What Goldberg Regrets About His Most Recent WWE Run

 Goldberg made his triumphant return to the WWE in 2016, and while it only lasted a few months, he had some great matches and huge moments with Brock Lesnar It capped off what WWE believe to be a Hall of Fame wrestling career as he will be inducted into the 2018 class. The fans eventually turned on him, as expected, because he was still ‘the same old Goldberg’ with his limited move set, and that’s something he really didn’t like about his run.

While doing an interview on Heated Conversations, hosted by Booker T, Goldberg opened up about his latest run, and while he was very happy with it overall, there were things he wasn’t too fond of. While the WCW legend looked in shape to anyone watching at home, he did admit he was “far removed from the 290lbs, traps popping out of my ears and deltoids as big as 20lbs bowling balls”, but that’s generally just what happens with age, as he still looked in tremendous shape.

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But his biggest dislike was the fact that WWE limited his in-ring abilities, claiming that “I would have liked to have given more because of the Goldberg 'two-move crap.'” We don’t know how Goldberg’s in-ring game has developed over the years, because like he said, WWE limited him and as the matches with Lesnar were more moments than overall wrestling matches. Thus, we really would have loved to have seen Bill open up his repertoire. At the end of the day, his run at the top may have been short lived, but was a major success, despite the fact he really only used his two biggest moves.



With that being said, it seems like all of these were Vince McMahon decisions, so you can really understand the disappointment in that area from Goldberg, as he seemingly had much more to offer. Either way, Goldberg himself considers his run a success, and it seems that all parties do.

So what do you guys think? Did you enjoy Goldberg’s run anyway? Do you think he had more up his sleeve? Do you still dislike him/think he’s pretty boring in the ring? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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