Great Genes: The 20 Most Attractive Relatives Of Wrestlers

Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson. These are just some of the hottest names in WWE history and around the world, but that should be no surprise. WWE Superstars are modern day, real life superheroes. With their chiseled bodies and striking good looks, a WWE superstar would look like something straight out of a comic book. Many of these wrestlers, have come from a fitness background and thus are in the best shape of their lives. This training continues and becomes even more intense as they carry on throughout their WWE careers.

With superstars being some of the most attractive humans on the planet, it’s no surprise that the offspring of these superstars would be stunning as well. I could go on all day about Charlotte or Natalya or Paige, who have all come from wrestling families and are all super hot, but we all know about them. I want to introduce some hot relatives of wrestlers that the average wrestling fan doesn’t know about.

Some superstars must come from families with good genes because many of these relatives hold their own in the hotness department even without the rigorous everyday training of their WWE superstar relatives. Many sisters of WWE superstars, who have no history in wrestling whatsoever, look totally great and could pass as divas themselves. Here, we explore these sisters and other relatives of former and current WWE superstars and show that the striking good looks of wrestlers runs high in the families of wrestlers. Here are 20 of the hottest sisters, daughters, nieces and even a mom of WWE superstars.

20 Brittany Page: DDP's Daughter

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Brittany Page is the daughter of former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page and his former smoking hot wife, Kimberly. Brittany gets her love for yoga from her dad and gets her stunning good looks from her mom. Kimberly was one of the hottest Nitro Girls, so it stands to reason that her daughter would grow up to be an absolute knockout as well.

Brittany Page is a proud sponsor of her dad’s DDP Yoga and is a certified trainer for it. To our delight, Brittany loves showing off her yoga skills and has kept herself in tremendous shape. However, it would appear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in terms of wrestling. Brittany plans on starting an all ladies wrestling league, like Shimmer and Shine wrestling promotion. If this pans out, we could see a lot more of Brittany and some of the other daughters of former professional wrestlers as well.

19 Ariel Teal Toombs - Roddy Piper's Daughter


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Aspiring singer, songwriter and actress, Ariel Teal Toombs is the daughter of one of the greatest heels in professional wrestling, Roddy Piper, and his wife Kitty. In remembrance of her father, Toombs and her younger brother, Colt, have finished a biography entitled Rowdy: The Roddy Piper Story about the life her late father who died in 2015 at 61.

Toombs is also following in her father’s footsteps. The “Hot Rod’s” hot daughter is pursuing a career in acting. Toombs has appeared in a few short films and other low budget movies, but she did have a small part in the popular television series CSI: NY.

Despite her singing and acting career starting up, Toombs has wrestling in her blood. Following even more into her father’s footsteps and pushing forward her father’s legacy even further, Toombs has said she is “100% on board” with Brittany Page’s all women’s wrestling league.

18 Noelle Foley - Mick Foley's Daughter

Shockingly, the rugged Mick Foley’s offspring, Noelle Foley, is an absolutely bombshell. No offense to the man whose tooth came out of his nose, but I’m very grateful Noelle takes after her mother in the hotness factor.

Noelle Foley is no stranger to WWE. She has appeared with her dad in WWE’s Christmas videos for their Shop Zone and on the WWE Network’s Holy Foley. On Holy Foley, Noelle dropped a bombshell of her own when she said she desired to become a WWE superstar to the dismay of her parents. Noelle is shown throughout the series training all the way up to a tryout in NXT. I’m hoping she doesn’t plan on falling off any tall structures, but I, for one, would love to see Noelle Foley in a WWE ring.

17 Alana Leslie - Brutus Beefcake's Daughter

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There is another Beefcake in professional wrestling, and her name is Baby. That’s right, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake has a daughter named Alana Leslie, who has followed daddy Beefcake’s footsteps and joined the wrestling scene as “Baby Beefcake.” Alana Leslie is a classically trained musician but wanted to get into the rasslin’ business.

She’s not going to let her association with her dad or her godfather, someone named Hulk Hogan, cut her any breaks. Baby Beefcake is starting from the bottom up and has been given a shot by wrestling promotion Jersey Championship Wrestling. I have no doubt that with her excellent work ethic, gorgeous looks and the backing of strong, influential wrestlers like “Uncle Terry,” Baby Beefcake has potential to go far in the wrestling world.

