First Details On GFW's Global Wrestling Network Released

There have been widespread rumors that Anthem Sports is in financial trouble trying to keep afloat Global Force Wrestling (GFW). The wrestling promotion is allegedly bleeding Anthem Sports dry and it led to the sale of the Fight Network and the rumors they may want to get out from under the albatross and sell the wrestling part of their portfolio. Those are the rumors, rumors Nordholm vehemently denies.


Instead, matching a press release by GFW last week that cited new digital initiatives, Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports Ed Nordholm said in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio he was investing in the company's success and not selling. His goal was to make GFW profitable and one way to do so was to capitalize on the extensive GFW and TNA video library Anthem now owns after purchasing the company back at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.

Another way he plans to turn GFW into a winner is with the Global Wrestling Network. While he admits in some ways the idea is similar to the WWE Network which is WWE's main source of revenue these days, Nordholm is optimistic about one key difference. The Global Wrestling Network is not an exclusively GFW or Impact branded digital platform.


What that means is that Anthem intends to create a network that will be home to many wrestling promotions video libraries and offer a platform and cut of the profits to be a part of the digital streaming service. The videos will not be exclusive Impact or TNA wrestling, Nordholm mentioned promotions like AAA and Pro Wrestling Noah as potential companies that could join in on the venture, and he went as far to say he'd like New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) to join him.

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Nordholm said that if this initiative is successful, there should be approximately 850 to 900 hours of their 3000-plus hours of library content they own available for streaming. There will be a free version available which will air Impact Wrestling 10 days after it airs on POP TV, but most of the content will be available for $7.99 monthly.

As the interview Nordholm conducted with Wrestling Observer Radio revealed, "the app will be available sometime next week on iOS and Android devices and they will work on getting it up on other platforms such as Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and smart TV’s in the future."

These are big plans for Anthem Sports and GFW. It will be interesting to see how they'll compete if New Japan (NJPW) does, in fact, promote its own digital streaming service and if the WWE decides to add other promotions to their WWE Network.

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