WrestleMania 35: 10 Superstars Who Deserve To Be Inducted Into The Hall of Fame

WWE’s Hall of Fame doesn’t operate like traditional sport. For starters, there is no physical hall of fame, and the honor is just that, an honor. The ceremony is attended by hundreds of wrestlers in their prom-ready suits and gowns, as well as thousands of fans chanting from the crowds. It’s an overpowering experience. Regardless, each year fans tune into the WWE Network to hear the various speeches and shenanigans. Leading up to the event, there’s always a ton of speculation before the class is officially announced; everyone wants to know who will be inducted. And today, we’re looking at seven WWE legends who should be granted in the 2019 Hall of Fame Class, plus three who probably will.

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10 Who Should Be Inducted: Chyna

Let’s get this right out of the way, it is a shame that Chyna isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet. The argument usually centers around Chyna’s later work as an adult film star. This may not be super in-line with WWE’s PG image, but that didn’t stop them from inducting the Godfather, whose gimmick was a trafficker, now did it? This probably has much more to do with the backstage politics and the bad blood that between Chyna and WWE at the time of her death. Chyna was a trailblazer, she broke down barriers and every single woman in the WWE today is standing on her shoulders. There’s nothing more to it. Mick Foley is vocal about how much he cherished their friendship and would probably be chosen to induct her.

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9 Cyndi Lauper

Okay, we’re not done with the crimes of the Hall of Fame just yet. The WWE Hall of Fame has the delightful addition of the celebrity wing, which is why a celebrity like Snoop Dog is among the Hall of Famers. One person missing from that odd list? Cyndi Lauper. Lauper got involved with WWE after becoming friends with Captain Lou Albano, who then appeared in the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" music video. In return, Lauper made an appearance on WWF TV. The cross-promotion turned into a much larger partnership, which notable journalist Ryan Dilbert calls “essential to the launch of WWE WrestleMania.” Hall of Famer Wendi Richter is the best candidate for inducting her former manager.

8 Big Van Vader

“It’s time…to put Vader in the Hall of Fame.” That’s how Mick Foley opened his Facebook post after news came out that Big Van Vader didn’t have much time to live. He died two years later, still without a Hall of Fame ring. If Mick Foley says its time to set that straight, we’re inclined to agree.

Vader was known for being a super-heavyweight who could move like a featherweight, and for some serious hardcore moments. Vader is probably best known for losing an eyeball mid-match and is responsible for Foley’s disfigured ear. He’s also a 13-time world champion across various promotions on three different continents. Foley would probably induct him as well; he could probably induct just about anyone.

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7 Michelle McCool

We’re in a spectacular time for women’s wrestling in WWE. It’s only fitting that we honor the women who endured what you might call less-spectacular times for women’s wrestling in WWE.

Michelle McCool is one of those women who made the most of the “Diva’s Era.” As the first Diva’s Champion and first Unified Divas Champion, she was a major player in the Diva’s Division. She is one of the best examples that the word "Diva" is not a dirty word. Her insane athleticism and undeniable charisma prove how capable she was as a performer. Most importantly, she made an impact on the division and in WWE in general, even at a time when women’s wrestling was considered an afterthought at best.

That’s what the Hall of Fame is all about. McCool’s former partner Layla makes the most sense as the one to induct her.

6 The Rock

Technically speaking, The Rock is still an active competitor, having never officially retired. Still, the retirement rule of the Hall of Fame is more of a guideline, many Hall of Famers have continued to compete.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is quite possibly the biggest mainstream star to ever come out of WWE. That’s because he’s a well-rounded actor, taking on roles in the Fast and the Furious franchise and Moana instead of just sticking to WWE’s own movies. He’s the full package as a superstar, putting on excellent matches, telling engaging stories, and just plain out entertaining the crowd.

The Rock has been nothing short of money in the bank for them and has never forgotten his roots as a WWE wrestler. Thanks to him, more eyes are on the product. One day, he’ll headline the Hall of Fame; it’s just a question of when. John Cena is probably the most likely choice for his inductor.

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5 Triple H

Triple H is another superstar who will one day headline the Hall of Fame. Given how involved Triple H is in the high-level management of WWE, it’s a fair assumption that he has some influence on when that will be.

In all likelihood, Triple H will find himself in the Hall of Fame when they don’t have a big name as a clear headliner. He’s more than earned the honor, and no, not just by marrying the boss’ daughter. Even without that chain of events, it’s not hard to imagine that he would still be in some sort of influential backstage role. But, since things went down the way that they did, Vince McMahon’s son-in-law took on the developmental brand as his pet project. NXT has been hugely impactful to today’s product and for that alone, Triple H deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

It would only make sense for Shawn Michaels to induct him, but we can’t help but root for Stephanie McMahon to get to bring her husband into the Hall of Fame.

4 Christian

We all think of Christian as Edge’s sidekick, but that does a disservice to him as a star in his own right. Yes, Christian held the Tag Team Championships with Edge and other partners nine times, but he also held the Intercontinental Championship four times, the ECW Championship twice, and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. He’s a Grand Salm Champion and participated in the 2000 PWI Match of the Year. If that’s not a Hall of Fame resume, we honestly don’t know what is.

The problem is that he’s always compared to Edge. If you take that out of the equation, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. Edge will probably be the one to do the honors.

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3 Most Likely To Be Inducted: Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow’s 2019 induction seems all but a sure thing. Rumor has it he was actually slated to go last year as part of the 2018 class, but they chose to move him back a year.

Bigelow, who died in 2007, was originally from New Jersey, which is the home of WrestleMania 35. While wrestling for the WWE, ECW, and WCW, he held the ECW Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Television Champion, WCW Hardcore Champion, and the WCW World Tag Team Championship twice.

In WWF, he never managed to secure the gold, but he did main event WrestleMania 11 against his longtime rival Lawrence Taylor. We predict DDP, his former Jersey Triad brother in arms, will be the one to induct him.

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2 Jim Neidhart

There are plenty of reasons why Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. As a member of the Hart Foundation, he was a part of one of the most influential stables to ever come through WWE. He was a two-time Tag Team Champion with Bret Hart and headlined multiple pay-per-views. That said, the reason we believe he will be inducted is his untimely death late last year. His daughter Natalya’s success in WWE and on Total Divas has put a spotlight on him that he may not have otherwise. They will want the beautiful, touching moment of Natalya (dressed in the Hart Foundation hot pink) inducting her father into the Hall of Fame.

1 The Undertaker

Who will headline the 2019 Hall of Fame class? The answer seems obvious to us: The Undertaker. After seeming to retire after his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, the Dead Man has come back for a couple more matches. Despite squashing John Cena last year, this run hasn’t gone super great on the whole. The best thing is probably for him to officially retire this year and be rightfully inducted as the headliner of WrestleMania for his years and years of amazing work in the WWE.

His WrestleMania streak alone is enough to justify it; few things in the WWE have ever held so much weight. He’ll likely be inducted by Triple H, Shawn Michaels, or his brother Kane.

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