Goldberg Says Matt Riddle “Hasn’t Made It Yet”, Isn’t Worth His Time

After saying he’d wrestle anyone, when asked about Matt Riddle, Goldberg responded “Matt who?”

As many wrestling fans know, Riddle has no hesitation calling out WWE Legends. He’s taken aim at Brock Lesnar, Booker T, Chris Jericho and his most recent set his sights on Bill Goldberg. Riddle is currently a star in NXT and while a talented prospect, likely not far from making the jump to the main roster, he made headlines earlier this summer after taking several shots at Goldberg on Twitter and in video interviews, calling him the worst pro wrestler in the world. There was clearly friction between the two stars, enough so that there was a rumored run-in backstage at SummerSlam.

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Eventually, fans are expecting these two might have a match inside the ropes of a WWE ring. A far-fetched idea years ago, with Goldberg continuing to make returns to WWE, the idea doesn't seem so far fetched any longer. But, that's assuming Goldberg would like that match.


Goldberg recently spoke with Eyes on the Game's Helen Lee, during the Olympia Expo, and was asked about Cain Velasquez. Goldberg said he'd love to wrestle him in WWE. In fact, Goldberg said he'd wrestle anyone. That tune quickly changed when he was asked about Matt Riddle.

"Matt who?," Goldberg said. "I don't even know who that is. I don't answer questions about people who haven't made it yet. Riddle has a long way to go."

Goldberg Won't Give Riddle the Satisfaction

Goldberg hasn't exactly been the epitome of excellence in wrestling but no one can knock his drawing power. It's his magnetic personality and iconic character that likely has Riddle calling him out. But, with how arrogant Riddle has been, Goldberg must figure, the best response is not to respond at all -- literally.

If Goldberg acts as though he has no idea who Riddle is and really doesn't acknowledge his behavior, Riddle can't capitalize on the viral nature of his less-than-flattering posts.

It's probably a wise strategy, even though everyone knows that Goldberg knows, probably quite well by now, who Matt Riddle is.

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