Goldberg Return Sees Huge Improvement In Ratings

Last week, RAW drew 2.75 million viewers which has followed a constant trend with ratings continuing to fall, albeit the NFL games and Presidential Debate didn't help WWE's case in recent weeks. However, this week with the highly anticipated return of Goldberg, RAW drew 3.13 million viewers, a big 13.5% increase and RAW's highest viewership since early September.

What's interesting to note though is RAW's viewership didn't fluctuate as usual over the course of the show as all three hours had over 3 million viewers -- the first time RAW has achieved that since the NFL season began. WWE did a good job of continually hyping up Goldberg's return throughout the show and it clearly paid dividends in the end.

Full breakdown:

Hour one: 3.17 million

Hour two: 3.11 million

Hour three: 3.12 million

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