Halloween Came Early: 15 Awesome WWE Diva Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, which means only one thing in WWE and that is the WWE Divas in Halloween costumes. It became something of an annual tradition throughout the early 2000s, where WWE would allow some of the most attractive women on TV to dress up and take part in a Battle Royale to mark the occasion. Over the past few years, the women of WWE have gone through something of a change, and are now being taken much more seriously than they once were. This means that there are fewer women's Battle Royales to show off costumes nowadays and more competitive matches that the WWE Universe can actually get behind.

That being said, the women of WWE still manage to have their own fun to make the occasion and share the photos on Social Media. Alexa Bliss celebrated Halloween last year by wearing her favourite custom ring attire that was made in the style of Freddy Kruger, which was met with mostly positive reviews from the WWE Universe.

The following list looks at some of the steamiest Halloween costumes that the women of WWE have worn over the past few years, that make us happy that the company decided to hire many of these women to begin with.

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15 Nikki Bella As Catwoman

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Nikki Bella is one of the most recognizable faces when it comes to female's in WWE, so she needs to set the tone when it comes to Halloween Style costume competitions. Nikki and her sister Brie were part of WWE when Battle Royales were considered to be the norm and Nikki was actually able to win the match back in 2014 dressed as Catwoman.

Winning the Battle Royale gave Nikki a shot against AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. which later lead to her becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. So it seems that even though Nikki's Catwoman costume wasn't considered to be as sexy as Candice Michelle's from all those years ago, that definitely turned a few heads, it gave Nikki exactly what she needed on the night.

14 Alexa Bliss As Freddy Krueger

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Wrestling is something that many of WWE's female stars are passionate about, but outside of WWE the women still have a number of other passions that they like to try and integrate into their careers in WWE.

Alexa Bliss is a lover of comic books and horror films outside of WWE and she has been able to make a number of custom outfits over the past few years that tie in with this. For a number of months on NXT Alexa along with Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake were able to show off their Freddy Krueger inspired attire before Alexa later pulled out the costume once again for SmackDown's live episode last Halloween. Alexa definitely turned heads in the custom outfit, and it will be interesting to see how she manages to top it this year.

13 Dana Brooke As Harley Quinn

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Dana Brooke has never been a female wrestler who has been given the opportunity to stand out. Dana was aligned with Emma on NXT and it seemed that the Australian star always out shined Dana while they were together. Since she has made her way to the main roster Dana has also been consistently overlooked by WWE's creative team in favour of the core four female wrestlers who are seen as the future of the Raw roster while she remains on the sidelines of the brand.

Dana obviously is trying her best to be noticed, and it seems that she definitely turned a few heads when she dressed up as Arkham Asylum's Harley Quinn for Halloween last year. It almost makes you wish WWE would bring back the annual Halloween costume Battle Royale.

12 Michelle McCool As A Red Devil

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Michelle McCool was part of a number of Halloween fancy dress Battle Royales and costume contests during her time in WWE and it seems that she has pulled out some incredible costumes over the years as well. It's not always about dressing as the most current thing at the time, as Michelle has shown numerous times before.

The wife of The Undertaker obviously has some darkness inside her, but it seems that the only time the WWE Universe fully saw this was when she decided to dress up as a devil. As the above image shows, Michelle looked incredible in her choice of attire and was one of the few women in WWE who's looks were backed up by her talent in the ring which is why Michelle is a former Women's and Divas Champion in WWE.

11 Rosa Mendes As A Nurse

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Rosa Mendes is considered to be one of the worst female wrestlers in the history of WWE. Rosa has the worst stats as a wrestler, has been defeated on WWE TV more than any other female wrestler and was never pushed towards a Championship throughout her lengthy career.

Rosa Mendes remained with WWE for more than a decade before she retired from the company earlier this year following the birth of her daughter. Rosa may not be memorable for any of her in-ring moments, but it seems that she still managed to stand out at Halloween when she dressed up as a sexy nurse a few years ago. There must have been a lot of male wrestlers that night who "needed" CPR from Rosa as she showed off her zombie style version of the famous attire.

10 Trish Stratus As Wonder Woman

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Trish Stratus is a former seven-time Women's Champion in WWE and widely considered to be one of the best female wrestlers in the history of WWE. Trish was part of an era when women's wrestling wasn't taken as seriously as it is now and would often be included in costume competitions and have to dress up as a schoolgirl and a character of her choice quite often.

The one costume that stands out when it comes to Trish is the one she decided to wear for Halloween when she became Wonder Woman. It's hard to argue that Trish wasn't WWE's answer to Wonder Woman given everything that she managed to achieve in her career and how many obstacles she had to push past in order to be the change that she wanted to see.

9 Candice Michelle As Catwoman

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Candice Michelle is a former Playboy Cover Girl after she was chosen to appear on the cover of the popular magazine back in 2006 before she later changed her career around and was able to push towards a Women's Championship reign before she walked away from wrestling in favour of a family life back in 2009.

