Goldberg-Lesnar Rematch At Survivor Series?

Any time Brock Lesnar fights, it's bound to bring a ton of money, interest and insanity. Whether it's John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker or Randy Orton, Lesnar is always a huge draw. But WWE fans may be pleased to find out that he's fighting another legend. To be precise, a legend he hasn't faced in 12 years.

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross dropped a HUGE bombshell on Twitter. According to Good Ol' JR, Lesnar is set to face the returning Goldberg at Survivor Series this year. You read that correctly.

If true, this will be one of the most hyped-up matches in WWE history. Obviously, Lesnar and Goldberg's WrestleMania XX match was a huge failure. But that was when fans knew both were on their way out. It's a brand new showdown between the two legends.

If this match really takes place, let's all give Vince McMahon a huge imaginary hug. We can't wait for this.

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