Lost Giants: 10 Large Wrestlers You Probably Forgot About

Andre the Giant. The Undertaker. Big Show. Kane. These are names synonymous with wrestling giants, legends of the ring all fans know and love. Then we have guys like The Great Khali, Kevin Nash, Yokozuna and yes, even Sid Vicious - massive men who made an impact in wrestling by overpowering and defeating their opponents using their sheer size advantage, winning heavyweight gold in the process. There are even lower card behemoths who enjoyed great success such as Test, Bam Bam Bigelow and Mark Henry that became fan-favorites.

And then we get to our list. Many wrestling fans have either forgotten or straight up don't even know who the following wrestlers are. Let's take a walk among forgotten giants.

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10 Nathan Jones

Want to know how bad Nathan Jones was at wrestling? He was taken out of his scheduled WrestleMania XIX bout, a tag match with The Undertaker against Big Show and Albert, because he was too green and couldn't get the basics. You know who wasn't taken out of a WrestleMania match? Snooki. That's right, Snooki was better able to prepare for a match than Nathan Jones. That should tell you why you probably don't remember him.

The wrestling factor may not have been there, but Jones had a great look -the reason Vince hired him in the first place- so it's no surprise that he went on to have a career in Hollywood, finding some success as an actor.

9 Bastion Booger

You can be forgiven if you don't know who Bastion Booger is. Although Mike Shaw, the wrestler behind the gross gimmick, was a very talented worker in the 80s, Vince McMahon used him as a guinea pig in the WWE for all his dumb 90s gimmick ideas.

The Booger Man didn't last very long (surprise, surprise). He mostly beat up jobbers and lost to fellow big man Bam Bam Bigelow in the only feud he really had. Bastion Booger was fine as comic relief, but in terms of lasting impact as a super heavyweight? Very minimal, just a wee bit ahead of Mantaur.

8 Brodus Clay

Somebody call his momma, cause she's probably the only person that remembers him! Alright, that's harsh, The Funkasaurus was a dumb gimmick, but far from forgettable. But... that's about it?

Brodus Clay debuted as Alberto Del Rio's bodyguard (that should have been a sign of where his career was gonna go). He then went off to film a movie, and came back with some Funkadactyls (Naomi and Cameron). He had a decent push at first, but ultimately the gimmick died a slow death, before Brodus was released and wound up in TNA.

7 Giant Silva

Alright Attitude Era enthusiasts, who remembers The Oddities? They were a gang of happy-go-lucky "carny" wrestlers, sung to the ring by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse fame. There were some huge men in this stable, and one of them was Giant Silva.

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Upon retiring from basketball where he played in his native Brazil, WWE scooped him up and brought him in as part of The Oddities. The faction didn't really get over with the fans, so their run was short. With the stable done, Silva's WWE career had also come to an end.

6 Big Daddy V

Nelson Frazier Jr. was a big dude at 6'9", 480+ pounds. Whether it was Viscera, Mabel (that's King Mabel to you!), or Big Daddy V, he definitely entertained the wrestling masses and was pushed multiple times, but never could maintain momentum because he was simply too large to perform at an adequate level.

Of all the gimmicks he had (our personal favorite was The World's Largest Love Machine), Big Daddy V is probably the one remembered least, simply because it was short-lived and towards the end of his career in WWE.

5 Giant Gonzalez

We get it; WWE wanted to make this mammoth of a man look like Sasquatch, but they failed miserably by putting him in the worst wrestling gear known to man - weirdly naked, hairy bodysuits should not be a thing, ever.

The few fans who remember Giant Gonzalez associate him with The Undertaker and their bout at WrestleMania IX. He may not have been very talented in the ring (or even mobile...) but he sure was tall, standing 7'7'' and making The Deadman look small.

4 Gene Snitsky

We won't make any "it wasn't his fault" jokes, we promise. It says a lot about his career when Snitsky is only remembered for his one line. Although it was a gosh darn good catchphrase, do you remember any Snitsky match? We're waiting.

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WWE tried to make a monster heel out of him, but he wasn't very good, so he eventually became a jobber, adding to the long list of failed "monsters" Vince has shoved down our throats (names like Lord Tensai and Kozlov come to mind). We can't wait to see Lars Sullivan in a dancing gimmick soon.

3 Reese / The Yeti

So, who wants to see AEW bring back The Yeti only to have Tony Schiavone yell "IT'S THE YET-TAY!!"? No? Only us? Alright, moving along...

If you've read our site before, you know we love us some WCW nostalgia, and nothing brings us more joy than Halloween Havoc '95 (for all the wrong reasons). After an "epic" Monster Truck match, The Giant and Hulk Hogan would main event the PPV in a regular match that ended in DQ when THE YET-TAY made his debut, dressed like... a mummy? It's really something. The man in the costume was Reese; you may also remember him as the massive dude in Raven's Flock.

2 Kurrgan

Here's another former Oddities member for you. Kurrgan was supposed to be a major player in the 'E, but that was derailed rather quickly (sound familiar?). The Oddities were just large jobbers, and his role as part of the Truth Commission didn't inspire any sort of confidence in him to be a future main event player. Also, The Claw is, was, and always will be the most boring finisher - we get it, you have big hands that can squeeze stuff hard.

At the very least, Kurrgan had an intimidating look that has luckily translated into a career in Hollywood, where he has starred in films such as 300, Hercules and Pacific Rim.

1 Mike Knox

We're not sure which of Mike Knox's two more memorable wrestling runs was worse: the tired jealous boyfriend shtick with Kelly Kelly in WWE's watered-down version of ECW, or his run as part of the jobber-filled stable Aces & Eights in TNA. It was all just completely forgettable.

Knox feuded with CM Punk in ECW, never really getting out of the lower card even after he was moved to the main brands. He was released from WWE, and TNA came calling. There he joined Aces & Eights and helped make Bully Ray TNA World Champion (that's weird to say, even if Bully Ray was a really great character). The stable eventually disbanded, and Knox ended up in a -wait for it- carny group called The Menagerie.

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