Times Everyone Thought TNA/GFW Would Die But It Didn't

GFW looks to be in unstable waters, but as long time fans know, this isn't anything new for the company once known as TNA.

Once again Global Force Wrestling appears to be in trouble. Whether they're called GFW, TNA, Impact Wrestling, Anthem, or any other moniker they may have ever gone by, the same demons seem to relentlessly follow them around. Ever since they appeared on the pro wrestling scene and claimed that they wanted to eventually become legitimate opposition to WWE, it feels like TNA has been plagued with problems. Whether it's not paying their employees on time (or at all), or tapings reportedly being postponed due to lack of funds, nothing comes as a surprise when it comes to TNA.

There's also the managerial merry go round. With rotating management like Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, it seems like the talent employed there doesn't know who is in charge at any given time. Despite all of this, the company now known as GFW seems to be immortal. They have come perilously close to the brink so many times only to defy the odds and continue putting out their product. Here are three times in particular that we really did think we would be waving good bye to Global Force Wrestling.


The Hogan/Bischoff Era


Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were once in charge at TNA. Arguably the biggest name in pro wrestling history alongside a man who almost brought down WWE sounds like a slam dunk, right? Wrong. The names Bischoff and Hogan may carry a lot of clout, but let's not forget what they did, or rather didn't do, for WCW. Yes, the two of them helped build that company to the dizzy heights it once reached, but they were also pivotal in its eventual downfall. It was aspects of that downfall that the pair brought with them to TNA. One of the biggest mistakes they made was moving the company out of the Impact Zone, its home in Orlando. That was always a goal of the company, but Bischoff and The Hulkster forced the issue too fast and too soon. The cost of running the company shot up while the ratings remained the same. What became increasingly clear was that the pair of them were simply obsessed with competing with WWE. They wanted the brand to travel, and they wanted to be on Monday nights, but in reality, they were still a million miles away from being on the same level as pro wrestling's juggernaut.


The Anthem Buy Out


Throughout 2016, nobody seemed to know whether TNA was going to remain in existence from one week to the next. Every now and again the company announced another batch of tapings, and every time it felt like a minor miracle had been pulled off. It really did feel like it was a matter of when rather than if in terms of the demise of TNA. There were certain things keeping the company clinging on to hope. The Broken gimmick created by Matt Hardy brought some much-needed eyeballs to the company, and the Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was brought in to help out behind the scenes. Rumors still swirled that TNA was on the brink, however, and there was even talk of them selling their video library to WWE. With Superstars like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles now wrestling for Vince McMahon, it would certainly come in handy. Whether TNA wanted too much money for the collection or WWE simply wasn't interested, that rumor never came to fruition. A buyer did swoop in for the company as a whole though, and Anthem buying TNA kept them afloat and seemingly weathered the long standing storm.


Anthem Want Out


Anthem was in, Jeff Jarrett was brought in, the company was rebranded Global Force Wrestling, and for once everything seemed peachy for the company formerly known as TNA. History dictated that the company can't stay stable for long, however, and once again GFW has been thrown into disarray. First of all, Jarrett left due to apparent personal issues, and now, rumors are swirling that after less than a year, GFW's saviors and parent company Anthem want out too. It can hardly come as a shock either. Not only does GFW probably not make a lot of money for Anthem, they're also having to pump money in to help settle legal issues with Billy Corgan and Matt Hardy. Hold tight because it gets even more confusing. Apparently, the now departed Jeff Jarrett owns the name GFW, so if Anthem does decide to sell, they'll be selling the name Impact Wrestling as GFW technically doesn't belong to them. It really is one big mess, and maybe this time it'll be a bridge too far for the company to come back from.


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Times Everyone Thought TNA/GFW Would Die But It Didn't