10 Greatest Matches Of Terry Funk's Career, Ranked

The legacy of Terry Funk saw him become one of the all-time great wrestling legends thanks to his unpredictable personality and wild wrestling style. Funk was able to get it done in the ring in every way the promotion wanted him to shine. The technical wrestling matches of the 80s allowed Funk to showcase his pure skills. Funk eventually matured into a hardcore wrestler with the violent matches.

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We will look back at the best overall bouts from Funks throughout his entire career. The runs in WWE, ECW, WCW and beyond will all be in play here when it comes to his greatest hits. Each match played a role in the legacy of Funk growing so strongly. Find out just which bouts are must-see as we name the top ten overall matches of Terry Funk’s career.

10 Terry Funk vs Stevie Richards vs The Sandman (ECW Barely Legal 1997)

The first live ECW PPV featured the company having a chance to showcase their worth to the wrestling world. Terry Funk found his way in a huge storyline with Stevie Richards and The Sandman as a triple threat match for a title shot against Raven.

All three men delivered outstanding performances that added to the importance of Barely Legal. Funk pulled off the surprise upset victory as many fans expected Sandman to win as the most consistently used main eventer of the three. The hardcore bout hit a home run with Funk’s win coming off well.

9 Terry Funk vs Bret Hart (Terry Funk Retirement show)

The retirement show of Terry Funk in 1997 featured talents from WWE, ECW and other promotions working together for one night only. Funk wrestled in the main event against WWE Champion Bret Hart in a non-title match.

Fans were all for Funk given the nature of the event. Both men showcased their stamina with a long match going back and forth. Hart pulled off the win, but he showed instant respect to Funk right after the match. Funk would end his retirement in a few months to work for WWE.

8 Terry Funk and The Great Muta vs Sting and Ric Flair (Halloween Havoc 1989)

Halloween Havoc was always a big show with major stars facing off. Four of the biggest names worked together in this tag team match of unusual partners. Sting and Ric Flair ended their rivalry for the time being to get on the same page against common enemies Terry Funk and The Great Muta.

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The tag bout took place in a Thunderdome match with the legendary Bruno Sammartino as the special guest referee. Sting and Flair picked up the win as their star power was clearly bigger. Funk and Muta played the perfect foes in the underrated main event match.

7 Terry Funk vs Tully Blanchard (Slamboree 1994)

1994 was the end of the prime of Tully Blanchard, but Terry Funk was just starting his reformation into a new character. Both men opted to ditch their typical technical wrestling of the time to have a brawl during their match at Slamboree.

The match only went about eight minutes, but the action added to the overall entertainment factor. A double disqualification would see neither man score the victory. Funk’s violent was only starting as he joined ECW shortly after this WCW event.

6 Terry Funk vs Ric Flair (Great American Bash 1989)

The rivalry between Terry Funk and Ric Flair was one of the best wrestling stories of the 80s decade. Funk proved that he could compete at the level of Flair whom was arguably the best all-around performer in the industry around that time.

The Great American Bash 1989 event would see both men deliver a special bout for the NWA Championship. Flair picked up the victory, but Funk had one of the top performances of his career. Despite WWE having the stronger success, NWA was the place for the better main event matches.

5 Terry Funk vs Raven (ECW Barely Legal 1997)

The prior triple threat match mentioned on ECW Barely Legal 1997 would see Terry Funk earn an ECW Championship match against Raven. This main event did not last long, but it told the perfect story of emotion on the night.

Funk turned back the clock to take the victory and become the ECW Champion. Fans reacted in joy as the broadcast ended with Funk celebrating the win and the audience treating him like their hero. Paul Heyman booked the perfect finish to ending the most important PPV in company history.

4 Terry Funk vs Mick Foley (Raw: May 5, 1998)

The best Terry Funk match to come in WWE took place during an episode of Raw in 1998. Mick Foley and his former mentor Funk went toe to toe in a hardcore match fighting all over the venue while Steve Austin was on commentary.

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The violent match kept the audience entertained from start to finish as the main event of Raw. Foley scored the victory overcoming the more experienced wrestler. The win helped make Foley a bigger threat to the WWE Championship during his feud with Austin.

3 Terry Funk vs Ricky Steamboat (Clash of the Champions VII)

An argument can be made that Terry Funk and Ricky Steamboat were the top two most underrated performers of the 80s. Despite never getting the same level of success as Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair, they were extremely important to the era of thriving.

Funk and Steamboat were given an outstanding opportunity in the main event of the Clash of the Champions VII event. The intensity of Funk and the babyface fire of Steamboat made the match quite compelling. It does lose some points due to the DQ finish of Steamboat winning without a pin.

2 Terry Funk vs Sabu vs Shane Douglas (ECW The Night the Line Was Crossed)

Many wrestling purists look back at this night as the time ECW truly launched as a product on its own. Terry Funk faced off with Sabu and Shane Douglas in a main event match for the ECW Championship without a winner.

The sixty-minute time limit draw would see the match end in a draw. Funk proved he was still an elite performer leading the two newer stars to a bigger match. ECW showcased they were doing something that was not found in WWE or WCW with a match like this.

1 Terry Funk vs Ric Flair (Clash of the Champions IX)

The peak of the Ric Flair vs Terry Funk rivalry came at the Clash of the Champions IX event. Both wrestlers faced off in the main event with the unique stipulation of an “I Quit” match. Funk and Flair each got quite violent trying to make the other man give up.

Flair eventually won out by having Funk quit to the end the match, but both men were viewed as top tier superstars during these performances. Funk showcased the ability to thrive in the main event picture of an important show against the face of the company.

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