Have You Seen Her? 15 Photos Of Summer Rae To Remind You How Stunning She Is

Summer Rae is sitting on the sidelines waiting for her return to WWE. The women’s wrestler has been on the injured list for over a year now recovering from a neck injury. An argument can be made that Summer is the most underrated performer on the women’s roster. The personality of Rae helped get Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair introduced to the wrestling world in NXT. All three women worked perfectly together as the heel BFFs faction with Summer leading. Rae started working full-time on the main roster and in the time frame, that would see the likes of Flair and Banks progress.

The biggest takeaway is that Summer helped the two biggest stars of the women’s movement and was above them in the pecking order not too long ago. Rae’s personality and charisma along with her stunning looks makes her stand out any time she’s in the ring. Despite not doing anything on television in over a year, Summer still makes news on social media with her jaw-dropping pictures. Various opportunities have opened up for her during her time away from the ring leading to be more photo shoots than usual. We’ll take a look at the hottest pictures of Summer Rae to help you remember her before her eventual return to WWE television.

14 FHM photo shoot

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Summer Rae has earned numerous high profile modeling gigs during her career. Many people would rely on WWE to find gigs from them, but Summer has secured a lot of noteworthy ones on her own. FHM is definitely one of the better ones and this was the standout picture from it. Summer looks flawless as usual in the black lingerie under a white shirt.

Sometimes, the subtlety of a shirt adds to the sex appeal of the lingerie. Rae absolutely killed it with this photo shoot and it is often among the most popular photos of her on any search engine. FHM interviewed her about life at the gym. Biggest takeaway of the interview: Don’t approach her with cheesy pickup lines while working out or she’ll embarrass you by referencing it in an interview with FHM.

13 Wake Up


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This picture gives a glimpse into the dream life of many readers right now. Summer Rae is showcased in a candid style image of her in bed. As gorgeous as Summer is, not even she looks this good first thing in the morning. The professional shoot was done by photographer Bram Jay and it is a huge hit on her Instagram page.

If this wasn’t a professional shoot, it would be viewed as the classic “thirst trap” and still may be considering the comments from lovesick fans. One of Rae’s strengths is the ability to look amazing in different styles of photos. Many of us instantly remember the hot bikini pictures first, but the modeling of Summer is something to be appreciated when you look through her shoots.

12 Yoga Pants!

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Everyone loves yoga pants. Women love the comfort of knowing they look good without having to be uncomfortable or put in too much time. Men love yoga pants for obvious reasons as seen in the pictures of Summer Rae. The three staples of Summer’s sexist pictures would be bikinis, dresses and yoga pants. Rae’s workout outfit is definitely an incredible look for her.

Very few people work as hard to look good as Summer does and it shows. The dedication in the gym is aptly best shown in her gym gear. There have been a few pictures of Rae in her workout outfits, but the blue is the one that stands out the most. Summer could make a lot of money sharing her workout secrets with this picture showing off the fruits of her labor. In the words of Rae, "that booty, though."

11 Hottest Hat Ever?

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Another bikini picture of Summer Rae features a very recent photo shoot a few weeks ago. One positive to her time away from the ring is that she’s been able to get her modeling and fashion careers going while away from WWE. Summer loves the athletics but also has a strong passion for modeling as seen in most of the pictures selected here.

Quby did a tremendous job photographing the gorgeousness of Rae. The flawless tan of Summer is on display here along with everything else in the skimpy bikini. Accessories usually add another element that showcases one’s beauty in a different light. Despite having stunning hair, Rae benefits from the hat in this specific shoot. There are three guarantees in life – death, taxes and Summer Rae looking incredible in swimsuits.

10 Maxim Hot 100

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Many would argue that the biggest moment of Summer Rae’s career came a few months ago when she was named on the Maxim Hot 100 list. Despite not being featured on WWE television and quite frankly being forgotten by the company, Summer was the only female performer on the roster to get this accolade. The odds were clearly against her, but Maxim felt she was the only wrestling representative that warranted making the list.

Someone in Maxim clearly paid more attention to Rae’s social media feed than the personnel in WWE. Summer was ecstatic to be a part of the list and did a photo shoot with them. Rae’s happiness is shown in this picture. Clearly, red is one of her better colors. The folks of Maxim not only celebrated her but allowed her to showcase her goods in the photo spread.

9 Who's Thirsty?

We out here....

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This next picture of Summer Rae was taken back in February during a trip to Las Vegas. Summer was staying at the Bellagio Resort and decided to take a poolside picture in her bikini. One trend you’ll find on the list is how much Summer loves beachwear and how much we love her for it. The picture shows Rae’s backside in a stunning blue bikini that is clearly one of her better selections.

Summer may have some people fooled casually holding the water bottle in her hand as if it was a candid picture, but we all know she was going for a glamour shot. In fact, we support her for it. Very few humans can pull off wearing that ensemble for a number of pictures. Summer perfects the look with her sunglasses.

8 Tan Lines

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Summer Rae clearly has no bad sides as pictures from behind is equally impressive to the front. This specific picture shows her having a fun day at the beach in an incredibly sexy bikini. The pink bottom is smoking hot and provides a bit of a tease with the tan line. It also showcases just great Summer’s tanning game is.

