Global Wrestling Network Launches With Significant Problems

With GFW branching out with the Global Wrestling Network, things were looking up for the promotion, but now that it launched, there are problems.

Despite rumors that Anthem Sports and Global Force Wrestling (GFW) were in financial peril, a press release was issued stating GFW had plans to introduce a number of digital initiatives. It was odd timing, but the company intended to introduce a 24/7 channel using the over 3000-plus hours of TNA and GFW video footage in its library, and part of that would include a Global Wrestling Network that was similar in many ways to the WWE Network.

While many believed this was pie in the sky thinking, GFW already released a portion of the digital platform on Tuesday, and while it is unclear whether this release was intended to reach the public or an announcement was coming, many users tried to log on only to find the service had a number of technical issues.


Since there has been no mention of the network on their website or social media, it is believed the video filmed by Josh Matthews welcoming viewers to the service was not meant to be viewed yet. As a result, now requires a login and password to access it. All pages seem to be down.

As is being reported by, "The archived content featured TNA pay-per-view events from 2004 through 2017 including One Night Only events, old episodes of Impact Wrestling, British Bootcamp Season 1 & 2, the TNA Legends series, the TNA Greatest Matches series and the Unfinished Business pay-per-view series."

The service is supposed to be available on Android and iOS and for a membership price of $7.99. Mathews video announcement included news GFW is working on launching soon on XBox, Roku, and FireTV.


Clearly, a digital platform is in the works, but if this was intended to be a public release or the content was supposed to be accessed by members, this is not a good sign if the site is already down and restricted. Many believed this was a strange plan for a company potentially looking to get out of the wrestling business, and if they can't get correct the one area that has the potential to earn them profit, they'll have a hard time getting other wrestling promotions on board.

With all this said, this could be a simple testing issue and the platform was not yet intended to go live. More will be announced as it becomes available.

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Global Wrestling Network Launches With Significant Problems