New GFW Talent Contract Terms Allegedly Revealed


Reports suggest the new contracts GFW have written up for their Superstars contain some pretty controversial clauses.

Whether it's called TNA, Impact Wrestling, or GFW, there always seem to be some sort of controversy surrounding the once number two pro wrestling company in the world behind WWE. While Global Force Wrestling is a much preferable name to TNA, Jeff Jarrett and the executives at GFW can't seem to avoid making the news for all the wrong reasons. This past week's controversy stems from the alleged new contracts the company's Superstars are asked to sign, and if the rumors are true, they may want to make some revisions.

Apparently, if you want to be a GFW Impact Wrestling Superstar, you have to agree to the company keeping 100% of any of your merchandise they sell and allow them to take 10% cut of any independent bookings you have away from GFW. Both of these clauses could be deal breakers, especially the latter since the majority of GFW wrestlers work elsewhere while they're not in Orlando doing tapings.

Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the news that GFW  began introducing these new contracts, and it's unclear as of yet what the talent at the company make of it. In WWE, a Superstar's pay can differ significantly depending on their merch sales and what percentage of them they're entitled to. The likes of John Cena in the present day, and Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Attitude Era would have unquestionably earned an awful lot off the back of their merchandise, and WWE trying to keep all of what comes in would have more than ruffled some feathers.

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GFW needs to tread very carefully when it comes to this topic if the rumors about these contract changes are true. The company already has a pretty bad track record when it comes to finances, and it's a minor miracle that wrestlers still want to perform there at all. Many former stars have spoken out once leaving the company about not being paid or having to chase money they were owed.


It's tough to find a stance that paints GFW as the reasonable party in this situation. There's an argument to be made for keeping all of the money for merchandise sales since it's their company, but if they want to keep their talent happy and keep them under their roof, it is not a wise choice at all. To demand 10% of pay from their Superstars' independent bookings seems even more unfair. GFW tapings are few and far between, and their wrestlers need to have other sources of income, so to take 10% of that despite having nothing to do with the work will not go down well at all if the decision does indeed come to fruition.

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