoming more of a ratings upper over the years, the company is definitely going to induct many other superstars in the future who don’t deserve the spot.

There are certain superstars who did little to help the company and therefore don’t deserve their spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. On the other hand, there are some who have dedicated their lives to the progress of the company and therefore deserve their spot amongst the immortals of the WWE.

Here are 8 wrestlers who deserve to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and 7 who don't.

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15 Those Who Deserve It

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8. Randy Orton

Many would think of Randy Orton as this 3rd generational superstar who got everything handed to him on a plate because of his family’s influence in the business, but what many forget is the amount of hard work he has put in for the WWE over the years. After coming in from OVW, he started out on the right track with Evolution and was a solid mid-carder and amazing worker at the time, soon becoming the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time. Orton would then take on his “Legend Killer” gimmick which was amazing, and then his sadistic predator form gave for many great feuds as well. The 12-time World Champion has since shown an amazing veteran aura to himself, as he blended into the authority role to the main-event status and is making his current feud with Bray Wyatt look stunning as well. Randy is the Orton family member who deserves a place in the WWE Hall of Fame, as he shone through the mid 2000s and is still going strong, inspite of having major injuries and setbacks in his career and has always shown a championship material to himself, which makes him deserve the honor.

14 Kane

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When Kane debuted by tearing apart the Hell in a Cell cage door to destroy his “brother” The Undertaker, many thought that this was the beginning of something big in the WWE. Though the WWE did cover the Undertaker vs Kane storylines very well over the years, Kane himself didn’t manage to make himself as big as his brother or even the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock or Triple H in the future. But his incredible dedication towards the company was often rewarded, as the Big Red Machine has held both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships in his career, while also being one of the most destructive tag team guys in history. Though Kane is highly overdue a last push with a Royal Rumble victory and Hall of Fame induction an almost necessity considering his dedication to the company, the latter is the least the WWE can do to repay his faith towards the company as Kane has obliged to everything the WWE has commanded him to do, and is a great ambassador outside the ring as he is a destructive force inside it and deserves a hall of fame induction as soon as possible.

13 Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho is a legend if there ever was one in the WWE, as he has been entertaining fans with his amazing aura and skills ever since arriving from WCW in late 1999 and has been one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Be it his wrestling skills or his incredible ability to adapt himself with his current surroundings, the Ayatollah of Rock n' Rolla has won it all in the WWE ever since arriving and has put in some amazing feuds with the best wrestlers in the company in the years he has been in the WWE. His entertaining skills and outside interests means he keeps on coming and going in the WWE, but he always shows passion for the product and has been in his most entertaining self in his latest stint in the company. Jericho is one of the WWE’s most loyal employees, and going by his amazing contribution to the company over the years, is one of the first guys who the WWE should nominate once he hangs up his boots, as not putting him in the Hall of Fame means the WWE will be put on the “List of Jericho” and the Hall of Fame ceremony deserves to “Drink it in, man”.

12 Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan was introduced in the WWE as part of “The Nexus”, but soon configured himself to becoming the most successful of the lot as his stable yet well-built growth in the WWE made for a stunning movement. Bryan was always this underdog when he won the United States Champion after leaving the Nexus, and soon moved into the main event scene as a heel when he won the Money in the Bank Briefcase and his first World Heavyweight Championship afterwards. He’d then move onto a new gimmick with Team Hell No with Kane which was hilarious, before his “YES!” movement took flight and the greatest underdog story of all time culminated with him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. But injuries would start to plague his career, as he came and went from WWE TV as the Intercontinental Championship win which made him a grand slam champion would be his last hurrah. Bryan would be forced to retire in 2016 because of his injuries at the age of 34, but the WWE has kept him under contract and made him the new Smackdown GM, as he is more over than most of the superstars right now. Bryan’s unbridled dedication at thrilling the fans and putting his body on the line everytime he stepped into the ring is a prime reason the WWE should induct him into the Hall of Fame in the future, as Bryan has sacrificed a lot for the company and always held it in high accord.

