GFW Star Calls 205 Live "Garbage"

GFW Superstar Trevor Lee had some choice words to describe 205 Live, labeling WWE's cruiserweight division as "garbage."

Both WWE and GFW have their own unique cruiserweight rosters. On the former, they are labeled as 205 Live Superstars, while the latter compete in the company's X-Division. While on paper, the layman may look at both and say it's all simply cruiserweight wrestling, on closer examination the two divisions are actually quite different.  GFW and X-Division wrestler Trevor Lee certainly thinks so anyway.

Lee is currently the X-Division Champion, albeit after he stole the belt from Sonjay Dutt, and recently spoke out about the differences between his craft and 205 Live. Lee pulled no punches whatsoever and branded WWE's latest take on cruiserweight wrestling as "garbage," stating that he's 225 lbs and "none of those guys could even hold a dime to what I can do".


Dutt and Low-Ki also commented on 205 Live during the same media conference, the details of which were published by Wrestling Inc. However the two of them had a much more neutral opinion on the division. Dutt believes that both WWE and GFW's cruiserweight efforts are trying to deliver something completely different to what is featured on the rest of their respective shows, while Low-Ki said that 205 Live is based on size while the X-Division is focused more on a different style of wrestling.


205 Live was introduced as a weekly show on WWE's schedule following the success of last summer's Cruiserweight Classic. Despite the tournament's popularity, however, the show that emerged off the back of it has not fared so well. Lee is not the first to criticize 205 Live and WWE's purple brand has come under fire for a lot of reasons. Some of those reasons include having the division's Superstars compete on Raw as well as not really placing enough focus on creating characters and generating momentum within the realms of 205 Live.



Considering the amount of flack 205 Live currently gets from the fans, a GFW star calling it garbage will likely not even register on WWE's radar. Also even if the X-Division truly is the better for wrestling ability and talent, it still likely draws fewer viewers than 205 Live in the long haul purely based on the two separate platforms the divisions are currently competing on.

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