The scenery and meal provides the perfect day for Rae and the perfect day for the two guys in the water desperately trying not to gawk. It’s okay, dudes. We all would understand that struggle if we were in the same predicament. While looking at her phone, Summer must have known how many likes this picture would get on social media. There are many reasons why she has one of the most popular Instagram games and this is one of them.

8. Hottest Referee

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The WWE live events will often see women participate in six-to-eight tag matches in hopes of getting everyone on the card. In the case of an odd woman out, the extra lady will usually work as a special guest referee in the women’s match or a male match depending on storyline. No one looked better in their referee outfit than Summer did.

Most of the women wear smaller shorts and a shorter tank top while rocking the same striped colors. Rae clearly made an impact by being a referee that may have been more interesting to watch than whatever her match was. If WWE doesn’t have a feud ready for her, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to see Summer officiate a match or two in this outfit when returning. In fact, maybe she should wrestle every match ever in this outfit.

7 Friendship

Anyone to follow Summer Rae on social media knows that Emma and Stella Kae are two of her best friends. Summer and Emma were rehabbing from injuries at the same time and apparently spent a lot of off time together. Stella is a makeup artist for WWE and has one of the most underrated Twitter accounts going today. All three ladies love each other leading to great times and great pictures together.

As mentioned earlier, Rae clearly loves bikinis and it shows in all of her pictures. The green choice her is arguably the best one she’s worn for casual photographs. Everything looks incredible and she’s surrounded with two of her best friends at a great place. You can’t ask for more in a snapshot of one’s life.

6 Donut

You know you're an extremely attractive human being when you can somehow take a picture eating a donut and make it look good. Donuts are the vice of many of us struggling to keep a clean diet. Summer Rae is not above that as she snapped this picture enjoying a donut on “National Cheat Meal Day” celebrating her favorite unhealthy snack.

The figure of Summer implies she very rarely has cheat meals and lives a very healthy lifestyle. This donut definitely had to be enjoyed and she got a great social media post out of it. As discussed earlier, Rae is quite talented at modeling. The result of a picture eating a donut proves her skills are not be slept on. Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme should be contacting her as their next spokesperson.

5 Best Booty In WWE

Houston bound....✌🏼🏈☀️

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The yoga pants are back for a great picture from Summer Rae’s Instagram page. You get it all with this picture. Summer is showing off her beautiful face and her ridiculous booty in the yoga pants. There’s even a gorgeous background to make for a great visual in the picture. WWE employs some of the best looking women in the world.

It is impossible to truly pick who is the “best looking” given everyone has completely different looks. However, the argument is difficult for you if you’re saying someone has a better booty than Summer. The working out and dedication to the gym shows in all of her pictures, but nothing does it more than the yoga pants. Rae is rightfully proud of the results of her hard work and the smile here proves it.

4 ESPYS Dress

Casually dripping in thousands of beads 🖤

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Maxim asked Summer Rae to name when she feels most sexy during their interview portion of her feature. The answer of Summer saw her reference walking the red carpet of the ESPY Awards. Many wrestling fans would pick the bikini pictures, but getting all glammed up showcased the beauty of Rae from every angle is her favorite choice. The gorgeous black dress is one of the hottest outfits she has ever been photographed in at a red carpet event.

Funny enough, Summer and fellow WWE star Lana were interviewed together on ESPN as part of the red carpet pre-show. Any diehard wrestling fan knows that the two can’t stand each other going back to their storyline feud over Rusev and social media shots being exchanged as recent as a few months ago. It had to be a great feeling for Rae to know she stole the show while being paired with her rival.

3 White Hot

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A very recent photo-shoot with Quby Photography gave us one of the hottest Summer Rae pictures you’ll find. The white bikini looks absolutely incredible on her and showcases all of her hard work. Summer has been working hard both rehabbing and getting into even better shape during her time away from the ring with the neck injury.

Rae’s ripped body shows the results that come from such hard work. The scenery a crashed plane in the background may be to symbolize how dangerous her good looks can be. Okay, maybe not, but we can pretend it is. Summer has never looked better than she currently does and likely still has all of the charisma she did during her early days being showcased. Hopefully it leads to something big happening for her in WWE when she returns.

2 Natural Heel

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Summer Rae is regarded as one of the best human beings in wrestling. The prank show Swerved saw her put in a tough position of meeting an old women urinating backstage. Instead of being freaked out or rude, Summer helped this person and genuinely didn’t seem fazed at all showing her true character. This is mentioned because there’s a belief that the kindest people play the best wrestling heels.

Rae’s strong suit is definitely as a heel personality. The promos and character work of Rae shined big time in NXT and FCW. Sadly, she has never received a fair opportunity to show it. This picture gives a glimpse of her heel mannerisms, which are oddly quite attractive, but also the dresses she used to wear with Fandango. Between the sassy attitude and leggy outfits, we miss having Summer with Fandango.

1 Elegance

per usual 💫 @reveboutique

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Most of the pictures featured her showcasing the skimpier outfits, but there is something to be said for the elegance of a fancy dress. The white dress along with the red lipstick and her stunning hairstyle created the perfect combination for a stunning picture. There’s an inherent beauty and inherent sex appeal to Summer that comes out in dresses like this.

The varieties of outfits we see Rae in deliver different results, but she “slays” them all. This is the perfect dress to show off her beauty. We can only hope she rocks a similar look at next year’s WWE Hall of Fame event. Summer is undoubtedly one of the best looking women in WWE and quite frankly in the world. A picture like this perfectly sums that up.

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