11 John Cena

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“The Face That Runs The Place” John Cena is someone you can hate or like, but you cannot ignore him when he’s inside that ring as the golden boy of the WWE in the past decade has been putting in incredible work for the company ever since arriving and is possibly the best ambassador of it right now. Everyone loves to hate John Cena because of him apparently “constantly hogging someone else’s spotlight” or “burying people” or “kissing Vince McMahon’s a**” but many often forget the amount of hard-work he has put in to put over the company at all times, as the 15 time World Champion is definitely the right guy the WWE bet on to usher their company into a new era. Be in feuding with the best of the best or keeping the WWE title relevant at all times under him, John Cena has also promoted the WWE through various advertisements and shows and is continuing to help it grow in the world through outside work, and for that he’s definitely in due of a Hall of Fame induction. It’s rather obvious that WWE will induct him, but he has thoroughly deserved that spot because of his passionate performance level over the past years and helping the WWE stay on top of the sports-entertainment field at all times, while also never bailing on them when other opportunities came crawling.

10 The Rock

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The Rock built himself from scratch to become an icon of the Attitude era, as his amazing charisma and displays in the ring brought him his “millions of fans” as he put in some amazing work in his initial WWE years, as well as promoting the product well over the past few years. Debuting as “Rocky Malvia” he was pushed as a prominent mid-carder who was often taunted by the fans, but afterwards he joined the Nation of Domination stable as just “The Rock”, and his popularity continued to escalated. Be it amazing catchphrases of roasting other wrestlers, The Rock was also a solid worker who put in some great matches with the greats of that time and wasn’t afraid to taking it to the next level. His feuds with Stone Cold, Triple H and Mankind are what helped the WWE conquer WCW, as the “People’s Champion” was quickly the most over superstars of his time. Be it a heel or a face, The Rock would always be the most entertaining person in the ring and he always showcased himself as a bonified superstar and top guy of the company. Even after spending much years outside WWE to pursue a wrestling career, The Rock returned in 2011 and went onto have some iconic matches with the greats of the present and kept on making sporadic appearances to thrill the crowd, and continues to put over guys on social media. His dedication towards the product is what makes him such an icon, and the WWE would be mad not to induct him into the Hall of Fame, as the most electrifying man of all of entertainment has earned his name and reputation over the years.

9 Triple H

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Triple H is another wrestler who has devoted his wrestling career into making the WWE a more world-wide phenomenon as the Game has been an amazing worker ever since he debuted in the mid-90s. With competition from the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker, Triple H slowly bode his time and built himself into a main event star as the raunchy guy from D-Generation X was quickly a heel to be reckoned with. Many think that him marrying the boss’s daughter in Stephanie McMahon was a move for him to cement his place in the WWE, but his constant hard-work and dedication towards the product and willingness to do anything the WWE told him to(including that dreadful Katie Vick Angle) is one of the reasons he’s one of the greatest of all time. Not only are his feuds memorable, but his in-ring skills even after some injuries are solid as ever and his transition from a wrestler to the creator and booker of the wrestling phenomenon in WWE NXT shows how good a backstage guy is too. Be it his wrestling career or booking career, Triple H has shone through everything and the 14 time World Champion needs to be inducted into the Hall of Fame soon because of his work for the WWE and unbridled dedication he has put in to put the WWE over before himself.

8 The Undertaker

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The Demon of Death Valley has been a mystical man in the WWE over the years, but is undoubtedly one of the most respected icons in the industry right now, perfectly depicting his character even now as this character he had created for himself became a legend in the eyes of many quickly after he debuted. Be it his Wrestlemania undefated streak of 21-0 which was broken only by Brock Lesnar a few years back or his amazing depiction of various forms of his character, The Undertaker is perfect both as a heel and face and one of the most terrorizing forces in his feuds, which have been amazing over the years. The Undertaker has won it all in the WWE, and at the age of 51 doesn’t have much more left in him as a retirement seems to be nearing for the Deadman, and an induction into the Hall of Fame is an utmost necessity for such a passionate servant of the product who changed Pro Wrestling forever with his mystical character and has been making for some amazing stuff ever since and is a hug crowd puller whenever he steps into the ring which makes him such an iconic character in the history of the WWE.

