Goldberg Responds To Seth Rollins' Criticism

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins is no stranger to criticizing fellow opponents. But did he go too far when he said Bill Goldberg (50) is past his prime?

Via WrestleZone, Goldberg made an appearance on ESPN to respond to Rollins' claims:

"Hell no I’m not past my prime, Rollins is just trying to get a little rub, which is gonna put him in the hospital. So he better pray to God when I beat Brock [Lesnar] that I don’t have anymore in me because his head will be served on a platter.”

It's hard to think Goldberg is truly past his prime. He's a former NFL player and has maintained a good physique. If he wasn't in shape to wrestle Brock Lesnar, Vince McMahon would not bring him back for another match.

Then again, maybe Rollins is right. We haven't seen Goldberg fight in the WWE for 12 years, and father time does more harm than good for 50-year-old athletes. We'll see how this ends up in a few weeks.

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