Goldberg Claims He Has "50" Matches Left In Him

via hu.ign.com

WCW legend and former world heavyweight champion Bill Goldberg will be making his debut in the WWE 2K video game series, which is scheduled to be released this upcoming December.

After the big announcement that he would be this year's pre-order bonus, WWE.com released an exclusive interview discussing his thoughts on being part of this year's edition of the game and reflecting on whether or not he had one more match in him. His response is mind blowing.

“I’ve got 50 more in me. It just depends on the ability to keep it up to my standards. I love everybody to death and I greatly appreciate their opinions, but none of it matters except for mine, because I hold myself to such high standards. The reality is, you’ve got movies, TV appearances, a kid, you’re 49 years old … things aren’t like they used to be. It’s a completely different day. I’m 20 to 30 pounds less than what I was because I just don’t need to be that dude with traps from his ears to his shoulders. Would I like to be that guy again? Absolutely. He’s still in there.”

Time and time again, Goldberg's said "never say never" regarding the idea of him coming back for another run. After hearing this interview, you just might have to take his word for it.

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