7 Those Who Don’t Deserve It

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7. Vader

Big Van Vader was one of the most terrorizing figures in wrestling in the 90s, as he had quite a career in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and WCW before stepping into a WWE ring, as he was hyped for a number of weeks before actually debuting. He was instantly pushed as a main event star because of his size and intimidating behavior, as his hard-hitting style of wrestling legitimately hurt many wrestlers and forged many complaints against him. After having some high-end feuds with the wrestlers of the time, Vader would go ballistic in a post match interview as he made some really vulgar comments in it. This infuriated management, who degraded him to a jobber to the stars before he left the company soon. But inspite of talking some bad things about WWE over the years, Vader has consistently been called back for sporadic appearances and even inducted his good friend Stan Hansen into the Hall of Fame this year. This probably means a Hall of Fame induction is coming for the big man, but honestly he doesn’t deserve it because he didn’t have much success in the WWE anyhow and has a bad history of mouthing off some bad things which can hamper the WWE’s reputation as well. Vader just isn’t worthy enough to be in the WWE Hall of Fame because of his lack of success in the company, with his horrible attitude a prime reason as to why he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame.

6 Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart is the latest addition to WWE’s list of personalities the company hires to increase the TRP of its show, but the things he has done in WWE TV have felt underwhelming somehow. Stewart is obviously a renowned TV host who was at the helm of “The Daily Show” for almost 16 years and has a popularity in America for being quite the comedian with a very fine sense of humor. Stewart was made the host of SummerSlam 2015, before which he started a feud of sorts with WWE Champion Seth Rollins, and then screwed over his opponent Jon Cena in their match at SummerSlam. Stewart appeared after that as well, as he took an Attitude Adjustment from Cena the next day and reappeared on this year’s SummerSlam as well, when he partied and enjoyed with The New Day. Now we all know how WWE is willing to induct these celebrities into their Hall of Fame with Donald Trump and Mike Tyson being some of them, and an induction for Stewart doesn’t look much far either but he definitely doesn’t deserve it. He wasn’t entertaining enough in his segments and it felt forced and if WWE are to induct him into the Hall of Fame instead of hard-working wrestlers, that would be a massive travesty and really take away our faith from them.

5 Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio might have been one of the most talented guys in the WWE when he was there(until a few months back in his 2nd stint), but his attitude is pretty horrible as WWE got a slice of that when they first tried to sign him in 2008, but he declined their offer to go wrestle for CMLL. He would eventually join the company in 2010 with Ricardo Rodriguez as his ring announcer, and he had a JBL like feel to him by travelling in fancy cars and having that dictatorial attitude to him. Del Rio was held in high regard by WWE, as he was pushed as a WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion in his first years and was one of the top heels at the time in the company. He was fired in 2014 because of a bad scuffle backstage, but returned in 2015 to instantly win the United States Championship from John Cena clean. Del Rio held it for sometime before becoming a part of The League of Nations, and was mostly a lower-mid carder before he violated WWE’s Wellness Policy and got suspended because of it. He left the company after that(he had a clause in his contract stating he could) and his lack of passion for WWE and uplifting the company makes him a bad employee, who definitely shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. Del Rio’s selfishness and horrible attitude are something which WWE shouldn’t ever rehire him again, and they’d be fools to get him into the Hall of Fame later on.

4 Lex Luger

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Lex Luger was groomed by Vince McMahon to be the successor for Hulk Hogan, which he quickly discovered wasn’t possible because there was no 2nd Hulk Hogan! Luger would be signed from WCW by the WWE as they gave him the All-American gimmick and booked him very strongly ,having him bodyslam Yokozuna and earn the opportunity to face him for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 93. But Luger’s push was boding well with the fans who backlashed against him, and an incident in a bar where Luger told everything about the match to a journalist meant he could only win the match via count-out, hence not winning the title. He was then made into a tag team guy with Davey Boy Smith, before he left for WCW without letting Vince McMahon know. Luger has a horrible history with drugs and is mostly a WCW guy because of the amount of time he spent in that promotion, he isn’t an able WWE Hall of Famer anyways and the WWE should keep a respect to themselves and Luger by not ever inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame, even though its possibly considering that Luger is working for the WWE with their Wellness Policy right now, but it would be really annoying if he got inducted into the Hall of Fame ahead of someone way more deserving and someone who has done well for WWE.

