The 10 Worst Things The Hart Family Has Done (In Wrestling)

The Hart family is arguably the most important in wrestling history due to the huge amount of talent to come from them. Bret Hart is the biggest name, as he became a top main event star for WWE. The strong careers of Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart, and Natalya would see them continue to make their WWE legacy stronger as a family.

As with most wrestlers, the Hart family often played villains that led to dastardly actions playing out in the ring. We will look at some of the worst things done by them in their wrestling careers. They range from brutal moments of hurting others to stabbing each other in the backs. Find out just what made them all so dangerous. These are the ten worst things the Hart family has done in wrestling.

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10 Owen Convincing Family To Quit On Bret's Behalf

Owen Hart was viewed as the best villain of the Hart family due to his dastardly heel actions. The relationship between Owen and Bret was much like the MCU story of Loki and Thor. Owen was always jealous of the attention Bret received, causing issues with him and the rest of the family.

One memorable moment of Owen manipulating others came in a WWE Championship match between Bret and Bob Backlund. The stipulation of the I Quit match saw Owen convincing his and Bret’s parents to throw in a towel quitting on Bret’s behalf as Backlund won the title.

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9 Bret Spitting On Shawn Michaels Leading To Him Beating Undertaker

Bret Hart picked up the heel character perfectly during the Hart Foundation heel faction. The anti-American promos made Bret a hated star feuding with Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker all at the same time.

A showdown between Bret and Undertaker for the WWE Championship at Summerslam 1997 saw Michaels as the guest referee. Bret crossed the line by spitting on the face of Michaels leading to him attempting to hit Bret with a chair. Michaels missed and hit Undertaker unintentionally giving Bret the title.

8 Davey Boy Smith Turning Heel On Diesel To Form Camp Cornette With Owen

Davey Boy Smith joined the Hart feud as the brother in law of both Bret and Owen. The incredible strength of Smith made him a valuable asset to every company. Davey Boy played a face for the first half of the 90s before a heel turn.

Smith turned on former friend Diesel by attacking him to join Camp Cornette. This formed the tag team with Owen as Jim Cornette managed them. The run of Smith and Owen provided incredible television as a heel act with the cruel heel turn working for him.

7 Jim Neidhart Turning On Bret To Align With Owen

Jim Neidhart was the second brother in law of Bret and Owen to join the WWE world. The tag team of Bret and Neidhart found massive success as the Hart Foundation tag team. WWE ending the team to push Bret as a singles star led Neidhart without a purpose.

A short departure would end when the Anvil returned to WWE during the storyline of Bret vs Owen. Instead of leaning towards his former partner or keeping it unbiased, Neidhart stabbed Bret in the back before aligning with Owen as his new enforcer.

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6 Brian Pillman Getting Personal With Goldust And Marlena

The addition of Brian Pillman to the Hart Foundation made him an easy fit since he was a close friend already bordering on family with the Harts. Pillman had the best run of his short WWE career aligning with the others in the incredible faction.

The worst act of Pillman came during a feud with Goldust and his ex-girlfriend Marlena. A ridiculous stipulation would see Marlena forced to live with Pillman for a month. Pillman claimed he did many terrible things that wouldn’t fly on WWE television today.

5 Bret Unintentionally Stealing The Spotlight From Owen

Owen’s main beef with Bret was that his older brother always stole the spotlight from him. No matter how great Owen was, Bret would always top it by accomplishing more. The story related because it was true that Bret unintentionally made life harder for Owen.

Both Hart brothers went back and forth for years in a heated rivalry before they made peace in the Hart Foundation faction. The lack of care for Owen’s career by Bret played a role in their tension. Bret unknowingly was a jerk at times to cause the issues.

4 Owen Hart's Tombstone On Steve Austin

One terrible thing to happen in both the show and real-life featured an Owen Hart tombstone piledriver gone wrong. The match with Steve Austin was the second-biggest bout of the night for the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam 1997.

Owen made a huge mistake accidentally dropping Austin on his head leading to serious neck injuries. Jim Ross revealed on his Ross Report podcast that the two did have tension for many years. Austin thankfully returned to continue his push and Owen was a bigger heel due to the move.

3 Natalya Turning On Nikki Bella And Injuring Her

The one current member of the Hart family on the WWE roster is Natalya. As the daughter of Jim Neidhart and the niece of Bret and Owen, she even uses the sharpshooter as a way to honor her family. Natalya has gone back and forth between face and heel roles over the past decade.

The most heinous act from Natalya came when she attacked Nikki Bella before the Survivor Series 2016 women’s match. Natalya replaced Nikki on the team and eventually admitted the action months later to set up a major feud between the two.

2 Bret Using A Steel Plate To Injure Goldberg

Bret Hart’s WCW run was quite disappointing due to the poor booking and inconsistent time in the main event. Goldberg was Bret’s main rival when he did become a main eventer in 1999 into 2000. Bret outsmarted the unbeatable Goldberg during an episode of Nitro in Canada.

Goldberg went to spear Bret after a promo running him down. Both men remained on the mat until Bret strangely was the one to slowly stand up. Bret took off his hockey jersey to reveal he was wearing a steel plate under his jersey to knock out Goldberg. The Canadian fans reacted in joy as it was a face act.

1 Owen Turning On Injured Bret

The most memorable moment in the Hart family feud came when Owen finally turned on Bret. Both brothers had issues for many months, but they continued working together as a tag team. The loss to the heel Quebecers duo at the Royal Rumble 1994 event finally caused Owen to snap.

Owen was livid that an injured Bret couldn’t help him win the match. The post-match promo and attack from Owen saw him completely cutting out Bret to put them in a sibling rivalry. Despite the injury, Bret was a co-winner of the Rumble match later that night with Lex Luger.

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