Global Wrestling Network Officially Launches, Promo Includes Mostly Old Stars

GFW, Impact Wrestling, and Anthem Sports have been in the news over the past few months and for mostly reasons that aren't positive. One thing that came out of all the changes in the company was the potential plan to launch a Global Wrestling Network that would include wrestling moments from TNA, Impact, and GFW that stemmed back as far as 16 years.

The Global Wrestling Network (GWN) would be available as a downloadable app or online and content would be available 24/7, potentially taking video and libraries from other promotions like New Japan or Ring of Honor available in the future. But, before Anthem could get ahead of themselves and think big picture, they needed to sort out their immediate problems.

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First, it was GFW leaving Anthem Sports after Jeff Jarrett's indefinitely leave of absence appeared to turn into a permanent departure. Then it was the fact that the GFW name could no longer be used. Finally, the network launched without much promotion and to a variety of online and technical issues. To say the network got out to a poor start would be underselling how ugly the initial roll-out was.

Despite all the problems, GWN has officially launched and is now being actively promoted as available for download.

What's interesting about the 30-second ad for the network is just how often it used wrestlers of the past and stars who are no longer with the company as a selling point. Unlike WWE, a company that is continually adding new and original content, GWN appears to be relying on the name recognition of stars like CM Punk, Sting, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Ric Flair to sell the paid portion of the product. Free access includes the current stars but that's not what the network seems focused on.

"GLOBAL WRESTLING NETWORK (GWN) gives fans around the world instant 24-hour access to the extensive IMPACT Wrestling live pay-per-views and on-demand library, including every classic pay-per-view event, groundbreaking original series, reality shows and documentaries, exclusive shows and cards from international promotions and partners, classic content from old territories and over 1,000 hours of original programming.

A premium subscription sign up is available for $7.99 USD per month, no commitment, cancel anytime. Premium subscribers will have a 100% ad-free experience with discounts on live pay-per-views and exclusive merchandise."

It will be interesting to see if Global Wrestling Network changes their approach and tries to sell the current stars as part of the appeal. If they do, how many subscribers they have will be an interesting question in a few months.

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