Goldberg Feels WWE Dismisses His Legacy, Would He Accept HOF Induction?

Bill Goldberg hasn't exactly been singing WWE's praises in recent years. His thoughts on his time with the company have been made loud and clear, and it seems there's one underlying problem he has with the company; that they dismiss the impact he made on wrestling.

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In an interview with Sports Illustrated's The Extra Mustard the former WCW champion said he feels the WWE doesn't give him the respect he deserves.

“That’s the way I feel,” said Goldberg. “I’m surely not going to be somebody who pounds his chest and professes I was somebody who couldn’t be replaced, but I think I made a difference. For that character, nobody could do it better. So to not get the credit for the impact that I helped make is frustrating.”

Goldberg went on to say that WWE has slighted him whenever his career highlights are shown, claiming they portray him in a negative light.

“The way they portray me is short of what I believe it should be. They emphasize my downfall, but here’s the reality. They’ll say I can’t wrestle and I can’t go over five minutes in a match, but I’ve always been of the adage that less is more. You always want to have people clamoring for more...Why would I want to be a chain wrestler when I could do that? Why would you want to make me like everyone else?”

With all that bad blood though, Goldberg did say that he'd be open to a WWE Hall of Fame induction, should he be asked.

“If the Hall of Fame presents itself, then I’ll do it in a heartbeat. But it’s not something where I sit here and go, ‘Man, I wish the WWE would induct me in the Hall of Fame'... I don’t think about that, by no stretch of the imagination.”

As far as the Hall of Fame goes, let's hope Goldberg's... NEXT, or close.

The whole interview is definitely worth a read, as it goes into Goldberg's start in wrestling and back to his football career. You can read it all here.

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