Goldberg Provides Major Hint On His Wrestling Future

After a two-year hiatus from the WWE ring, Goldberg returned for two big matches - against The Undertaker and Dolph Ziggler at Super ShowDown and SummerSlam, respectively.

Some are wondering if the WWE Hall of Famer will grace the ring again, or if the match against Ziggler marked the end of an illustrious wrestling career. Well, the 52-year-old provided a big hint on his wrestling future in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

"It’s by no means my farewell performance, nor was it my best performance, but you have to be realistic and take all things into consideration,"Goldberg said. "It’s a very good possibility I’ll be back, but you don’t know it until it’s done."

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In the interview, Goldberg admitted that it's difficult to keep his strong physique and the "weight on." He struggled with this when he returned to WWE in 2016, but the former professional football player managed to do it anyway.

Goldberg also talked about how "appreciative" he was of Ziggler for his work in their SummerSlam match, while crediting "The Showoff" for displaying "professionalism" throughout their brief feud.

He may be turning 53 years of age soon, and he may not wrestle on a regular basis anymore, but Goldberg is certainly capable of doing a few more matches - considering most of them tend to be squashes in his favor.

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Goldberg remains as popular as ever among the WWE Universe, and he's always a big money draw for the company. It's hard to think that Vince is done calling Goldberg, because the latter has shown that he's far from finished in the ring.

When Should WWE Use Goldberg Next?

WWE likes to bring back legends for WrestleMania and at the shows in Saudi Arabia, so it's possible that we'll see Goldberg return for one of those events. But with SmackDown Live struggling from a ratings standpoint, WWE might want to think about bringing in Goldberg to help their viewership. But at the end of the day, it's really anybody's guess when WWE will use him again.

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