Legendary Female Ex-WWE Performer Joins The Miz For Tour

Though it's being passed off as a coincidence, The Miz and Alicia Fox were joined by a legendary women's performer on a recent tour.

WWE has sent The Miz and Alicia Fox to be a part of the current USO tour and there's a friendly face joining them that they may recognizeā€”former WWE Superstar Gail Kim.

In case you hadn't heard, there's a women's Royal Rumble match fast approaching. The news has been dominating pro wrestling headlines for the past two weeks and there are a number of questions about the match that still need to be answered. Who will be in it, who will win, what will that winner get, and how many women will be in the match?


That last question is one of the hottest topics of conversation. According to some reports, WWE is planning to include 30 participants in the match, the same as the long-running male equivalent. If that is indeed the case then they're going to need some bodies. Even if every single available woman without a championship competed in the match that would only bring the total up to 19.

Thanks to that there have been endless amounts of rumors as to who WWE could bring back to fill out the match. The latest name doing the rounds is former WWE Women's and TNA Knockout's Champion, Gail Kim. As reported by Kim is currently on the same USO Tour as The Miz and Alicia Fox which is what has sparked the rumors. However, all parties involved have claimed that this is merely a coincidence.


Gail Kim is just the latest in a long list of names that WWE are rumored to be bringing back for the marquee match. Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Phoenix, and Kelly Kelly all may very well return in order to compete in the match. It only seems fair too as most of the names above have played a key part in the women of WWE enjoying the success that they do today. Someone had to pave the way for them and those women deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor as much as today's stars do.


The likelihood is that any surprises Vince McMahon has up his sleeve for the first ever women's Royal Rumble won't be revealed until the clock counts down and they make their way to the ring. Gail Kim plus any of the females mentioned above will be great inclusions if they do come back though. Whatever happens, it seems almost certain that the match will be an unmissable one.

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Legendary Female Ex-WWE Performer Joins The Miz For Tour