Guitar On A Pole Gimmick Match Set For Raw

Elias will take on Jason Jordan in a match that screams Vince Ruso.

A Guitar-on-a-Pole Match has been set for Raw. If this was the attitude era and we were talking about a WWE gimmick match that involved a pole—it would probably involve some scantily clad female wrestlers having to do some kind of pole dance—maybe after being made to wrestle in a pool of mud, chocolate pudding or eggnog.


Now, while we have moved on from the PG era, this “New” WWE era we are in is still not close to the attitude of the Attitude era. So, in this case, the use of the pole will be for a Guitar-on-a-Pole match. That match will take place on this Monday night’s episode of Raw in Manchester, England between Jason Jordan and Elias.

Two weeks ago on Raw, Elias got himself disqualified from his match with Jason Jordan when he used his guitar during the match and smashed it across Jordan’s head and back.

On last week’s episode of Raw, Jordan interrupted one of Elias’ in-ring song performances, but when Elias escaped out of the ring he left his guitar. Jordan then proceeded to stomp it into kindling.

Which brings us to the aforementioned Guitar-on-a-Pole match this Monday night which will have a guitar attached to a pole somewhere in or around the ring. According to the official announcement from the WWE, the match can only be won when "A Superstar retrieves the guitar and uses it on his opponent."

That is all the information provided in the announcement. No details on what "uses it on his opponent" means. Does that mean there is no need for any kind of pinfall or submission. Just get the guitar, smash it over your opponent and you win? Could we possibly see one Superstar just running away from the other so as not to get hit with the guitar? Is this kind of like a violent game of guitar tag?

Does this sound like a fun gimmick or a lame match idea? Either way, at least we will see someone get hit with a guitar!


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Guitar On A Pole Gimmick Match Set For Raw