Luke Harper And Eric Rowan Debut Devastating New Finisher [Video]

The Bludgeon Brothers finally debuted on SmackDown Live with a new finisher to show off. After weeks of vignettes and some speculation that the WWE might have been testing out other options, the Bludgeon Brothers—Luke Harper and Erick Rowan—made their debut on SmackDown Live. Fans were eagerly anticipating their debut but not all were sold on the team. The promos were well made and showed promise, but early shots of the two WWE Superstars in their ring gear had some concerned.

Arguments can be made on both sides saying they looked a bit goofy or that they looked just unique enough to be memorable, but one thing that will hard to argue is that they walked into a match against The Hype Bros. and dominated from bell to bell.

The Bludgeon Brothers showed strength, quickness and good teamwork to easily dispatch of a credible team in Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley and when they were ready, Harper and Rowan unleashed a yet to be named devastating finisher to Rawley that showed shades of Kane/Undertaker chokeslams and a Razon Ramon Razor's Edge.


SmackDown Live is not blessed with a number of strong tag teams. The Usos are proving to be one of the WWE's best duos, but outside of that, the talent depth in the tag division isn't a strength of the show. The Bludgeon Brothers should walk in and cement themselves quickly as one of the more impactful teams and likely challenge quickly for the tag titles.

Where things will get interesting is the level to which the fans get behind this duo. Harper and Rowan have the unfortunate task of trying to grab the WWE Universe's attention and not have fans think of them exclusively as former members of the Wyatt Family.

If they continue to have matches like the one they had on Tuesday, their history in the WWE won't matter. They'll be too difficult to stop from steamrolling the division.


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