3 Batista

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Batista was quite a powerhouse when he was on top of the WWE ladder in the mid 2000s, but quickly bailed on them when more outside opportunities came his way as he had the potential to become a legend in the WWE, but hasn’t quite attained that status because of his inconsistency in wrestling. Batista truly debuted for Evolution for whom he was the muscle, taking out much of their competition on his own, but quickly went his own way to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H. He then went onto dominate the title scene over the years, being the top guy of the Smackdown! brand and feuding with the best of superstars. But Batista would soon get sour as he lost many opportunities to win titles, and left the company in 2010 stating that “he didn’t like the way the company was headed at”. Inspite of making bad remarks about the company, he was rehired in 2014 when he was instantly rewarded with winning the Royal Rumble match. He lost his opportunity to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, but continued to help Triple H’s authority as they feuded with The Shield. But he quietly left again after that was over, and has spoken about how he’d be interested to the WWE but only in untelevised shows. He was offered a contract extension in 2016, but turned in down saying “he wanted something bigger”. Batista’s arrogance and attitude has risen over the years, as he has forgotten the things WWE did for him and often bad-mouths the company and even though he’s one of the most hard-hitting wrestlers of his time, he doesn’t deserve the Hall of Fame induction because of his sour attitude and should never be rewarded as such for bailing out on the WWE when the times got tough and seeking a career somewhere else.

2 Goldberg

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Goldberg was the main attraction of WCW in its heydays, but going by WWE’s record of inducting legends of other promotions into their own Hall of Fame, this one seems a real possibility in the future. Goldberg is obviously remembered for his amazing time in the WCW, where he held an undefeated streak of 173-0 before it was broken and held its major championships multiple times. While the NWO were seemingly dominating WCW, Goldberg made quite the fan-following with his iconic entrance and hard-hitting style and the former footballer was signed by the WWE after WCW went out of business. Goldberg would defeat The Rock in his debut match in the WWE, before going on an undefeated streak for half of that year. He won the World Heavyweight Championship quickly, but lost it back to Triple H and went onto wrestle important matches over the course of the year. He would then feud with Brock Lesnar, culminating in a match at Wrestlemania XX with Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee, winning the match and then leaving the WWE. Goldberg recently had talks with WWE after being a special option in WWE 2k17, and is expected to return soon for a last match and will probably be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame too. But he doesn’t deserve it for his short amount of work in the WWE, as he’s a WCW Legend and not a WWE one and the company shouldn’t induct him into it as it wouldn’t make much sense and take away all that credibility the WCW Goldberg provided in his dominating reign.

1 Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar might be the most complete athlete in the WWE right now, and one of the greatest in sports-entertainment history, but his attitude is quite poor for a long time now as he does it for the money and now for the passion. Lesnar was signed by the WWE after having an impressive amateur wrestling career, winning the NCAA Championship and was built like a beast right from his debut. Only months after debuting, Lesnar defeated the Rock to win the WWE Championship, becoming the youngest WWE Champion in the history of the company and was consistently booked very strongly as they made him into a bonified main eventer. Lesnar would feud with every big star in Smackdown during his time and defeated his opponents comprehensively, before he left the company after having a match vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX. He then went to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he won the NJPW Heavyweight Championship before going to UFC, where he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He also had a lawsuit battle with the WWE at this time and they reached a settlement for that, before he returned in 2012. Lesnar would start another dominating reign in the WWE, which reached a peak when he broke the Undertaker’s undefeated streak and has continued to dominate the WWE scene, always main eventing shows and having to work limited dates at that. Lesnar might be one of the most dominating WWE Superstars of all time, but doesn’t deserve the Hall of Fame induction because of his lack of passion for the product and lack of hard-work for the WWE. Lesnar is all about the money and does it solely for that, and with that sort of attitude the WWE shouldn’t make him a hall of famer in the future as he’s extremely selfish and thinks only about the good of Brock Lesnar and not the WWE.

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