Goldberg Shoots On A WWE Return

Bill Goldberg's return to the WWE probably went much better than anyone could have hoped. He was out of the wrestling world for 13 years and then to put the gear back on, and look like he's never missed a day. It was ground-breaking for the WWE. When he beat Brock Lesnar in a matter of seconds, it was incredibly shocking too.

The WWE is set to release a WWE 24 series on Golberg for the WWE Network, so would it be shocking if the WWE tried to recreate the magic they and Golberg made in 2016? Perhaps not, and for his part, Goldberg doesn't want to rule anything out. He was recently interviewed by the WWE website and among the topics discussed, was a possible run in the WWE.


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While Goldberg started his return as a wrecking machine, he eventually lost to Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, and by the time that match had taken place, fans in the WWE Universe were split. Many still cheered Goldberg, but others began to resent the fact that a part-timer with no long-term future was holding the Universal Title and main eventing the WWE's biggest show. There is some truth to the argument that a return might not go as smoothly a second time around.

WWE.com asked the question if fans will get to see Goldberg back in the WWE anytime soon, and his response was not necessarily in line with a wrestler who had to ask fans in his farewell interview to show him some respect as he thanked everyone and wanted to say his final goodbyes.

Goldberg said, "Ask your boss! [Laughs] Hey, man, never say never, dude. Stranger things have happened. I did sit [around] for 13 years and then suddenly appear back in the ring. Let's just say it ain't gonna take nearly the effort to get me ready again that it did last time. So, I'll see you on the rebound for damn sure."

The question then becomes, what would he do? A match with Lesnar seems out of the question as it wouldn't garner nearly the response it did when he made his initial return. Goldberg is also not a star known to put on a lengthy bout equipped with actual wrestling maneuvers and holds that would make it worth seeing him square off with a guy like AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura.

Perhaps he can come in a dethrone Jinder Mahal. If the WWE is at all unsure about what fans might think to see Goldberg back again, that might be one way to ensure he's got the crowd on his side.

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