Ranking The 10 Most Recent Hell In A Cell Matches From Worst To Best

Hell in a Cell is one of WWE's most barbaric and fun stipulations ever created, with the steel structure being created for some of the most fierce rivalries of all time, pitting two opponents who hate each other inside to battle it out.

Over the years there have been some classic moments inside the cell, and even though WWE has watered it down slightly by forcing matches with a yearly PPV, there have still been some brilliant battles.

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With two matches already determined for this year's Hell in a Cell, we have decided to take a look back at the 10 most recent Hell in a Cell matches to have taken place, ranking them from worst to best.

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10 Roman Reigns Vs Rusev

Easily the worst example of a Hell in a Cell match from the last 10 that have taken place, and it is also one of the worst in the history of the stipulation full stop, with this being a very dull match.

This is a perfect example of how WWE has forced Hell in a Cell matches since creating the PPV, with this match being a box standard United States Championship match that had no real reason to take place inside the cell.

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WWE simply put them in there for the sake of it, because of the PPV name without the correct build between the two men. While there is technically nothing wrong with the match, it just isn't very exciting and doesn't need to be a cell match, watering down the gimmick.

9 Kevin Owens Vs Shane McMahon

Unlike the previous example, WWE had certainly built a feud that felt like it belonged in this stipulation this time around, and the match itself was fairly good for the most part, with Shane McMahon taking another horrendous bump off the top of the cell here.

For the second time in his career, Shane missed with his leap of faith, this time because of a surprise heel turn from Sami Zayn, reuniting with Kevin Owens, but not even that could save this particular match.

The problem here was that it went on far too long, lasting for nearly 40 minutes, and the fact there was a falls count anywhere stipulation added just took away from the cell match itself, rendering it slightly pointless.

8 Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt

The Big Dog doesn't have the greatest history of matches from inside the cell, with this being another example of a rather forgettable match from inside the steel structure, despite the best efforts of both men.

There is no denying that they tried their best here and did bring in some quite inventive spots throughout the match, but the pacing of it wasn't great as things felt a little slow and sluggish in between the matches big moments.

While the fans at the time did enjoy this one, it just doesn't stand out as highly as some others on this list and we can now only hope Wyatt's upcoming cell match does a little better.

7 The Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon

This Hell in a Cell match actually didn't take place on the gimmicked PPV, and instead was one of the main draws for WrestleMania 32 in what was Shane McMahon's first match back following his hiatus.

While it certainly had tons of hype surrounding it and saw a ridiculous bump as Shane McMahon flew from the top of the cell to the outside, the fact was this match was just too slow and went on for too long, lasting just over 30 minutes.

With the complex storyline involving a lockbox and the fact that Shane McMahon still got to be in control of a show after the show despite the fact he lost the match didn't help things, with this one being all about the matche's major moment.

6 Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reigns

So here we have another Roman Reigns Hell in a Cell that once again didn't really live up to the hype surrounding it, with the WWE Universe having high expectations for this one ahead of time.

Having two huge Superstars like Reigns and Braun Strowman should have led to complete carnage, but in the end, this felt more like a wrestling match that was surrounded by a Hell in a Cell.

It didn't help that the match was jam-packed full of interference, with the rest of The Shield, Drew McIntyre, and Dolph Ziggler all getting involved, as well as a Brock Lesnar appearance that ensured the match ended in a frustrating no contest, which didn't make any sense given the stipulation of the match.

5 Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte Flair

A history-making match with this marking the first time that women competed inside Hell in a Cell was certainly a whole lot of fun, with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks bringing everything that they had.

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Starting the match with an all-out brawl around the outside of the cell, it almost rendered the Legit Boss out of the match before it had even started, but once she rose back up the two women did everything they could to make this match live up to its billing.

The hatred between them was palpable as they brawled from start to finish, using chairs and tables, and even though a few spots didn't go to plan for them in the match, it was still a solid cell bout.

4 Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy

Throughout his entire career, Jeff Hardy has stated that he wanted to wrestle inside Hell in a Cell, so you knew that when it finally happened it was going to be a whole lot of fun, with the daredevil having plenty planned for the match.

When you get two excellent wrestlers like Hardy and Randy Orton together you know the outcome is going to be good, but the two men took things to another level by really putting their bodies through hell.

Few people who watched the match will forget the sickening moment Orton used a screwdriver on Hardy's ear piercing, and the match certainly lived up to its hype.

3 Kevin Owens Vs Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins proved why they are two of the top superstars of recent years in this match, building together a really good Hell in a Cell match that was full of brilliant wrestling, danger, and high spots.

With Chris Jericho getting involved to help out his best friend, KO, the odds were firmly stacked against Seth in this one, and in the end, he wasn't able to overcome it as he was powerbombed through two tables, creating a major ending.

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However, everything in between was equally fun with both men giving 100% in order to build a match that grew in intensity and quality, feeling very much like it deserved to be inside the structure.

2 Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker

The rivalry between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker is an epic one that has lasted throughout the Beast's entire career, and almost every single time they lock up something magical happens.

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The two men had one of the greatest Hell in a Cell matches of all time during Lesnar's first run of his career, and some feared they wouldn't be able to live up to that hype the second time around, especially with the Deadman starting to slow his career down.

Well, there was no need to worry as the two men managed to put on a clinic, keeping things under 20 minutes as they tore each other to pieces in what was a bloody and violent match that certainly felt like it belonged inside Hell in a Cell.

1 The New Day Vs The Usos

Wow. Not only is this the best Hell in a Cell match in recent memory, but it would fit comfortably on a top 10 of the all-time list as this match is that damn good, with all five men putting their bodies on the line in this one.

Firstly, this was a storyline and a match that felt like it belonged inside the structure. The two teams had battled for months on and off, exchanging titles and they were massive heated rivals.

With the fans buying into the idea that they belonged inside, the teams then let rip and stole the show with one of the matches of the year, going all out with some creative spots that have never been seen before, making the match feel fresh and unique.

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