Goldberg Reveals How He Wanted His Legendary Undefeated Streak To End

Goldberg wanted his undefeated streak in WCW to end at the hands of Bobby Eaton, but management shot down the idea.

A significant chunk of wrestling fans have something of a tainted view of Goldberg. That the former World Champion was selfish and didn't care about the business. The Hall of Famer has managed to win over a fair few of those fans by returning to WWE a couple of times in recent years. However, he is keen to keep winning over more of them by clarifying how much he gave to the business in his heyday.

One reason why fans turn their noses up at Goldberg is due to his start in the business. Upon arrival in WCW, Goldberg was almost immediately pushed and then went more than 170 matches before his first loss. That loss came at the hands, or rather the cattle prod, of Kevin Nash. One of the most infamous moments in wrestling history, and a terrible way to bring the curtain down on something that iconic.

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That's not how Goldberg wanted his streak to end, and who can blame him? The former Universal Champion actually pitched how he felt the streak should end to WCW earlier that year, in 1998. WCW was putting on a house show in Huntsville, Alabama. Since it was Bobby Eaton's birthday, and the show was taking place in his hometown, Goldberg suggested he lose to the veteran.

"Willing to bet very few people know this fact and I would bet even fewer understood why I tried to do it," Goldberg wrote about the moment on Instagram this week. He has actually discussed it before, back in 2016 during an appearance on Stone Cold's podcast. Back then, he explained that no one ever talks about that part of his career, and fans would rather focus on thinking he was selfish.

Considering the controversy and discrepancies surrounding Goldberg's streak, it would have been interesting to see how WCW would have handled a loss to Eaton in a dark match. Chances are, if they had let it happen, they would have ignored it and the streak would have carried on. Due to the internet being in its infancy, far fewer fans would have heard about the loss, and WCW might well have been able to get away with it.

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