16 Shaul Guerrero - Eddie Guerrero's Daughter)

If you’re looking for some “Latino Heat” then look no farther than Shaul Guerrero. Shaul is the daughter of the universally beloved, Eddie Guerrero and the biggest heat magnet authority figure, Vickie Guerrero. With parents like these, a career in wrestling appeared certain. Shaul trained to become a wrestler, bringing her steamy ring attire to NXT under the name “Raquel Diaz.” Why she’s not capitalizing on her Guerrero name is anyone’s guess, but Shaul was seemingly on the path for a promising WWE career.

However, her wrestling career appears to be on hold. Shaul has taken a hiatus from WWE to battle an eating disorder and further her education. She still remains connected to WWE with many friends in the company and also being married to current WWE superstar Aiden English. I’m sure with those connections and her Guerrero name, the door is wide open for a return to the company if she wants it. Here’s hoping she does. The company isn’t the same without a Guerrero in WWE.

15 Angela Kaufman - Alexa Bliss’s Mom

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No, that’s not Alexa Bliss’ younger sister. That’s actually Alexa’s very attractive mom, Angela. Angela had Alexa when she was very young and has aged very well since which explains why they look so remarkably similar. If Alexa is “The Goddess” then Angela is Hera because Alexa has all of her mom’s good looks. Alexa seemed to have also received all of her mom’s height, or lack thereof, giving Alexa that “five feet of fury.”

Alexa has a lot to thank her mom for. Angela gave Alexa that stunning diva look and pushed Alexa hard into doing all sports. Ironically, professional wrestling was the one sport Angela didn’t push. However, despite Angela’s initial forbiddance of Alexa going into professional wrestling, she eventually gave in and boy are we glad she did. Alexa has dominated wrestling, as she has at every prior sport she has done, becoming a two time RAW Women’s Champion and two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion.

14 Mika Rotunda - Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas’ Sister

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Without knowing who Bray Wyatt is, if someone would have told me someone looking like him had a sister and that she was absolutely gorgeous, I would have said, “No. Just no.” Yet, it’s true. Sister Abigail is alive, and she is hot!

That’s right Bray Wyatt’s sister is Mika Rotunda, who is also the sister of Bo Dallas and daughter of legendary wrestler, Mike Rotunda a.k.a. Irwin R. Schyster (or I.R.S.) Despite her legendary wrestling family, a wrestling career has thus far eluded Mika. Instead, she’s a fitness and nutrition expert with her own channel on Youtube. Her workout routine and meal plans are definitely paying dividends. Mika Rotunda looks amazing. This is just a pipe dream, but Mika is already in great shape. She just needs some training and wrestling fans could have the newest member of the Wyatt family. Just no beard, please.

13 Chaleen Brooks - CM Punk's Sister

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CM Punk has been fairly open about his strained relationship with his family members. His dad was an alcoholic, Punk has a restraining order against his estranged mother and his brother embezzled money from him. However, CM Punk seems to have a positive relationship with at least one of his sisters, Chaleen Brooks. If you were expecting to see her covered in tats like her brother you’d be wrong. She looks like a fairly normal and attractive young woman.

Chaleen is seen in pictures with Punk and even played small roles in WWE. She was directly involved in the Chris Jericho/CM Punk feud, sitting at ringside and slapping Jericho. Chaleen was also indirectly involved during Punk’s feud with Kevin Nash when she allegedly sent out an infamous text saying, “OMG, Kevin Nash. WTF? Thought he was dead lol.”

12 Mikala Smith - Jake The Snake's Niece

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Mikala Smith is a third generation wrestler with quite the pedigree of legends in her lineage. Wrestling under the name “Samantha Starr,” Smith is the niece of the legendary Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Rockin’ Robin, daughter of Nickla “Baby Doll” Roberts and Sam Houston and granddaughter of Grizzly Smith.

In spite of her amazing bloodline, Mikala Smith is starting from the bottom up, working in the Independent Circuit as a wrestler, using her uncle’s patent DDT, and as a valet. She hopes to bring her family line back into the WWE and hopefully her dream comes true. She’s already got the look and the lineage, and now she is currently perfecting her craft. I have no problem keeping an eye on Samantha Starr to see if WWE gives her a chance.

