The 10 Hairiest Wrestlers Of All Time

Body hair is weird, as it can go in and out of fashion. Sometimes a man's bush-covered chest, spider leg haired nipples, and back hair are so long you can tie it in a bow is considered highly desirable. Other times that amount of hair will just cause strangers to run, hide or cry.

The same is true in professional wrestling. There was a period during the 70s and 80s where every wrestler would have impressively lengthy body hair. However, for the last forty years, the well-waxed wrestler has been king and the hairy yeti is rarely seen. That being said, just who are the hairiest wrestlers of all time?

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10 Wild Bill Curry

If you love hardcore wrestling, then you'd best thank Wild Bill Curry for his contribution to the discipline. Wild Bill, otherwise known as Fred Thomas Koury Sr., was an originator of the hardcore style. His career spanned an impressive forty years, stretching from the 1930s deep into the 1970s, and he won the Texas Brass Knuckles Championship on an astonishing twenty occasions.

He also has the bushiest eyebrows anyone has seen. Just look at them. It's like watching two hairy caterpillars trying to mate.

9 George 'The Animal' Steele

Forget Batista, there's only ever been one true 'animal' in wrestling: George 'The Animal' Steele. George was well named, too; at the peak of his career, he had so much body hair that he might as well be wearing a sasquatch suit. It was glorious. Thick, luxurious, and glossy, George's dense mane of steely body hair would glisten and twinkle under the ring lights.

George would have an incredible career, from his debut in 1967 to his retirement in 1988. However, it was his run in WWE that truly made him a hairy icon. Despite never winning a WWE title, The Animal became one of the most recognizable faces of the 1980's wrestling boom.

8 Giant Haystacks

Giant Haystacks was a legend of British Wrestling, his name being synonymous with the artform over his 1970 to 1980s heyday. Whilst not the hairiest wrestler on this list, it is Giant Haystack's sheer size that grants him entry. He doesn't have as much hair as George 'The Animal' Steele, but, when you consider that Haystacks was 6ft 11 inches tall and weighed an astonishing 700 pounds at his peak, proportionately he must have had a lot of hair.

Haystacks' storied career arguably reached its zenith when he captured the Stampede International Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions, once with the Dynamite Kid and the other with the excellence of execution himself, Bret Hart.

7 Killian Dane

Killian Dane's career has had its ups and downs. After playing a standout role in SANITY during their killer NXT run, his star quickly dimmed as he and his cohorts were soon forgotten about after their call-up to the main roster.

But, let's face it, you'd run out of fingers and toes counting all of the ruined NXT call-ups. Still, things are looking up for Killian since his return to NXT and a high-level feud with one Matt Riddle.

Killian has a phenomenal fuzzy coating of body hair. He's like a Care Bear. The 'Angry Rip Of Your Head And Beat You With Your Own Neck Stump' Bear.

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6 Big John Studd

Big John Studd is undoubtedly one of the elite 'big men' of the squared circle. This giant could really go and delivered some classic sports entertainment moments, particularly in his Body Slam Challenge match against Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania I. He also had a super spread of body hair.

Long flowing locks, a big bushy beard, chest fuzz, and some spindly armpit danglers make Big John Studd a required entrant on this list. Whilst he did wax at times, it's Big John at his hairiest that we fondly remember.

5 Coffey Brothers

You may be noticing a trend here, Hairy Wrestler = British Wrestler. Joe and Mark Coffey are currently wrestling in NXT UK as part of the big, bad Scottish Faction: Gallus. Both brothers are exceptional wrestlers, with Joe, in particular, having a standout match against Pete Dunne at NXT UK Takeover Blackpool.

Both brothers are not afraid of their own body hair either. Joe and Mark let the hair flow long on chin, chest, and tum. What a pair of rugged and ready chaps they are.

4 Elias

One day Elias will climb to the top of the WWE mountain where the charismatic songwriter belongs, but until that glorious day, he'll have to make do with being the hairiest man currently on the main roster.

Elias not only has a long luxurious beard and a head of hair so full there's spare for Baron Corbin, but he also has an impressively deep chest rug. When your beard is long enough to plat with your chest hair, then you shall be champ, Elias.

3 Seth Rollins

Whilst Seth is by no means the hairiest wrestler on this list, but he makes an appearance by virtue of being one of the few wrestlers on the main roster who is proud to flaunt their man thatch. His long hair, textured beard, and hairy chest and occasional belly button goatee set him apart from his well-waxed colleagues.

If anything Seth needs to step-up his hair game a little bit, we want more body fuzz, Seth. Grow out that back hair!

2 Dave Mastiff

The Bomber Dave Mastiff is a mainstay of the NXT UK roster, as he's a big man who can really work; his lethal combos of power moves and agility regularly astound the NXT Universe. He is also really, really hairy, and really proud of it.

Check out that full and fluffy beard and the plentiful body hair. You could shave Dave and stuff 64 pillows with his hair. That's a fact. Though don't actually try to shave Dave, he'll probably destroy you.

1 Terrible Ted

Who is, without doubt, the hairiest wrestler of all time? That unequivocally would have to be Terrible Ted. That's because Ted is a Canadian American black bear who wrestled from the 1950s until the 1970s. Yes, that's right, a real black bear, no wrestler saddled with a terrible bear costume wearing gimmick here.

Ted wrestled hundreds of matches over his career. In fact, in 1959, a newspaper reported that Ted had won over 500 matches in his five-year career at that point. Don't mess with Ted.

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