Goldust Had A Very Different Idea For Terri Runnels At Raw 25

A litany of Superstars were brought back into the fold for Raw's 25th anniversary show two weeks ago. So many in fact that it was one of the most jam packed episodes of Raw we have ever seen. Making sure everybody that was brought in got some television time while keeping the show at its three and a quarter hour length must have been a logistical nightmare.

What that meant for some returning stars was all WWE had for them was coming out on to the stage for a brief moment and waving to the crowd. That's what happened with the women from the past and some of them were likely a little bit disappointed. One woman who was expecting more from the evening was Terri Runnels.

Runnels is the ex-wife of current WWE Superstar Dustin Rhodes, more commonly known as Goldust, and recently appeared on the Cigars, Scars and Superstars podcast to discuss her return at Raw 25. Apparently Rhodes went to Vince McMahon with the idea of he and Runnels coming to the ring together for his match. For a long time when the two were married during the 1990s Runnels was known as Marlena in WWE and would act as Goldust's valet.

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McMahon shot down the idea and it's clear now that time restraints may have caused that. On the podcast Runnels also discussed the original plans for her ex-husband at Raw 25. 'Him and Enzo were doing something in the ring but it got scrapped of course', said Runnels. Earlier that day details arose of Enzo Amore being accused of sexual assault and he was suspended from WWE. That left Goldust with nothing to do on the show and no time left to write him into things in some other way.


It's a shame that the Goldust plans for Raw 25 fell through and even more disappointing that if they had happened, the veteran wouldn't have been accompanied to the ring by his ex-wife. The two of them were a big part of the Attitude Era when they were together and were hence a big part of Raw's 25 year history.

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