11 Bianca Sophia Carelli - Santino Marella's Daughter

Bianca Carelli is a model, actress and musician who won the Miss Teen Ontario World pageant in 2013. It’s hard to believe that someone so gorgeous is actually the offspring of Santino Marella. “The Milan Miracle” played such a hilariously entertaining character, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine that Santino is a normal human being who is now over 40 years old and has a very smoking hot adult daughter.

Not much is known about Bianca, however. She, along with her father, have started a local sports magazine called Mississauga SportsXPress. She is also working for her dad’s gym and training facility called Battle Arts Academy. Though Bianca has the looks to be a beautiful WWE superstar, sadly the only association with wrestling is announcing work for her father’s gym for various wrestling shows. Still, she has to start somewhere. If Bianca gets the wrestling itch, you can bet her dad will pass down the technique of his deadly Cobra Strike.

10 Amy Hennig - Curt Hennig's Daughter

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig’s has a perfect looking daughter. Like her dad, her brother, Curtis Axel, and her grandfather, Larry Hennig, Amy Hennig is following in their footsteps. Like many second or third generation superstars, Amy is given no breaks and has started at the very bottom, working her way up. She hasn’t quite reached the level of WWE, but she’s still having success in the Indies. She works for World League Wrestling promotion and has won their WLW Ladies Championship three times.

Like her father, Amy’s athletic abilities have been widely praised. She may be a step or two away from joining her brother in the WWE as the Women’s Revolution has made WWE ripe for talented female wrestlers to join. “Mrs. Perfect” might not be too farfetched of an idea after all.

9 Janny Kanellis - Maria's Sister

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Although, it’s part of their gimmick, Maria and Mike are a real life couple and happily married. It was at this wedding where we noticed Maria has a beautiful younger sister named Janice a.k.a Janny. Both are very close, and like Maria, Janny is also very hot.

Janny has absolutely no connection to wrestling other than Maria. She is a former dance team member for the University of Illinois which explains how her hotness can hold its own standing next to her sister, a former Playboy playmate for Heaven’s sake. With Janny’s sister back in the WWE and now her brother-in-law in the WWE, maybe Maria can put in a good word and get Janny hired. Heck, invite the whole Kanellis family, just get Janny on television, so someone can promote her, pronto!

8 Hadassah Perry - Lana's Sister

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The marriage between Lana and Rusev is very real yet somehow the “Ravashing Russian” has a younger American sister. Something doesn’t add up. At any rate, Lana has a real life sister named Hadassah Perry who attended the wedding, and the resemblance to her sister is striking.

Hadassah is definitely Lana’s sister, and both are very close, posting many pictures together on their social media. Obviously with Lana’s schedule it’s hard for them to see each other, but when they do they often share a selfie or two.

Hadassah is a pretty girl, and it’s really unfair to compare her to her extremely hot sister. Lana has that amazing body from her earlier modeling career and stays in perfect shape for WWE. Still, Hadassah holds her own in the looks department, despite not being on the same extreme training regimen and diet as her sister. If Hadassah ever did, look out. We’d have two ravishing sisters on our hands.

7 Kathy Colace - The Bella Twins' Mother

Well, it's pretty easy to see where Brie and Nikki Bella got their stunning looks from. Kathy Colace is well into her 50s yet she still looks stunning and must turn heads everywhere. She's been prominently featured on the twins' reality show Total Bellas, as she's often playing the peacemaker in the family. She's currently married to WWE backstage official John Laurinaitis and it's clear that she's the glue that holds the family together. There aren't many women who can maintain their looks quite as well as Mama Bella has. With her son J.J., having a kid recently, that means that not only is Colace a beautiful mama, but she's also a stunning grandmother! That's just unfathomable, but yes, even with a grandkid, she still looks amazing.

6 Jessie Belle Smothers - Tracy Smothers’s Daughter

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Tracy Smothers’ time in wrestling is a distant memory, but thankfully his extremely hot daughter’s time is still ongoing. Jessie Belle has been wrestling for a while now in Ohio Valley Wrestling and for the Shine Wrestling promotion. She has amassed a fair amount of accolades over the years as well, becoming OVW Women’s Champion 11 (that’s ELEVEN) times.

