Hell On Your Cell: 15 Cellphone Pics These WWE Stars Want Deleted

We're sure if these wrestlers could, they'd fork over some serious cash to get these photos deleted off the internet. Despite some of them being the most successful wrestlers to ever enter the industry, there are some things that money cannot buy. And while the moments may have been fuelled heavily by drinking (or other substances), it doesn't make some of the moments you're going to see any less shocking.

Such as Kelly Kelly who decided that the toilet was totally overrated when it comes to releasing your bodily functions, and instead elected for a sink. Embarrassing enough, but she also proudly posed for the camera. She's far from the only wrestler who wishes the only memory of some of these nights was a terrible hangover.

Though many of the male wrestlers also clearly do just fine when they go out. Like Jack Swagger who was caught having a very intimate dance with Maryse (Sorry Miz!) or C.M. Punk who seemed to have Nikki Bella giving him more attention than we're sure John Cena would be comfortable with. Some of these photos also would lead to some incredibly awkward conversations, such as Bray Wyatt who decided to end his marriage with a bang (literally!) and start hooking up with JoJo - which was then caught on camera.

The Hell in the Cell may be a painful match, but that's nothing compared to Hell On Your Cell: 16 Cellphone Pics These WWE Stars Want Deleted.

15 Chyna Loses The Ability To Stand

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There are a few factors you need to always keep in mind when you are out drinking. One of the biggest has to be your "Can I still stand up" factor. And if the answer is starting to become a little hazy, you may want to substitute that drink for some water. It's not the easiest lesson in the world to learn though, and judging from the amount that Chyna is leaning on her two male friends, it's a lesson Chyna would get reminded of the next morning with a terrible hangover.

The bunny costume seems to imply that she was out for Halloween, which at least makes the decision to get a little bit intoxicated somewhat more socially acceptable. A bunny is also a pretty appropriate costume for Chyna considering her past experience with a certain publication!

14 Triple H Getting Close With Another "Type" Of Film Star

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Triple H, for all the success and fame he has had, has managed to generally keep his private life from ending up online. It definitely helps that many people believe Triple H isn't a huge drinker or partier. He may have made an exception to that rule with our next entry though, as he definitely looks a little more relaxed and loose with what could be more than just club soda in his hand.

The real catch of this photo, however, may not be Triple H, but the woman he is standing next to. She's Britney Stevens, who just happens to be a famous actress, but her movies just happen to be in the "other" type of film industry. We don't know why the two were interacting, but we can bet Stephanie hopes Triple H didn't go up to her and compliment her on her work!

13 Jack Swagger Has Maryse All Up On Him

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It might not be the most surprising thing in the world to learn that both Jack Swagger and Maryse love to party. But if Mike Mizanin (The Miz) who is married to Maryse in real life, took a look at this photo we're sure he wouldn't be the biggest fan in the world. Or perhaps it would make him realize that what he needed to do on the upcoming weekend was get Maryse to a club so that he can be in Swagger's position!

Though let's be real, Maryse wearing a revealing outfit probably also isn't all too shocking. Swagger had to know the camera was there considering he was throwing a "kissy" face its way, but that perhaps just makes the photo all the worse.

12 Sheamus Mocks Money In The Bank

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Sheamus owes some of the success he's had in the WWE to the "Money In The Bank" concept. Not having held the belt since 2010, Sheamus "cashed in" with his briefcase in 2015 and took the title off of Roman Reigns.

Which may make the above photo of Sheamus mocking the concept all the more alarming for you to see.  Granted, his championship run lasted only 22 days, but it was still a career highlight for him! Also present in the photo is Drew McIntyre. Though we wouldn't blame you if you couldn't keep your eyes off the woman also featured in our photos, who is none other than Taryn Terrell.

11 JoJo And Bray Caught Spending Time Together

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It is never easy to go through a divorce. But you can understand that things may be even more awkward if one of the causes of your divorce is that you've decided to start an affair with someone you work with.

For Bray Wyatt, that person just happened to be ring announcer JoJo. Not helping quell the rumours was this sneaky photo that was taken by a fan and showed Bray and JoJo preparing to leave together. Adding insult to injury is the fact that both Bray and JoJo came down with viral meningitis in October. This isn't the first time JoJo has bumped it up with a superstar, as she also allegedly had a fling with Randy Orton after his 6-year marriage ended back in 2013.

10 Hardy Boyz, Bellas, Mike Chioda And UNMASKED Mysterio

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There are many things going on with this photo that the WWE probably wouldn't have been the happiest with. How about the fact that referee Mike Chioda of all people is in the back proudly celebrating the fact that he's crushed a brew?

And given the Hardy Boyz love of partying (and the troubles it caused them), that too is probably a red flag. Not helping factors is both Bella twins also coming along for the wild ride. But nothing, and we mean nothing, should be as shocking as the man in front in the green hat. Who is it? Rey Mysterio! We suppose it makes sense that the mask wouldn't come to the bar, but it doesn't make the photo any less alarming.

9 Nikki Bella Gets Close To C.M. Punk

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When it comes to living life outside of the spotlight, C.M. Punk is as devoted to his "straight edge" lifestyle as you got to see. But that doesn't mean he hasn't put himself in plenty of situations where alcohol (and probably other substances) are flowing.