Candice was widely considered to be one of the most beautiful wrestlers of her time and costumes like the one seen above are a good enough example of why. Candice makes a fantastic Catwoman, as she chose to become the Halle Berry version of the superhero who was created back in 2004.  The above image is a clear argument as to why the WWE Universe miss the former Women's Champion, who has since gone on to marry and give birth to three daughters over the past eight years.

8 Emma As A Cavewoman

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Emma is another female wrestler who has seemingly only been used in WWE over the past few years to make up the numbers. Emma has a fantastic heel character that she has been able to run with over the past few years, but after failing to adapt to the Emmalina character, it seems that WWE has given up with the Australian star.

Emma is much more talented than WWE give her credit for and while she was preparing to become Emmalina, WWE was able to show just how sexy Emma really was when she tried to show off her incredible body. Even though Emma was never able to show off this costume live on WWE TV, this was shared online just so the WWE Universe could see exactly what they were missing.

7 Summer Rae As A School Girl

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Summer Rae made a name for herself while she was down in NXT before she was lost amongst the shuffle as Fandango's dance partner. She then enjoyed a brief spell as part of Total Divas where she was actually used as part of the Women's Division before she went missing following WrestleMania 32.

Summer Rae hasn't been seen on WWE TV now for more than 500 days after she was put out of action with a number of injuries. Summer would be a refreshing change on Raw right now if she was allowed to make her return to WWE TV anytime soon, but as for now, the WWE Universe has images like the one above of the former NXT star that continues to make them pine for the return of Summer.

6 Sasha Banks As The Joker

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Sasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now and it seems that she is also well versed when it comes to comic book characters as well. Sasha is seen as one of the biggest faces on the Raw brand alongside her best friend Bayley right now, but she convincingly pulls off The Joker persona here from her time in NXT.

Sasha is said to be a huge fan of Marvel and DC and is quite the nerd outside of WWE, which works out quite well for her when she's able to come up with custom costumes like this of her favourite characters. Sasha shared images from Halloween back in 2014 along with many of her fellow female stars in NXT, but these costumes were never seen on WWE TV.

5 Kelly Kelly As Harley Quinn


A post shared by Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank) on

Kelly Kelly may have been gone from WWE TV for a number of years now, but it seems that she will always be seen as one of the most beautiful women's wrestlers in history. Kelly obviously decided to join hundreds of thousands of women last Halloween as they decided to dress up as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn creation from the recently released Suicide Squad movie.

Kelly shared the above image on her Instagram where she proves that despite not training and touring with WWE any longer, she's still managed to stay in shape and she still looks just as stunning as she always did. Looking at the above image, it seems that Kelly Kelly could easily step in for Margot Robbie if a second film is decided on in the future.

4 Eva Marie As Jessica Rabbit

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Eva Marie is perhaps one of the most hated wrestlers of all time, this was mostly down to the fact that Eva never wanted to wrestle in WWE, instead, she used the company to help her land a career as an actress before deciding to walk away from the company earlier this year.

Even though her talent in the ring was always in question, Eva's beauty never was, she decided to dye her hair red when she first came to WWE and was known as The Red Queen throughout her time under contract. It was the obvious choice for Eva to decide to dress up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween last year since she was seen as an international sex symbol as well. The WWE Universe will be quite upset that they wont be seeing any photo shoots like this in the future.

3 JoJo As Batwoman


A post shared by Joseann Offerman (@joseann_alexie) on

JoJo Offerman has been making headlines as of late since she was named as the woman at the centre of the scandal surrounding Bray Wyatt and his wife Samantha's divorce. JoJo has made a career of remaining under the radar throughout her time in WWE as a ring announcer, but it seems that WWE may have acted too soon by keeping JoJo out of the ring, considering the shape she is in.

JoJo shared the above Instagram post back in 2014 when she decided to dress up as Batwoman for Halloween during her time in NXT. She later dressed up as an updated version of Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn for Halloween last year, but I think we can all agree that JoJo looks much better as a superhero than a super-villain.

2 Ashley

via caws.ws

Ashley won the 2005 Raw Diva Search because she was beautiful, the Diva Search was never a competition that was set up to look for talent, instead, it was made for women who were beautiful who could be trained to be wrestlers in WWE.

Ashley improved in the ring throughout her time in WWE and later became a Playboy cover girl, but throughout her time in WWE, it was always her looks that allowed her to stand out. Ashley was part of her own fair share of Halloween costume contests as well, with the above attire being one of the best that has ever been seen on WWE TV, as well as one of the most revealing. It almost makes you nostalgic for the women's division that existed before the women's revolution doesn't it?

1 Maryse As A French Maid

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Maryse is another star who got her start in WWE thanks to the Diva Search, but somehow she managed to hone her craft in the ring and become a threat when it came to the women's division of that time.

Maryse recently returned to WWE TV to align herself with her real-life husband The Miz as the duo has begun taking over WWE in the past year. Maryse is remembered for outfits like this during her first run in WWE, but given the fact that Maryse recently announced that she was expecting her first child, it seems that her days dressing as a sexy French Maid have come to an end. At least there are still images like the one above to remind the WWE Universe of the good old days.

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