Even with Jessie Belle’s accomplishments, great wrestling abilities, family name, and stunning looks, her chances in WWE are at risk. In this case, her illustrious family name may actually do more harm than good. Her father has joined other wrestlers in the infamous class action lawsuit against WWE for unsafe working conditions. I could be wrong, but one would think that may hurt her chances of joining WWE which completely sucks for her and for us wrestling fans.

5 Christina Crawford - Alicia Fox's Sister

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Alicia Fox is on the WWE roster, despite being the longest tenured female wrestler currently and a former Diva’s Champion. Even more surprising is that Alicia Fox isn’t the only member of her family pursuing a career in wrestling.

Alicia’s sister, Christina Crawford, hasn’t reached the level of her sister yet, but she has gotten close. Christina, a former dancer and cheerleader, already had the athletic build for wrestling and was a trainee on WWE’s Tough Enough. Christina would be eliminated but trained in WWE’s development territory Florida Championship Wrestling, wrestling as Caylee Turner, where she would become a FCW Diva’s Champion.

Sadly, Christina never made it to the main roster, and her career in wrestling is uncertain. Still, as a former FCW Diva’s Champion and sister of Alicia, Christina has to have a foot in the door. With Alicia Fox’s crazy character, I can only imagine what the presence of another combustible Fox would bring to WWE.

4 Brittaney Adams - Brooke Tessmacher’s sister

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The world can barely handle the hotness of Brooke Tessmacher, but what if I told you there were two. That’s right. Dreams do come true because Brooke actually has a twin sister, Brittaney Adams, who was born eight minutes after the former TNA Knockouts Champion. Despite Brooke’s travels, Brittaney remains close with her sister and enjoys taking selfies together whenever they get the chance.

Amazingly, Brittaney looks to be in good shape as well, rivaling her sister’s well-maintained physique. Sadly, Brittaney is off the market and happily married. She’s also enjoying the private life, so I wouldn’t expect her to appear with her sister on TNA or any other promotion Brooke may work for, unfortunately.

3 Christine Arndt Perlak - Enzo Amore's Sister

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It’s no secret that Enzo has a big mouth and an ego, and it’s gotten him into big trouble. However, the man behind the mic is completely human, as seen from his social media accounts. Behind the scenes, we see a man who is extremely close to his family that he loves very much. Enzo seems particularly close to his sister, Christine Arndt Perlak.

Christine’s social media is filled with pictures mostly of her and her daughter, but there are lots of pics of her and Enzo or her watching Enzo on RAW. It’s actually rather refreshing to see such a close knit family and that close family bond makes it hard to hate “the realest guy in the room.” Unfortunately, fellas, Christine is currently happily married and has a child, making her off limits. One would think she has many guys asking her, “How you doin’?”

2 Michelle Ouellet - Maryse's Sister

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The Miz is the luckiest guy on the planet because his wife, Maryse Ouellet, is a stunning beauty. Apparently, Maryse’s jaw-dropping beauty wasn’t a fluke. The Ouellets have some amazing DNA because Maryse’s little sister, Michelle Ouellet, is an absolute hotty, with the sultry, cocky smirk clearly running in the family as well.

Michelle could easily pass as a “smart sexy and powerful” diva just like her former Divas Champion sister. However, unlike Maryse, Michelle is staying out of the spotlight. Michelle as no desire to follow in her sister’s footstep. She’s a mother of two with no ambitions for a wrestling, modeling or entertainment career. Of course, Michelle is still young. Should she change her mind, we’d have no objection with that.

1 Jennifer Neidhart - Natalya's Sister

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It’s hard to keep track of the Hart family, since there’s a bazillion of them, but one particular “Hart” has caught our eye, and surprisingly, it’s not Natalya. Although the “Queen of Harts” is gorgeous, Natalya’s older sister, Jennifer “Jenni” Neidhart is smoking hot as well. Despite the wrestling dynasty that the Hart family has built, Jenni kept the wrestling to Natalya and became a gourmet chef and caterer instead.

Even though Jenni and Natalya are the offspring of the massive Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Jenni’s good looks really hold their own against Natalya, who, one would assume, is in the best shape of her life. Jenni, has made appearances on Total Divas, hosting cooking classes and seen going on a blind date with Big E. Perhaps more of Jenni will be upcoming in future Total Divas episodes.

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