Great Video Of 8-Year-Old Elijah Signing His WWE Contract On Raw

A couple weeks ago we told you about 8-year-old Elijah Mainville, a young boy who has been fighting cancer for 5 years. He wanted to audition for Tough Enough and so he made a video and his mom put it on YouTube which led to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H contacting him and offering him a special contract to become an honorary WWE Superstar.

Well, last night after Raw Elijah got to sign that contract in the middle of the ring with his favorite WWE Superstar by his side (Stardust). This is such an awesome moment.

That smile that never left his face during the surprise video call from Triple H and Stephanie a few weeks ago is even bigger here as he gets to enter the ring to all the cheering fans and sign that contract.

And definitely stick around till the end of the video to hear the WWE Superstar name he has picked out for himself and his pretty awesome catch phrase as well!

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