Goldberg To Appear In CW's The Flash

Goldberg will be taking his wish for his son to see him as a real-life superhero to the next level soon as he gets set to appear in CW's The Flash.

This time last year, the WWE Universe was recovering from one of the biggest shocks of 2016. Goldberg made his in-ring return at Survivor Series against Brock Lesnar and managed to defeat The Beast Incarnate in around a minute and a half. It was incredible, unreal, and led to Goldberg wanting a little bit more of the life he left behind.

The former WCW Champion's run wound up lasting all the way up to WrestleMania 33 at which point Lesnar got his win back, becoming Universal Champion in the process. Goldberg was a changed man compared to his first run as a wrestler though. In his 13 years away he got married, had a son, and basically become a family man. His main reason for returning to WWE was to show his new family the life he lived before they were around.


While Goldberg seems to have very much left the door open for another in-ring return, his immediate focus is on something very different. Goldberg will be taking a step back into the world of acting as it was recently announced that he will star in CW TV series, The Flash. Once again it seems that Goldberg wants his young son to see him as a superhero as on Twitter over the weekend he responded to a fan asking him if the news was true that he will be doing "2 episodes for my boy!"

How big a role Goldberg has on the show is unclear, but it won't be the first time he has tried his hand at acting. In 2005, Goldberg starred in The Longest Yard alongside other pro wrestlers Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Great Khali. He also won't be the first man to appear in a superhero television series, following in the footsteps of Cody Rhodes who starred in Arrow and also Edge who appeared in The Flash as well.


This next step in Goldberg's career is an unexpected one. The airing and ending of the WWE 24 documentary shown on the Network recently really suggested that the former Universal Champion was not done with wrestling. It looks like he is for the time being though, and watch out for him in the new episodes of The Flash coming soon.

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