Girl Feels Up Roman Reigns and Then Freaks Out!

I think we all can, without getting into a large debate, accept the fact that Roman Reigns is a good looking guy, He's surely not being pushed because of his wrestling skill and his three-move set in the ring. He's being pushed because he has the look of a Heavyweight Champion. Naturally, that may make some of his admirers weak in the knees.

Case in point, this young lady who got to Reigns just before he decided to descend to the ring. She felt all the way down his arm, before kinda holding his hand. Reigns didn't flinch a little bit, so we'll give him points for staying in character, The girl then gushed as if she had just won Prom Queen over all the popular kids. Adorable stuff.

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Girl Feels Up Roman Reigns and Then Freaks Out!