As appears to be the case for the above night. And while her hair may be blocking her face, the woman that is grinding all up on him is allegedly none other than Nikki Bella. She recently showed off her dancing skills on Dancing With The Stars, but we don't know if any of her action ended up as raunchy as her moves here. Let's just hope she saves her future grinding for her fiance John Cena. You can look but you can't touch!

8 Cody Rhodes Forgets How To Open His Eyes

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Cody Rhodes is the son of Dusty Rhodes and while he did get a shot in the WWE, his current ambitions have landed him in the Ring of Honor promotion as well as competing over with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Both respectable places to wrestle, but perhaps Rhodes doesn't mind his name being out of the spotlight.

Especially because if you look through Rhodes' past, you're able to track down this hilarious photo of him at the bar. It's clear that Rhodes had no idea this photo was being taken. He couldn't even keep his eyes open! Great thing he has buddies there to not only get him home but to also take an embarrassing photo that we're sure Rhodes soon regretted.

7 Kelly Kelly Meets An Overenthusiastic Fan

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You should have a lot of respect for the amount of work that goes into being a professional wrestler. Along with the training that goes into performing in the ring, you absolutely have a job where you run the chance of getting recognized on a regular basis.

And even if you think you're having a phone call and that nobody is going to bother you, that clearly isn't the case. A lesson that Kelly Kelly learned when one enthusiastic fan bombarded her for a photo. You can imagine the fact that Kelly (real name Barbie Blank) is now single again following her divorce from Sheldon Souray means that along with getting fans asking for photos, there may be some awkward flirting attempts!

6 Braun Strowman Blowing A Kiss

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Wrestlers in the WWE often go to great lengths to try and maintain their persona outside of the ring, as they do in the ring. While that means some of them may have to be a bit more off-putting than they'd prefer or hide certain characteristics, it definitely comes with the job.

Renee Young should look right at home on the right of the photo smiling away. But what may be throwing you through a loop is seeing Braun Strowman blowing a kiss towards the camera! Perhaps it was his goofy moment that caused such a great reaction from Young. Either way, after seeing this photo we're sure that you too have been left smiling. You just shouldn't expect him to be as kind and cuddly when he gets inside the ring.

5 Candice Michelle Needs Help From Jeff Hardy

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Candice Michelle looks like she is seriously struggling to stand in the photo featured for our next entry. It's a good thing she has Jeff Hardy there to help hold her up, or the photo may be a lot more embarrassing and see her face plant. And if she struggled to take bumps successfully in the wrestling ring, just imagine how hard she'd fall when seriously under the influence!

The look of her getting close to Jeff at a club also is far from the best thing in the world. Yet given Candice's experience with embracing her body, such as posing for Playboy, perhaps you aren't flabbergasted to see that she also loves going out for a drink on the town and getting close with the men who may go with her.

4 John Cena Parties Hard

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John Cena's current fiance Nikki Bella is also featured on our list for when she gets all up on the junk of C.M. Punk. But we wouldn't be playing fair if we didn't also get to include this photo of John Cena receiving some extra special attention from who is believed to be, his now ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau.

The two went to high-school together but rumours of Cena's alleged infidelity - including with fellow wrestler Mickie James - led to their divorce after only 3 years together. Let's hope Cena won't feel the need to stray from his potential future wife again! And if that's not Huberdeau on his lap, then you may definitely understand why she had questions of his faithfulness.

3 Hulk Hogan Applying Suntan Lotion

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There is no question that being a professional wrestler means that you are going to get recognized in your personal life. And there may have never been a professional athlete that embraced the spotlight as much as Hulk Hogan. But what that means for him is that even though he is now long retired, the paparazzi are still going to follow him around.

We're sure if he had it his way, he'd much rather the world not know that he decided this was an appropriate swimsuit to wear. Though as you'll see, that's not the only time swimming has gotten him into problems. Many people feel his relationship with his daughter is too close; not helped by the photo of him applying suntan lotion!

2 Photo Of Triple H Prior To WrestleMania 31 Entrance

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You can imagine there is a significant amount of work that goes into making some of the most elaborate entrances in WWE history happen. And let's be real here, Triple H definitely loves having the spotlight on him.

He's had many amazing matches and moments at WrestleMania and had another one when he strutted to the ring at WrestleMania 31 to face off against Sting. The match was highly anticipated, as it was Sting's first official WWE match, so perhaps it makes sense that Triple H wanted to step up his game (heh). The illusion may be lost for you however when you check him out trying on the gear in track pants prior to strutting to the ring!

1 Kelly Kelly Chooses A Sink Over A Toilet

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There are many things in this life that you could consider a debatable point. But one thing that is absolutely not debatable, is the fact that if you need to use the washroom, the place that you should be doing that is in the toilet!

No amount of drinking in the world is ever going to make it acceptable to relieve yourself on any other surface in the house. It's hard to imagine what Kelly Kelly was thinking when she strolled up to her friend's sink and was like "Aw yeah, this is the spot." But the 2nd photo of the woman with toilet paper makes it almost undeniable that that is exactly what she did. Just because there is a drain, doesn't make it okay.

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