Goldberg And Dolph Ziggler Had To Be Separated After Sparks Flew In Las Vegas

Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler made Matt Riddle's weekend after the pair had to be pulled apart at a Las Vegas restaurant.

The WWE legend has been Riddle's target for a while now and probably doesn't think about the NXT star too much, but he did hand him a bit of fuel by posting a video of himself and Ziggler nearly getting into what would have been an interesting brawl in the Vegas area on his Instagram.

According to the comments, he was at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse when he ran into his SummerSlam opponent, who he says was lucky he wasn't hungry.

"What happens in Vegas obviously doesn’t stay in Vegas!" Goldberg wrote as the caption to his post. "Looks like @heelziggler and I still don’t see eye to eye! Fortunately for him I wasn’t still hungry! AND @ufc ‘s @erykanders was there to help him get away!!!"

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There was no way this was going to get past Riddle, who implied that he would have loved Goldberg to confront him as he would have had a better story for Watch Along. Riddle shared a story about meeting the 52-year-old during SummerSlam weekend on Watch Along and would have had a more entertaining bit had he come across him that way - whether he got his head bashed in or not.

"Why didn’t you try this with me," he tweeted in response to Ryan Satin sharing the video. "I would have had an even better story for watch along."

Riddle is clearly obsessed with taking on a legend and recently told Sportskeeda he was as close as he's ever been.

“Well, the WWE… NXT has made mention of me wrestling Brock in promos and other things like that, but I’ve been calling out Brock since I started wrestling. It’s such a huge goal. If I get close to that, I’ll probably be really successful," he said. "If I do it, probably be a legend. Now I’m as close I’ve ever been, but I’m still pretty far.”

Who Would Win A Fight Between Goldberg And Ziggler?

Things could have gotten pretty ugly between Goldberg and Dolph had no one been around. We don't imagine Ziggler coming out on top of such a real-life fight despite the former's age but Riddle looks like he stands a chance.

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