Has Vince McMahon Relinquished Creative Control?

With two separate brands now operating within WWE, one would assume that complete creative control is no longer had by Vince McMahon. While it should come as no surprise that McMahon continues to oversee everything on his "flagship program" Monday Night Raw, it has been speculated that Triple H and Ryan Ward (Lead Writer) were running SmackDown Live.

However, this is not the case. Vince McMahon is just as much involved with the Blue Brand as he is over on the Red side. While Triple H could assume the reigns of SmackDown Live at some point, that time is certainly not on the horizon. McMahon will continue his squeeze on creative control until his hands have become riddled with arthritis. Even then, McMahon will fight through the pain.

So, has Vince McMahon relinquished creative control? The short answer: Hell No!

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