MASSIVE WCW And WWE Star Expected To Headline 2018 Hall Of Fame

WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame class could be headlined by Goldberg.

It's always a fun time of year as the newest class of the WWE Hall of Fame starts to get announced. It means fans aren't far away from WrestleMania, the biggest matches on the biggest weekend in professional wrestling is right around the corner and a night to celebrate the best this business has and had to offer is not far off either. This year will be no exception with names like Batista, The Dudley Boyz, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ivory, and Kid Rock as the celebrity inductee topping the list.

Batista was rumored to be the headliner this year but speculation is he is seeking a full-time return to WWE which would hold off his induction for at least another year. As such, Dave Meltzer confirmed last week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Goldberg was the top name talked about for WrestleMania 34.


This news does not come with any sort of confirmation that Goldberg would wrestle a match at the show of all shows, but he has said publicly that he'd not rule out another run and when he left after WrestleMania 33 he added the very famous "never say never" to his goodbye.

Goldberg returned in October 2016 after working with the company on their 2K video game series. He worked hard to get in ring shape for a series of return matches against Brock Lesnar, even winning the Universal Title in a squash match against Kevin Owens. He eventually lost to Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, but his return was considered a success by most parties and while he was definitely older and unable to wrestle long matches, he looked fairly close to the form he showed in WCW and beat Lesnar in epic Goldberg fashion.


While his runs in WWE were not terribly memorable, this last run was enough to help consider him a WWE talent. His time in WCW, however, include the historic moments that make Goldberg a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.


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