Has The WWE's Brand Split PPV Schedule Been Revealed?

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An image  has been posted on Redit that seems to have revealed what the WWE's PPV schedule will look like once the brand split comes into effect this July. Every month will now have two PPVs with the exception of the months featuring the "big four" of Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

This schedule is unconfirmed, but if these changes are indeed true, it would see each brand getting their own event eight months out of the year. That would bring a total of 20 for the year.

The unconfirmed RAW events are Clash of Champions, Hell in a Cell and Roadblock, while the SmackDown events would be Backlash, No Mercy and TLC. The WWE recently applied for a trademark of Clash of Champions, as it appears that event will be replacing Night of Champions.

The best news out of all this? Definitely the return of No Mercy and Backlash.

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