GFW Suspends Alberto Del Rio Following Domestic Violence Charges

The Alberto Del Rio domestic violence story has taken yet another step as Global Force Wrestling (GFW) has suspended the champion.

As reported by TMZ, GFW – formerly known as TNA– suspended Del Rio (known as Alberto El Patron in GWF), effective immediately, “until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.”

The incident in question, as reported by TMZ, took place last Sunday at an airport in Florida. Police were called to the scene after an argument between Del Rio and a female companion escalated.

At the time it was assumed that the “female companion” was Del Rio’s fiancée, WWE Superstar Paige, but as that story started to gain traction online, the former Diva's Champion tweeted a different account of the situation stating she received some bad family news and was crying when a woman tried to take a picture. She went on to explain that the woman got angry and threw a drink at Del Rio, and it was her and Del Rio that had called the cops.

However, police are saying that the case is being investigated as a domestic dispute, which means the situation involves Del Rio and a significant other. So, the “other woman” that Paige tweeted about doesn’t seem to be involved in the investigation, at least as a party directly involved.

Following Paige's statement, TMZ obtained audio from the incident during which Paige can be heard yelling “just stay out of my life” and “Leave me the F*ck alone.”

The only audio you hear on the recording that isn’t from the couple is a female “witness” who tells Del Rio “don’t follow her," which is followed by “I’m a huge fan by the way.”

That audio, plus the fact that the case is being investigated as a domestic dispute, argues against Paige’s initial tweet about another woman being involved. Paige later recanted her initial claim in a much longer post stating she was the one investigated for throwing a drink on Del Rio.

As BleedingCool reported, GFW announced a few days ago that they would be conducting their own internal investigation before making any decisions about Del Rio's (El Patron) future.

So, the question becomes, is their suspension of Del Rio a result of information they gathered during said internal investigation? It could also be a result of media pressure or a combination of factors pretty much forcing the wrestling company to take action.

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